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I have a different Problem..... I tried to go up a 'street and the game ended, very fast just the game manager was left. I tried again... went a different way.. guess what?? Same thing happened.
While I'm here, the game welcomed me back...I'm sure I've never been there before.
 posted in Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy on Jul 3, 11 8:47 AM
CasualGran wrote:There's a sale going on and what do we get today? The SE of Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy. Man! Talking about a disappointing choice! Yesterday's game was a waste of money, to me anyway, today it's the SE of a CE that many of us already have, and what will it be tomorrow? Another SE of a CE? Or another new game of cheap quality?

Sale is nice, really. If... ALL customers would get something worthwile for a reduced price.

Bummer, BF. Missed chance for gaining sympathy.

For me too. I can't believe it some how. Picked 2 games to try today and "lo and behold", I've done them before!!!!
Both of them!!! Incredible.....
Have a good day!
 posted in Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane on May 8, 11 11:21 AM
After about 20 mins I got a error... Had to shut it all down...
Anyone else have a problem??
 posted in Mystery Novel on Apr 12, 11 12:35 PM
Poutoule wrote:My good old crowbar became a jimmybar, and while looking for a petty cash box (orth ?) it turned out to be a piggy bank... Never mind. Tried to step over the tree but, obviously, wasn't allowed even though I could still manage it despite my old age, so I didn't bother to look for a saw and came here. Not a bad game, just not worth spending money or a credit on it. May be as a DD on a rainy day.

A Crowbar and Jimmy Bar are two different things... A Jimmy is used to opening up a car door.. I'm sure everyone has seen this operation on T.V. Not the same as a crowbar which you can use in quite a few places..
I too, got the 'pink screen of death' super annoying. Got a head ache in 20 ins.. Guess I was hoping it'll fix by itself..
Waiting for the SE to see.

 posted in Mystery Seekers: The Secret of the Haunted Mansion on Mar 9, 11 7:34 AM
I too got an "cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt or wrong version File "d3dx9_42.dll", error 126...

Oh dear?!?!

This has to stop, the errors are doing my computer in.....!!

 posted in Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition on Feb 17, 11 4:32 AM
Same thing for me...Validating, downloading,validating, downloading....etc....
I don't know what's going on but I'm loosing trust in BFG, My favourite place to play!
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition on Feb 12, 11 9:12 AM
sollys wrote:In the middle of the demo session, after I fixed the dollhouse and placed the boy in the dollhouse the screen turned completely white. Had to shut down my computer,. Am going to
uninstall and reinstall again. I will let you know. What happened?

This happened to me too.......Any fixes.....???
 posted in The Stroke of Midnight on Jan 26, 11 11:28 PM
hd2222 wrote:Oh-h-h no!!! Curser is slow and jerky, took awhile to progress from the initial screen to the intro containing PLAY, EXIT, OPTIONS etc. Then, when game finally started, I had several small, medium and large "white areas" scattered throughout the scene. Obviously I elected to terminate the game as I anticipate things only becoming worse, or simply not playable. Anyone else experiencing this problem? SO discouraged ................... again.

Yes I had the same problems... all the while being soooo slow.... Don't know what's happening....
Any help would be nice!
(hint hint)
 posted in Crossworlds: The Flying City on Jan 8, 11 11:46 AM
bbelle wrote:

YES YES Please.


Me too!!! Please!!!!
I also had a problem with lag.. It took 10mins to get though the gate......

Don't think so...!

 posted in Bloodline of the Fallen: Anna's Sacrifice on Nov 1, 10 8:04 AM
Well, well, well..... Just finished demo.. I don't know where to start..... The game was pretty messed up IMHO. Maybe I missed instructions or something, but I had no idea what to do ...Ever!!! By clicking like a mad fool.. finally got somewhere. But OH BOY!!!! it was a slow slog.... just looking for different things seemed to take forever. The library was fun....not!...bye the time I figured it out it was time to go!..
The story intrigued me, so I plodding through. I'm sorry to say it was not my cup of tea....
The graphics where ok, until you tried to find anything. Eye's hurt after, heading was banging...
I think I didn't like it!!!


 posted in Mystery of the Earl on Oct 23, 10 10:39 AM
This game was awful...Never have I seen such a slow game..... Took me over 30 mins. just to get the bird in the nest. Whew......... Even with my outdated computer I've never had that much wait time....
Looks like it was an ok game too!!! Pity.......

 posted in King Arthur on Sep 30, 10 10:26 AM
Well,, stupid old me.. I bought this with a credit but I wonder if it was worth it? I have a hard time seeing quite a few of the 'hidden objects' hidden so well in fact only a hint could find them.
Just finishing up on the "Night Sky" with Sir Lancelot. wouldn't you know, got all but one, can't find a strawberry, of all things in the night sky... Come on devs give a little thought to who is going to do these games.. Women over 35......!!! I'm way past that and I don't think for a minute there's any strawberry around in the night sky. But I can imagine being in Camelot at the time. (Good imagination have I). (been there in fact looking for it..) Still have stopped the game hoping the someone can let me know where the #%$^^ strawberry is.
BTW I did find the seahorse out there but it was purely accidental, in the tree branches up top, random clicking was the way.
Have a good time , those of us that like this game

 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Sep 5, 10 7:22 AM
Poutoule wrote:This game looked very promising and I nearly bought it without trying it. Glad I didn't, my cursor, after letting me pick up a gear and a cloth, is floating all over the place. Nothing I can do. It a shame as the game seemed great........

That's exactly the problem I had too.. Turned it off. I too like this sort of game but.. unless they have a fix soon,, won't stay on my computer! Too bad,,,,
 posted in Escape from Frankenstein's Castle on Sep 4, 10 8:29 AM

What I didn't like is the endless loading between scenes. I couldn't move from one scene to another without the game having to load. That deserved some more attention in developping the game. Custom cursor was sluggish, but I didn't check if it could be turned off .

I agree with you here lovely graphics, but the time it takes to 'load' was it's undoing for me.. Used 40 mins of demo. Take that away, I'll think again.
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate on Aug 6, 10 8:33 AM
Was I the only one who played this before? I dled and stuff just like normal, big file!! and come to the end on Game Manger's screen... ... Time expired?!?! How can that be? Was this game out before?
Sob. .. missing playing this game...
 posted in Escape Whisper Valley on Jun 30, 10 6:11 AM
I just finished the demo.. It was OK though after a time it was very ... um.... shall I say for the 'young' at heart. Very easy.. no complications.
Didn't much like the arrows but it works to get you from here to there.
It'll be a no buy from me.
Way too simple...

Nice try though BFG

 posted in Romancing the Seven Wonders: Great Pyramids on Jun 30, 10 6:03 AM
I too, have to say "rubbish". Had the same problem with graphics, either too small or transparent.. I did do the hieroglyphic puzzle. Very frustrating to say the least.
I will not be 'romancing' anyone from this game..
15 minutes was plenty.

 posted in Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington on Jun 18, 10 8:49 AM
This was a great game. I used to live in Paddington as a child, this was a lovely memory for me along with a super game. The cabin in the train was so real.. Could just slap the seat and see the dust.. LOL And the sitting rooms are just as they should be.
I thought it was too short and not very hard but still very enjoyable. Off to buy it now.

Oh .. finished level 5 (out of 11) on demo for those that need the information.

Thanks BFG..

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