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 posted in Tisnart Shapes on Apr 19, 17 2:21 PM
1. The timer is WAY too short, and there's no relaxed option to disable the timer at all. This turns what COULD be a somewhat enjoyable game into a race and ruins the game play completely.

2. I don't know if the guy (Mr. Tisnart) that appears with the game is the actual developer or not, but it's creepy. would be much better if it was a cartoon figure, rather than what attempts to be a drawing of a real person. And on top of that, in order to progress through his dialog, you have to click ON him, not just on the screen. This is extra creepy. Best thing to do - get rid of him completely and just put the tutorial text up on the screen by itself.

3. There's no option to skip the tutorial, and I HATE being forced to go through a tutorial. So do most other players. Give us a choice whether to take the tutorial or not to start with, and a way to enable to short tutorial if we get stuck.

4. The game is billed on the big fish site as unique, but it's not any different than any other game where you click on large blocks of objects. It does have some added/slightly different features than most - but they're minor. Those differences consist mostly of blocks that have cutout shapes that pop out, which is what you are collecting, instead of solid blocks, and blocks that sometimes turn into boosters. But that's hardly unique. There's nothing different between collecting a certain number of blocks with hearts drawn on them and collecting a certain number of blocks that have hearts that pop out of them - other than looks.

5. The artwork tries way too hard to be cutsie. Suggest the developer exchange the cutsie blocks with bubble shapes for some game play that is actually unique - and I don't mean do a bubble pop or a match three with cutsie shapes.

6. Being forced to click a like on the first tutorial and say I loved a level that I was bored with is EXTREMELY annoying. i didn't "love" the level. I didn't even LIKE the level. What's next? Am I going to be taken to some review site and forced to give the game 5 stars?

As it sits, the game is a complete waste of time, and not worth downloading, much less buying.
 posted in Silver Tale on Mar 16, 17 4:29 PM
There's nothing I hate worse than some game company trying to force me to log in and play their game every day.

I've gotten used to the "log in for daily rewards' that are supposed to be based on the day of the calendar but that reset themselves if you miss a day. I hate that but I've gotten used to it. All the games do it.

But this new one is the last straw.

With silver tale, I've just now discovered, if you miss a day, your horse starves to death and you have to use a phoenix feather to revive it.

I don't care whether I have enough feathers or not, I don't care if it's easy to make them or not. The point is that if you don't log in, the game punishes you. AND THAT IS WRONG! I have a life. All players have lives. A game should NOT contribute to stressing out the players with the fear that they might get punished if they don't log in every single day and play.

While I get that developers need to make money off their games, forcing people to log in every day is lower than having energy that runs out and then offering to let you spend real world money to buy more so you can keep playing.

ESPECIALLY in a game you PAID FOR already and aren't playing for free *angry frown*
 posted in Puzzle Quest 2 on Dec 4, 13 6:05 PM
GeorgeTSLC wrote:TYVM for sharing the answer. It may be just what some other player needs someday.

Yup, it was exactly what some other player needed some day. Me, and i've been searching the net for days unable to find the answer. I had no idea you could just slide a stone into a blank spot like that.
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