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 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Nov 10, 17 4:03 PM
I did it in expert time by
Chop one tree
upgrade the worker house
cut stone rocks X 2
build stairs to food/wood and chop trees to 50
build food and work toward gold mine, chop trees collect bomb and food from bushes
build gold mine chop trees collect food from bushes
work toward sawmill location using gold and food to dig at snow banks
build sawmill
work toward stone factory
build stone factory
build warehouse
build speed factory (by the gold mine)
build balloon
upgrade worker house, rock, food and wood factories
use axe to cut boulder at beginning of road, build hammer factory
build road
lift fog and cut down monument

1 worker should take balloon and work toward the second monument all in one trip (you need plenty of gold and food.after chopping one boulder go to the next and the next and the monument- then collect bomb) other workers are building road and working towards village.
Keep collecting wood and gold as you need quite a bit for the large building.
use speed and hammer bonuses
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Miracle of Life Collector's Edition on Nov 9, 17 12:07 PM
you need to chain your service. This is not possible if you are serving a 4 person table. However a 3 person table plus the counter works or 2 counter customers or a 4 person table and the moon or star person. You only need to chain 2 customers. Chaining means that all the items for both customers have to be on your tray before you serve the 1st of the 2 customers.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Oct 8, 17 2:09 AM
The signs are used for different things. The air sign slows down ghosts a lot, so use that when there are ghosts around. The fire sign keeps the hurricanes and droughts from stopping production in the fields. The earth sign (Square inside a circle) shows you what is hidden under bushes -I rarely use that one and the water sign will put out fires without having to use the well. The health sign will heal a sick worker. You need to have mana to use the signs. Clickiing on ghosts gives you mana- after you click a few, you can use the air sign to slow them down.

Hope that helps.
 posted in Katy and Bob: Safari Cafe Collector's Edition on Sep 29, 17 7:29 AM
julesyhedgehog wrote:I don't see a trophy for completing all levels. On which shelf is this trophy? There is a trophy for completing all level objectives, which means you have to complete each level's goal.


I met each goal for each level, bought all the upgrades and gold coin upgrades and don't have the trophy for completing the goals,nor for completing any of the sections.
 posted in Katy and Bob: Safari Cafe Collector's Edition on Sep 28, 17 10:27 AM
Is anyone else having trouble getting the trophies for finishing all levels. i bought all upgrades and statues and finished the 60 levels. Are there bonus levels? If so, where are they?
 posted in Katy and Bob: Safari Cafe Collector's Edition on Sep 27, 17 11:08 AM
I have completed the game easily, however the award section doesn't highlight the trophy's for finishing each section of the game, buying all the artifacts or completing all objectives. Are there levels somewhere other than the 60 I see?
 posted in Rescue Team 7 Collector's Edition on Jun 18, 17 9:28 AM
If you play level 21 and let the fire reach the victims you will get the achievement. However, you must go try again and play all the way through successfully after you fail the first time.
Tucked behind the left speaker
 posted in Gnomes Garden: New home on Mar 19, 17 8:56 AM
I am not sure where you are stuck. But, what I did was collect everything to the stone, gather the food, build the quarry and upgrade the tent to 2 people. Take the large stone and crystal, collect food again from both gardens, build the sorceress house and have her activate the portal. Upgrade the stone mine, from there you go through the portal to the left and start collecting stone and filling holes and collecting stone and food etc. Keep collecting the food and build the lumber mine and the crystal mine. You need 4 crystals to activate the portals. Next portal is by the merrymaker log, build that once and keep the merrymaker at the stone mine.

Keep filling holes, collecting wood, food, stone and crystals and have the sorceress feed the giants.. I never build the second stone mine and eventually added one more person to collect items for a total of 3.
 posted in Gnomes Garden: New home on Mar 18, 17 2:35 PM
The fireman is the only one that can take the grass down
 posted in Gnomes Garden 3 on Mar 16, 17 4:12 PM
That is the water lily, the fireman has to water it and the fairy needs to grow it.
 posted in Kingdom Chronicles Collector's Edition on Jan 8, 17 7:29 AM
Once the giant gets to the other side the game is over, have you built the last cottage to level 2?
For this version you collect figurines, cosplaying sheep, weasels and presents.
 posted in Green Moon 2 on May 12, 16 11:38 AM
where did you find the topaz? I found the Mica but have searched everywhere for the topaz. Is it in the same location as the Mica or a different area of the city? Never mind, I found it. For those looking both are in the same palace different sections.
Finally got gold and beat the dev time! First clear down to the left wood, to the plant and up to the goddess. Have her give life to the plant. Upgrade the wood on the left and work up toward hercules also Clear toward the food and build the wood on the right and upgrade (both woods have to be upgraded early to get enough wood in time). Upgrade the food as soon as possible and keep clearing toward Hercules, also when you have a moment clear toward the prisoner on the right. Do not chop the trees until you have all 4 workers.
Free the prisoner on the right as you are working toward hercules. Keep collecting wood, food and clearing, when hercules is free have him lift the boulder in front of the prisoner, the boulder in front of the treasure chests and unfreeze the plant. open both treasure chests and build the power column first, then clear the block in front of the last prisoner free that prisoner, build the rapid refill column and start collecting wood and food like crazy. It took me four or five tries but it is possible.
I too have the same challenge. I hope the devs can help us with this one. As you mentioned, there is only one level with thieves and stopping the two in the middle and the top is not possible.
 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Feb 3, 15 6:55 AM
To get to the melon patch without running out of food - do not upgrade the tent and only cut the stone to the right of the tent and follow the path directly to the patch cutting the stones and 2 tree stumps only.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 14 8:48 PM
Thanks! That worked.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 14 5:41 PM
I have purchased the performer in the Japanese restaurant but don't know how to get her to sing. I click on her and nothing happens
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Jun 25, 13 3:01 PM
I see now, I have to finish every level at gold and need enough jewels to buy the next level
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