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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 10, 18 6:27 AM
I´m still having PC problems( I added pc prblms to my name) and cannot play MC right now! It might be another week or more before I will be able to get into the game again so please do not delete me! I will be back!

I had the same problem as the others with level 27. I restarted the level and tried again and although there were issues like in the first time I did manage to finish level 27. But now I can not start level 28! It gives an access violation!
 posted in Kingdom's Heyday on Dec 13, 13 5:12 PM
Thank you for your replies! It definitely is a very fascinating game and I know of no other game that works this way. Some call it a build-a-lot clone but there is much, much more to this game! The merchant, although it doesn't make that much on it's own seems to have a key role in letting the others make more. Finished the game two times now but still do not fully understand how the buildings influence each other. I now think that the incomes of my bakeries dropped because I had to demolish one merchant to add a third bakery.
And how about the forge? I know that the more luxury you get the more income it generates. And the bank?.......Have to play it again to try to find out........
 posted in Kingdom's Heyday on Dec 9, 13 10:19 AM
Yes, I did. That is always my first concern. All my buildings run. The point is I cannot understand the interaction between the buildings. I mean, I know that if I build a merchant my bakery makes more money. But how much more? And what other factors are of importance? At some level you had to build three merchants (next to all the other things you had to do of course) to make the level work. It didn't work with 4 bakeries, for instance. Or 3 bakeries and 1 merchant. Things like that.....
 posted in Kingdom's Heyday on Dec 9, 13 4:49 AM
I just don't understand their logic. How do they interact and what is of influence?
I had in level 41 on the left side two manors, 1 inn, and between the two manors a bakery and 2 gazebos. At that point the inn gave around 17000 and the bakery around 8000. I started to build a merchant in the middle section but it only gave 3400.
I added a bakery and saw that that gave also 8000. Then I added another merchant but that only gave 3400 too even though I had way over 200 inhabitants. Then I added another bakery on the right side and then all of a sudden all (3 by now) gave about 6000?Then I demolished the bakery and the gazebos between the two manors and added an extra inn. But then both inns didn't give as much together as the lone inn did on its own at first???!!!
Did someone figure out how they exactly work? It would make the game more fun to know. Now it is just a matter of trial and error.
 posted in Farm Craft on Jan 29, 09 8:56 AM
The pickers indeed are a pain in the neck.....Not only do I agree totally with the above, but they also harvest crops meant for feeding my animals so they get hungry! I usually do without them if I can and hire only one or two gardeners for fertilizing.
Being able to assign them to a certain area might solve this.

 posted in Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville on Sep 19, 08 12:38 PM
What a wonderfull game! The most original I've played in a long time. I love the redecorating stuff. Very inspirational. It gave me some good idea's for my own home too!
The objects were hard to find but in a good way. In some of the lately released hidden objects games the way they try to make it harder is really annoying. They make objects vague or put them in a dark corner so you have to brighten your monitor to find them. In this game they made it hard by using creative ways to hide the objects. Very well done! I also loved the characters.
I sincerely hope there will be a or more sequals!!
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