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 posted in Love Story: The Beach Cottage on Nov 20, 16 4:09 PM
Where can I find the music used for this game?? I loved it and I think there is at least one song that is played not only in this one, but in the others from this "series" of games.

Would love to have the music, it really sets the tone for this game....

Anyone have a guess?
I agree! There needs to be more games like these.....this is the series of games that are linked somehow to each other that keeps me coming back to BF......

I love the fact that the games are getting a bit harder, which makes me use the old brain cells a bit more. Exercising my mind has never been more fun and challenging!
 posted in Steve The Sheriff ™ on Oct 15, 13 3:11 PM
When Steve starts to collect the medals, what is the importance with them? In other words What do they represent?? This has me baffled and amused.....

Does anyone know?????
 posted in Steve The Sheriff ™ on Oct 15, 13 3:04 PM
I too am looking forward to it! I love playing these even if they are too short. I play them when I want to start to relax before I got to sleep and my husband's playing what ever he plays....Also would love it if the graphics were more....
 posted in Phenomenon: City of Cyan on Aug 11, 13 3:14 PM
Been off the site for a spell.....will a sequel be made???
 posted in Titanic's Keys to the Past on Feb 18, 13 7:07 PM
I understand the frustrations with this game, but it's not so bad...I liked it and it IS a bit disappointing but there are other games that are worse than this one...if someone wants the URL for the walk through, PM me and I'll give it to you...
 posted in Titanic's Keys to the Past on Feb 17, 13 6:41 PM

Go to **** and there's a walk through for the'll have to search for it but it's there.....

(hopefully my post won't be deleted by the moderator !!)
 posted in Titanic's Keys to the Past on Feb 17, 13 6:37 PM
Folks...have played all of the other Titanic games and like this one...what is the code at the console?

Some of the others are not too bad and not too hard to play but this one is pretty good. at least there is a way to advance if the first puzzle is hard....I've sailed through the game until the console....but was expecting this to happen.....
Hi all! Have the Collection version and can't figure out how to get the troll from the game after I get the can from the old stove....also, how do I get into the house? the crowbar won't do anything.....have all the others in the collection and so far this hasn't freaked me out....but trying to get the troll and the door opened is driving me up a wall......
 posted in Phenomenon: City of Cyan on Mar 25, 12 5:49 AM
As one of the Beta/Preview testers I fell in love with the game not even 5 mins into it! The graphics are incredible, the storyline is wonderful and it will (for some) draw you into this world where all isn't what it seems. I would even hold this above some of the Mystery Case games. I found it was easy to play and (for me) not too spooky. A few of the puzzles were a bit hard but not impossible to solve. I would recommend this game if you love a Sci-Fi type of game. Hope that there will be either a sequel or a prequel in the near future.
 posted in Trapped: The Abduction on Feb 1, 12 6:53 PM
My thoughts are that this is a GAME....yes, it does have a "dark" side to it but it's not THAT dark....the guy isn't torturing Helene physically but making her find things as a way to escape or for her to remember....I'm well over 18 (43) and this is just another game to me. I understand that some do find it offensive, but there are others BF has that could be considered offensive (too many to name and/or remember here), so should they be removed? Of course not! Read the descriptions of the games, check out any screenshots and ask in the proper forums (like this one) your questions and get other people's thoughts. If it looks too dark to you, pass it on by for the next game.

YOU have the choice to get the game or not to get the game. No one is forcing you to buy a game that you don't like. Censorship has it's purpose, but I don't want it being used so much that we are reduced to buying "safe" games....Zuma Deluxe and other "fluff" games that are designed for 5 year old kids.......

Peace and Good Will.....

 posted in Curse of the Pharaoh: The Quest for Nefertiti on Feb 1, 12 6:25 PM
I'm thinking that there isn't one for this one...the other two have them....I've also had the problem of trying to return into a room but not having the mask to open the door...that's a mild annoyance to me....but I understand everyone else who is frustrated about the glitch....that should be fixed....this one was "so-so" and it shows it.....but I do like the graphics if nothing else.....
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™ on Jan 17, 12 5:18 PM
EEEK! Have the metal bar but can't find the gap on the cottage door!!

Other than that, Love the game and will go back and get the CE version too.....I have all of the other Ravenhearst "chapters" and will enjoy this one too.. Yes, it's a dark theme but we've all heard their side and now it's his turn..... (sorry...just had to say that !! )

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