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 posted in The Treasures of Montezuma 5 on Feb 11, 16 10:56 AM
There is mention in both the Achievement area and in the "instructions" about "Marble Mode". I've been playing the game through the end and am in 'random key' mode - money is of no use anymore since I've purchased all the power ups. I've seen the bottles but I've NEVER seen Marbles. And, in fact, the Achievements says I've earned 0 or 1000 so clearly I've never seen Marble Mode.

How does one get to Marble mode?
 posted in Solitaire Perfect Match on Mar 13, 15 7:16 PM
I agree - there should be an option to skip timed levels.
 posted in Solitaire Perfect Match on Mar 13, 15 7:14 PM
I understand your frustration! I felt the same way, HOWEVER, I paid more attention to how the points add up and it really makes a difference how you make your matches. Please see my post in the "Don't understand the scoring" thread.

I had a heck of a time advancing then when I figured out that you get bonuses for successive red matches and successive black matches it made a huge difference.

Don't give up yet - give it another chance!
 posted in Solitaire Perfect Match on Mar 13, 15 7:09 PM
To add to that, you want to be sure to play your red matches and your black matches strategically - because you get multipliers for sequential red matches and black matches. I play all my mismatched colors to open up the greatest possibility of color matches - I also will flip one card over if it's a new game giving me an additional color match possibility. Then if you play 3 red matches in a row your multiplier is up to 3. When you switch to black it goes back to 1, then builds up as you get more black matches. An exact match counts toward your red/black multipliers as well.

I also don't match cards if there is nothing underneath to reveal until I'm on the last redeal unless it's an exact match. If you pick up 2 aces for example that have nothing underneath them, you may find that the next revealed card is an ace that you could have matched with the ones you just picked up (hope that makes sense).

Anyway, I've been playing a while and paying attention to the points - was able to go back to old layouts and get more stars with this new awareness.

Good luck, all!
 posted in Solitaire Perfect Match on Mar 13, 15 2:34 PM
I'm seeing a LOT of very good questions on this site.....but no answers! How about some answers. I'm only on level 23 and it's very hard. But interesting.

How about we get the developers or someone to answer some of the excellent questions I've seen here in the forum - all questions that I have as well.

 posted in Zodiac Tower on Feb 1, 14 9:42 AM
I keep getting an error while the system is loading. Is this game not compatible with windows 8? Sometimes it loads but often it doesn't.
 posted in The Treasures of Montezuma 4 on Nov 23, 13 9:18 AM
Now I remember why I stopped playing Montezuma 3 - I'm just not fast enough! I like playing against time and I like the extra stuff you get but it I got to a certain point in 3 where I just couldn't play fast enough. And when, before my trial period was over, I couldn't get any better than bronze on some levels - I decided it just wasn't for me. It really is disappointing because the match 3 games are few and far between and I really love the game- loved Montezuma 2 - played it over and over. The time is just too tight for me on this one. And I was playing on Casual!!!
 posted in Solitaire Kingdom Quest on Sep 2, 13 9:26 AM
You have to keep your eyes open looking for that extra card. Sometimes I've had to "undo" to the point where I added the fatal card to the playing field and NOT play it the second time around. I definitely can be done - just keep your wits about you!
 posted in 7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour on Apr 18, 12 6:36 PM
You have to match the color it's looking for. The outline of the bonus square is a specific color - you have to make a match of that color in order to get the key.
 posted in Magic Match Adventures on Mar 21, 12 12:26 PM
I wish the game had a non-timed mode. It's very frustrating to have to play the same level several times - right now I'm stuck and can't get past the level because those annoying power balls or whatever they are keep changing the tiles.
Arrrrggggghhhh! I will probably delete this game even though I paid for it because it's so frustrating. I think the magic spells are ridiculous as well.
 posted in 7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour on Mar 18, 12 8:31 AM
I can't tell you what the criteria is for 3 stars but I know what it is for four. You have to complete all levels of the wonder getting all of the resources required at that level (each resource at the left has a green checkmark before you complete the level) and you can't have lost a level to time and you have to have won the two minigames. That gives you 4 stars. I know you can get three stars with having run out of time and replayed the level because I've done that. I found that the secret to completing Atlantis at the highest achievement level was to be sure that all my power ups were full and use them liberally. My favorite power up is the color bomb because I can get all the resources I need before time runs out.
 posted in Rainbow Web 3 on Oct 25, 11 6:28 PM
Will it also fix the end? I'm stuck in the cavern - seems to be pointing to the cavern and says 0% complete but won't let me play anything - I think I played to the end but it acts like there's more. Also, doesn't ask me if I want to play a new game - so I guess the only way to start it over is to do so with a new player name?

 posted in Slingo Quest Amazon on Oct 8, 11 11:42 AM
I'm disappointed no one has answered this question. I'm not sure myself but I think that if you clear all the numbers in a row that has a bomb it will explode and take with it surrounding numbers still present in the puzzle.

That's what I think - but I came here to get the same question answered.

 posted in Solitaire Kingdom Supreme on Sep 8, 11 9:01 PM
Excellent! Well I've managed close to 4 mil but can't seem to crack the code. Do you get a lot of speed bonuses? I'll try your combination of bonuses and see how it goes.

 posted in Solitaire Kingdom Supreme on Sep 2, 11 4:32 PM
Hi burnelo - I have barely broken 2 million - what bonuses are you using to get so high?
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