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My previous message means the lock on the lighthouse, sorry!
Just started and I'm already stuck! I have the iron bar and the SG says to use it on the lock, but that does not work. Can someone help me with this, please??
 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on Feb 14, 11 1:37 PM
Looking thru the walkthrough I can see there's supposed to be a rope by the hole in the attic floor to take you to the study. I don't have that rope and can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help, please??

IMHO this is a great game. It is difficult and I did use the walkthrough a few times, but as with all MCF games so far, these are my favorites. I just want to keep playing and can't until I find that rope!
 posted in King Arthur on Sep 26, 10 2:56 PM
Same as others. Can't get past the welcome screen - haven't even gotten to the sign in part and I've already used 15 minutes of trial time.
 posted in Al Emmo's Postcards from Anozira on Aug 1, 10 10:54 AM
I want a pat on the back for playing the whole hour demo! If you don't mind a computer mouse and a dinosaur in the same HOG scene, well, it was just barely okay. Hidden objects are well hidden - as someone else said a magnifying glass would be helpful. I did manage to not use all the hints I had, and somtimes when I used them I said, well, duh! When you expect them to be tiny then they're staring you blatently in the face, it does feel a little silly. As with most other people, I do not like "find the difference" puzzles, and the one I had had so many differnces I did start randomly clicking. My only computer glitch was that I WAS allowed to randomly click with no penalty, an absolute must in this game. This game would not be good for beginners nor is it any fun for the experienced. It's a definate pass.

I did like the music, though..
Glad it's not just my computer, can't afford any fixes right now - have to buy games! I learned something interesting on another game forum, sorry but I don't know who to credit. If you go to the walkthrough and leave it up on your screen, then start your game, you can go to the walkthrough anytime by clicking (and holding ) alt key then tab key. No need to quit your game, it just pauses it. Then click it back on at the bottom of your screen onto your game when you're done looking at the walkthrough. This was a major breakthrough in game playing for me, since I do need the walkthrough occasionally.
 posted in Mystery P.I.: The London Caper on Jul 31, 10 12:35 PM
I think these PI games are a fun distraction. No, they're not particularly difficult, but I challenge myself by seeing how many I can find and remember then clicking on them. That seems to tax my old brain quite a bit. We all know that playing memory games are good for you. So if you find it too easy, try it.
Just finished demo and the only thing that bothered me was it took a very long time to load scenes when you changed rooms. Seems to be a good game with a lot of thinking required. We know that's good for these semi-old brain cells! Very good graphics, music repetative but not intrusive, seems to fit. I will definately buy this when it comes out in regular edition. It definately left me wanting to play more, but not at CE price! A walkthrough would be nice, though. I couldn't find the strategy guide others spoke of, so it took me quite a while to figure things out. But, again, that's good for the brain! For me it's a
That was supposed to be 5 thumbs up!
 posted in The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Jul 28, 10 10:32 AM
In chapter 1-3, Opium Den, used a hint to look for a pocket watch. Told me it was a white thing (a hankie perhaps?) on left side of wall. Used another hint said the same thing. I quit game and started over, got to same place and this time hint showed me it was on a stool on bottom left of screen, which is where it was. I could play okay after that, but who would want to?? Bad, bad game! I know this is not a tech issue, but I do hope you guys read the forums. We do expect more from BFG than this poorly developed junk pile HOG. That being said, you've given us some really great games (you usually do) and it's sincerely appreciated.
 posted in Nemo's Secret: The Nautilus on Jul 27, 10 2:36 PM
Coronagold wrote:I'm the mayor of Bell CA, therefore I can afford this game.

Don't know how local you have to be to get that, but GOOD one!

I found this game a bit annoying, having the stuff stay on the screen then looking for the second object like it. Other than that, I just don't know why, but it didn't float my boat (this is an imaginary boat since I'm not on Bell's payroll and can't stop buying games so I have no money left for a boat). I put it on a list to buy when on sale, then thought better of it. Must be spoiled by those great games last week (Elixer, Gatsby, etc).

