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 posted in Northern Tale 2 on Feb 21, 18 11:32 AM
Thanks!!!! I finally found them!
 posted in Northern Tale 4 on Feb 21, 18 7:56 AM
I apologize if this is a repeat.
I believe the list for NT4 was incorrectly posted in the Northern Tales 3 forum, so I am posting it here in the proper forum. (Note: I still have not found the correct list for NT3)

The following is in chronological order as I got each secret achievement:
1) Click on an achievement pop-up.
2) 3 minutes without using a bonus.
3) The whole family of hampsters found. (Level 9 for me)
4) "Don't Sleep" - no clicking for 30 seconds.
5) Warehouse full-up. (Completely fill your warehouse with food, wood, and gold)
6) Click the windows in level 16 & 17 three times.
7) Found Thor's hammer. (It can be found on many levels!)
8) Ring the bell 3 times on level 24.
 posted in Northern Tale 2 on Feb 17, 18 11:55 AM
I have replayed Northern Tale 2 several times, and I can't find the hamsters! That is the only award I still need.
Can anyone tell me which levels I should be searching?
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Jan 12, 18 1:45 PM
I am so close to the end of the game now, and have used up so many of my ingredients! It's getting really hard to make potions! (I've learned that if you close the game and want to replay a level you must make the required potions again...and that uses up resources fast!) I've gone back and replayed older levels hoping to get more ingredients, but it appears that once you get an ingredient you can't get it again.
If all of you are having trouble completing this level in gold time and you are all making/using the potions... I will never be able to do it without the potions.
As others have said, I'm very frustrated with level 35 AND level 31.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Jan 12, 18 1:40 PM
GerLeop wrote:
magsymillion wrote:I seem to have a bug where I cannot upgrade or demolish the hut. I therefore cannot upgrade anything else (including sawmills required) or even build another hut. Can't finish level. Playing on MAC version.

Hi there,
my Moai V ends with level s 24 and 25 when both siblings work together. How come you and some others have many more levels? Have never seen any lizards etc. - so it can't be just another way of counting the levels. What did I miss to see or to do?

On the main page, there is a button on the lower right side that you can press for more levels! Bonus content is on the left side.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Jan 2, 18 9:04 AM
Thank you SOOOOO much!
The detail about which/how many tasks to complete is extremely helpful!
I wish the game had given us a better explanation when they introduced this feature.
Please help! I need an explanation.
I have the Collector's Edition and I got 3 stars on every level and I collected all of the puzzle pieces.
I have completed the castle part as well.
After level 50 there is a gray thing with a "?" on it, and it looks like what you click to get to the other levels. I clicked it, but it doesn't glow or turn gold like all the other levels did, so I'm not certain that my "click" actually did anything. But after trying to click it I then clicked on the "go" button and I got to play a level called "Let's Retreat".
Is that it?
Is that the bonus level?
And is there actually a puzzle that I should be able to open? If so, how????
Thanks so much to anyone who can explain this!!!
I completely agree!!!! Especially the long ones! From what I was able to read it seems these hints could be very helpful!
I am now on level 3.9 and I don't think I've seen a "jug" on the right-hand side yet.
Does anyone have a list of the levels where you can find hidden objects?
Yaelle wrote:There are a lot of achievements that dont indicate completion & just sort of stopped updating.

There are 2 for collecting wood:
one is called Expert Woodcutter: that one is fine. I guess.
the other is called Experienced Forester & mine has been stuck at 698 for eons.

The others not updating are for food & gems. But wait! There's more! The awards called Master of Water & Master of Tornado & Lightning are messed up, too.

If you look at the one for the gems, the exact wording is "for collecting gems on a level". And there are 250, 500 & 1000 goals.

So does that mean all of those on one level each time??? I think I have checked this before but I hadn't been paying close enough attention to see if I had been getting them over time or all at once so IDK.

I am experiencing the exact same problems!
And to make matters worse, those links to the "Help Page" do not work.
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector's Edition on May 20, 17 1:13 PM
I am confused about level 43. I completed everything, upgraded everything, and then I still couldn't complete in time because my workers wouldn't get sick!!! (One of the goals is to heal 6 sick people.)
HOW do I make them get sick?
I just had to sit there and wait and wait and wait for someone to heal. The last sick person arrived after my timer ran out.
 posted in Moai 3: Trade Mission on May 9, 17 1:52 PM
I played the entire game and earned all of the achievements, but it still will not give me the final trophy. Is this a glitch?
I have played many time-management games and ALWAYS manage to eventually get 3 stars on all levels.
But with the Incredible Dracula series, I struggle to get 2 stars on most of the levels.
I got 3 stars on all of the earliest ones, but after 11 I have only been able to get 2 stars.
I have the Collectors Edition of these games, and I've tried following the guide precisely as they suggest, but I've played some levels over and over and over, and I feel lucky to barely squeak out 2 stars.
Does anyone have any suggestions about what I'm doing wrong?
I DO use all of the bonuses & boosts as soon as they become available. It just never seems to be enough.
Thanks for any tips you can give!
 posted in Rescue Team 3 on Jan 1, 17 1:05 PM
Someone else asked, but no responses.
I understand that upgrades allow me to hire additional workers. But I'm not sure if it helps to have more than one worker at a time or not.
By allowing 2 or 3 workers I can hire a new worker as soon as the previous one times out...but do I get any additional resources if I have more than 1 employee at a time? Do I get any additional resources for simply upgrading the building?
I've looked all over the internet and haven't found the answers to these questions yet.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
 posted in Pirate Chronicles Collector's Edition on Dec 29, 16 12:08 PM
I have played this level over and over. I've found all the treasures, but the best score I've been able to get is 2 skulls.
Does anyone have any tips or tricks I can try?
I upgrade to get 2 workers, then I collect resources as fast as possible, build the lumber mill, upgrade for another worker, build the shipyard and the crystal mine as soon as I'm able. I build the cook as soon as I can, then work on building the second shipyard and fixing the crystal pedestals so I can get to the foundry.
We need a lot of iron, so I collect a lot of all the resources BEFORE I build the ladder and light the crystal pedestal at the top of it.
As soon as I light that lamp the monster appears and I no longer have access to iron.
But until I light that lamp, I have no access to stone!!!! So I can't do anything on the left side of the map until I can get to the stone quarry.
So as soon as I build that ladder I begin producing stone, upgrading the quarry, and having workers chop all the stones behind the quarry.
I build as many cannons as I can while the monster is active.
But by the time I get rid of the monster I don't have time to complete all of the cannons on the left side and get 3 skulls.
I'm sure there is a way, but I haven't found it yet.
I will appreciate any help! Thanks
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