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 posted in Flux Family Secrets: The Ripple Effect on Jan 30, 18 4:30 PM
it shows I should have certain tools in the tool box. I can not find them. I have tried the walk thought but is does not tell you where to find the tools. It show that at first some items can not be found until you use the tool box items. But if you can find the tool box items you can not find what you are missing .. help

 posted in Chimeras: Mark of Death Collector's Edition on May 26, 17 3:03 PM
love the game but where is the jigsaw puzzle that you gather parts for ? and I collected the morphing things but it does not show where you gathered them . I played to bonus game and the secret room one . Still not finding the jigsaw puzzle of the list of morphed items you find.. that is one of things I like about these games
 posted in Myths of the World: The Black Sun Collector's Edition on Mar 28, 17 8:04 PM
[i] code should be 732 the 7 looks like a one
 posted in Myths of the World: The Black Sun Collector's Edition on Mar 27, 17 9:54 PM
I am having the same problem with getting the number to do in . I shows 320 but it will not click on to that
 posted in PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville ™ on Jan 10, 13 1:10 AM
I need to know at the end when you put out the fire if some of the fire does not go out. I tried several times and had all of the fire part out except over the door to get to the puppet master. I just wanted to know it that is the end. The game credits did not roll like they normally do. Thanks
 posted in Azada ™ on Sep 21, 08 7:40 AM
I wonder if they could do a fix and change the color of the letters.. I sitll can not see all of them...
 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths on Sep 12, 08 12:37 PM
I found out the same thing.. to find some of them you have to click what looks like past the edge of the screen.. most of them one way off to the edge are on teh right hand side.. I finally made it all the way...
 posted in Azada ™ on Aug 28, 08 1:33 PM
ok I do all that I am suppose to do you know put the code in machine after you put the lens in then take the lens and use it on the poste with the color dots that looks like a color blindness chart. I can not see the numbers I have tried and tried and just do not see the numbers I try and guess the numbers. and I know I am not color blind so that is not the problem/ Help I am stuck here since this is not one you can skip over... Bigfish has tried to help but I still just do not see the number clear enough to get them correct
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