Thanks to all who write about good games in the forums. I found Love & Death Bitten that way and just love it.
I really enjoyed this demo, but as with most others, will wait for the standard edition. I found this game a bit difficult, just had to use some brain cells to figure it out. I had no computer glitches. I was sorry my time was up. Looking forward to reg. edition coming out. Thanks to all who write reviews. I not only find it useful for the game I'm playing, but have found many other games mentioned to try out.
 posted in Elixir of Immortality on Jul 19, 10 6:20 PM
would also like to know what other games these developers have. This was a GREAT game. I have not enjoyed a game this much since RTR. This was well thought out in every detail. I played the regular mode and spent many hours. I did need to go to the walkthrough a few times. Guess my mind is slower than others! I will play this again on advanced with NO walkthrough for the challenge. I have a few others to finish first, but this was the first time since RTR that I played a game straight through. Thanks BF for this game. What better way to spend triple digit days than in air conditioning with good games.
 posted in Journalistic Stories on Jul 19, 10 10:49 AM
Another really bad game. I'm always surprised when BF releases something this bad. I think a lot of the problem was in the translating from original language. A lot of stuff doesn't make sense. But it's still too hard to play - clicking on items doesn't necessarily get them for you. It takes a long time to combine things. It seems like they just didn't finish putting the game together properly. And the music sucks.
 posted in L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on Jul 18, 10 1:17 PM
Wow! This is really a bad game. What a shame with such beautiful graphics. Only got to the second scene and gave up. After a great week of games (The Great Gatsby and Elixer of Immortality), this was a huge disappointment. Agreed with all other posts.
 posted in Romancing the Seven Wonders: Great Pyramids on Jun 30, 10 2:18 PM
Played this demo after finishing Rom. 7 wonders: Taj Mahal. If you thought that one had problems, just wait! I never give up on demo's, always play the hour. About 15 mins. did it for me. The heiroglyphic game had so many instructions, then you run out of time. Gave up and skipped. Looking for hidden objects is a shot in the dark, literally. Black on black. They did stop the dizzying cursor from the last game, this one just takes 10 points away if you click to many times. But you sometimes must keep clicking to find the exact right spot to get the object. I really didn't care if they took 10 point away, I just wanted them to leave me alone. Since they wouldn't I left them. I don't know when I've played something I've enjoyed less.
 posted in Settlement: Colossus on Apr 1, 10 12:03 PM
I must agree with "yasure" - I found this incredibly boring. The same objects over and over and over. I did like the 2 mini games I found, but for me it's a snoozer!
 posted in Settlement: Colossus on Apr 1, 10 12:01 PM
yasure wrote:Don't you find it kind of boring? I mean, the hidden object scenes are somewhat the same over and over again.
Don't get me wrong, it's a "cute" game but I'm not much of a time management game player and that is the feel I get from this game.
The graphics and all are great. It's a nice game, just not my type..
I still have 35 minutes left of the demo and I will finish.
I hope everyone enjoys this.
It's the last day of March, so fill up your punch card(s) I can not wait to see what awaits us for April!
This is a great game and I didn't mind paying the high price this one time. When I get to the extras I'll know better if it was worth it.

My only complaint so far are the numerous misspellings (did I spell that right??) This really shouldn't happen in a high quality game - actually it shouldn't happen in any game.

I'm looking for a walkthrough, is it out yet or do we wait for the December issue of the game?
 posted in Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery on Aug 11, 09 11:13 AM
To OnWi, what you've done for me today is to make me stop and think. You expressed your opinion and made a "suggestion" to game developers to also stop and think. I personally do not find these symbols objectionable, but I can certainly understand that others might. And yes, I have also noticed an influx of these things lately. I found some of the responses in this thread to be rather harsh. If it makes you uncomfortable to play games with these symbols, you have the right to express your opinion and make a suggestion to the developers to bear this in mind. You did NOT ask them to stop using any kind of symbols in their games, only to remember that they may be offending some people.

As I said, I have not been offended and just played the games without giving any though to these things. But you and some of the other posters made me see things through your eyes. It did not change my mind, my thoughts or my beliefs. It did open my eyes, though, and that is ALWAYS a good thing.

What does bother me in HOGs is the use of cigarettes (yes, I am a smoker but don't want anyone else to be!) and syringes. To me, these are offensive symbols.

This is just my opinion and I'm entitled to it. Thanks for listening.
 posted in Amazing Heists: Dillinger on Jul 27, 09 10:03 AM
I'm so glad to see others are bothered by the misspelled words! I was beginning to feel like I was just a fussy old lady. I think anywhere words are public the spelling and grammer should be correct (don't get me started on our local newspaper).

The constant talking in this game is very annoying to me. Other than that, the game is so-so. I won't buy this one.
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