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 posted in Emberwing: Lost Legacy on Apr 16, 14 4:48 PM
Com'on Boom, Zap.
Surely you can do better than this! I have been playing for YEARS and have NEVER been so frustrated with a game as this one. Without the hints and walkthrough I would have NEVER FINISHED this lemon! Won't be jumping to purchase another of your games anytime soon. So sorry I purchased this flop.
 posted in Night Mysteries: The Amphora Prisoner on Jul 31, 13 10:39 PM
angelofmusic62 wrote:I did not like this game at all, after only 5 minutes. There are some games that use the terminology "Oh God" which is in poor taste. While I am not a "religious freak" I found the words "Oh Jesus" to be completely unnecessary. I did not want to continue. Is there also mentions of Oh Buddha or Oh Mohammed? I may be in the minority here, but I found this offensive.

I totally agree with you. Unappropriate and unnecessary to the story.
Pomade...lipstick???? Another turnoff, outdated for sure.
I liked nothing about the game.
 posted in The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes on May 27, 13 1:18 AM
It is truly a bad game when you won't even spend an about to expire game credit on it. The first thing that turned me off was the inventory bar and the constant fumbling necessary to use it. The HO objects will blind anyone over 40, so insanely small. The womans voice was as good as a sleeping pill. The final nail for me was the crash and burn. Could not get out of the black screen and had to restart. Sorry BF, this one is a true lemon.
 posted in Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess on May 21, 13 1:30 AM
Same problem trying to pick up objects in HO scene. Uninstalled, now reinstalling. Hope this glich will go away. Too bad. Seems like a fun game.
 posted in Island of Death: Demons and Despair on May 1, 13 1:24 AM
I was almost relieved when this game CRASHED on me.
Maybe five minutes into the game I realized this was as good as it would get and it wasn't GOOD ENOUGH. Not sure who the developers are, but they do need a bit of help.
 posted in Silent Scream II: The Bride on Feb 24, 13 11:32 PM
No walkthrough...NO BUY.
Simple as that.
 posted in Ghost Whisperer™ on Jul 8, 12 12:46 AM
Great review Sunnyglow. Such a letdown, was hoping to enjoy as much as the TV version. Only good thing about this was Hewitt's pretty face. Other than that a real LEMON>
 posted in Tiger Eye: The Sacrifice on May 6, 12 2:46 AM

Reading your review was as if the words came from my own computer.
I agree completely. Maybe 5 years ago, but not with todays standards.
I tried, but found nothing positive with this mess.
 posted in Antique Mysteries: Secrets of Howard's Mansion on Apr 23, 12 2:08 AM
I believe this is an INVISIBLE object game! When objects are this small it takes the enjoyment out of any game. No buy for me.
 posted in PuppetShow: Return to Joyville Collector's Edition on Apr 19, 12 1:31 AM
No buy for me simply due to the annoyance of the folding fan that holds the inventory.

Every other aspect of this game is fantastic!

Possibly buy the SE, no way for CE.
 posted in Borgia: Faith and Fear on Mar 7, 12 4:17 PM
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 posted in Borgia: Faith and Fear on Mar 7, 12 4:12 PM
One word.............................AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Bigfish, what the heck!
 posted in Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy on Feb 19, 12 4:16 PM
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™ on Dec 21, 11 12:13 PM
marlsmate wrote:This does not run properly even though I have uninstalled and tried again. Too bad - two flawed games in 2 days!!!!

I have also had TWO FLAWED GAMES IN TWO 2 DAYS!!!!!!!
It seems I have saved myself some time though.
Dreadful reviews for yesterdays game and I loathe MORPHING.
No buy, or even demo for me.
Would purchase in a New York minute if only there were a user friendly walkthrough. What we have is USELESS!! Too bad, I'm sure it would have been a delightful game. I don't care for the "morphing". I believe this is merely to extend the length of the game. Ugh.
 posted in In Search of the Lost Temple on Oct 3, 11 1:30 AM
Terrible way to start October BFG!

Somebody must know somebody that knows
Nothing original, unique or inviting with this game. Same old, same old.

When developers feel the need to make objects this small they must be hoping to extend the length of the game.
Did not finish demo and no buy.
 posted in Slot Quest: Under the Sea on Sep 22, 11 3:59 PM
BigTfromAV wrote:Downloaded game today - went to play with 60 minutes remaining and when it went into the game it said "thank you for trying the demo - to continue to play please purchase" - huh?! I had 60 minutes left. I give up.

It seems to be a universal problem Fishes.
I was also thanked for playing the demo that ended with me never even getting into the game.
Too bad, sure would enjoy a unique SLOTS game.
 posted in Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition on Sep 15, 11 1:42 AM
Rebeca_Lily wrote:Megwoman, I played 35 minutes out of 60 - not 5 - and still found only one hint with the help of the simulator. In order to pay 14$, I want the old rechargeable hint button. Otherwise I don't enjoy the game.

I don't think it is rude to demand my preferences, when I am the one who is paying...

Rebeca, I am in total agreement with you. This is a FORUM. Positive and negative opinions are most welcome here. "Rude" was a poor choice of verbage.
I did not like the game at all. Graphics were the only "positive" for me. I enjoy a relaxing, somewhat challenging game. This was without any direction as to what to do next...without SG I would have been totally lost. Not my idea of fun and relaxation. I'm sure there are those that choose to work a bit harder for their game enjoyment. To all those that do...........ENJOY
 posted in Isla Dorada - Episode 1: The Sands of Ephranis on Sep 4, 11 12:28 AM
After a few minutes with this dufus the game froze on me.
Uninstalling now and not worth the effort to d/l again.
Childish, cartoon style along with ridiculous voices. Scanning from one side to the other, very boring.
Wanted to like it , hoping for another SUMMERTIME coupon use.
Not my cup of tea. For those that like this sort of game...ENJOY!!
 posted in Sacra Terra: Angelic Night on Sep 3, 11 3:55 PM
Kudos to the developer!! Awesome game.
More, more, give us more like this gem.
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