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 posted in Runaway Geisha on Dec 23, 14 1:06 PM
I have downloaded this game 3 times and am on my 4th time and it is downloading on my pc under the pc options. The game will freeze, go blank and then will pop up a dialog box saying that and I can not remember just exactly what it was that quit working and then it gives me the option to terminate the program. So I know that with any glitch it can be fixed by uninstalling the reinstalling and that will usually fix the problem. If I can not get any further than what I have gone I will copy and paste the exact wording that is in the notification box and pass it along with you. I just thought I would let you and your tech people in on my frustration. Hope you get it fixed soon. This is my HOG "fix" store. l.o.l.
While checking for a reply to my problem with this game I hit the "offensive" link quit by accident. So please disregard this accident and if I could undo the action I would. I am all needing an answer to my dilemma. Thanks for any and all help given.
 posted in Les Misérables: Jean Valjean on Aug 19, 14 4:54 PM
When I got to the wall to "chop" down the green vines I had to uninstall and am just now re-downloading the game. I own it and would love to know if this is a glitch and also if there is a walkthrough for this game.
Thanks for your help.
 posted in Mysteries and Nightmares: Morgiana on Jul 13, 14 6:35 PM
Well now it is nice to know that I am not the only one who keeps going around in a circle!!! I keep going to the jungle, then through the jungle to the castle then back again. I have gone to the sparkle area of the scene and I have found nothing even when I pick up the torch and also I need the last piece of glass for the window and the cannon ball. Come on BigFish. Do something. I bought the thing (game). This is the only game I ever play except the once in a while card game or match 3 games but those are far and few between. Give us a walkthrough. Please.
 posted in Hallowed Legends: Ship of Bones on Mar 22, 13 6:01 PM
Will there be a walkthrough for this HOG in the very near future? Want to know before I start the trial. The reason, is that I am on a limited income, disabled, and love to play HOG's. If there is not a walkthrough I will play the trial but not buy it. No apology for this opinion offered and there will not be one in the future for any game offered on this site. I will cancel my membership.
 posted in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story on Mar 22, 13 5:52 PM
I do agree with the feelings in regards to the walkthrough of all HOG's. No walkthrough no buy. Like a lot of other fishies as well as other HOG players who are on a fixed income due to being disabled and not able to get out or hold down a job like I use to I can not always afford a CE with the SG. Yup and loyalty should mean a lot to the retailer because if it weren't for the buyer there would be no sales and no profit for the retailer. Thanks for the forum to voice our opinions.
 posted in Golden Trails 3: The Guardian's Creed on Dec 25, 12 12:34 PM
I need help with just about all of the mini games. So if someone could please give the solutions for all of the mini games. Even though I have gone through the game twice I am still having problems with a lot of the mini games.
Could someone please post the solutions?
 posted in Mystery Novel on May 17, 11 8:39 AM
You all can go to [removed by moderator] and key in the game title and will find a walk through for Mystery Novel or any other game you may need help with.
If you are a member just sign, if not create an account that is a free membership.
This is where I go all the time when I can not find any info on BF. I try out and only buy HOG'S. I am addicted to them. Hope this helps all of those out there having trouble.
 posted in Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty on Apr 10, 11 12:36 PM
I don't know how many times I have been in the plane hanger and have only been able to find only half of yin yang. I believe that I found the white part of the yin yang not really sure right now, I have got my brain half here on b.f. and on f.b. Oh, lord I have lost my mind. Too much farming and HOGS. l.o.l. Please could someone tell me where the parts of yin and yang are in the plane hanger?
Thank you for the help. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I hate it when I am like this.
 posted in Epic Escapes: Dark Seas on Apr 10, 11 10:29 AM
I have found only one or two hog's that I really did not like. But my question is this: where in blazes is the fire poker and the egg. I have used hint so many times and it keeps going up to the far rt. hand corner next to the orange thingy that looks like a spoon. So my fellow bfers someone help me or is there a walk through yet Margie?
 posted in Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart on Apr 8, 11 10:56 AM
Where is a walk through? Could not find the moon and hand print in the kitchen cupboard. Too dark to see, no matter how I put my screen settings.
 posted in Kingdom of Seven Seals on Jan 25, 11 8:52 AM
[b]The same problem here, can't find grandson and am stuck with the pink fairy which told me that she had nothing for me at this time. Now, how do I get out of her house? Could someone please tell me how to get out of her house and find the turtles grandson?
 posted in Tamara the 13th on Jan 16, 11 10:00 AM
bought the game, however, I need to know if anyone could help me here? I am in the cavern and I have all 5 stones that fit onto the mound, my hand turns into a fist and I have tried to put the stones into the mound in the order the stone holes light up. I can not get the stones to go into their correct holes/slots. I also come back out from the mound and go bk to the mound and my hand is still a fist. How can I put the stones into their correct order or even into their slots? I will also click on inventory to release the stone and it doesn't happen. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to the help page and did not find a post or thread or reply for an answer for this problem. That is why I am here. lol
 posted in Crossworlds: The Flying City on Jan 8, 11 7:46 AM
I feel that a walk through is a must! Got stuck in the junk yard. Could find only 2 cd's found the key and opened the trunk, got the car plate. Unable to start the car and could not find anything but "you can't walk that far." And what an interesting junk yard. Maybe I can find something interesting to help me.
Now where do I get anything to help me get to the city?
I used all of demo time trying to get to the city. How do I use the minute hand called "an arrow"?
 posted in Crossworlds: The Flying City on Jan 8, 11 7:38 AM
MargieB wrote:Good Morning Fabulous Fishies,

I am surprised by the amount of questions in this forum since the game was only released a few hours ago.

I normally play demos of certain games to figure out if they need a walkthrough. Honestly, I originally misread the title of this game ( thought it was a crossword puzzle game) so never checked it out.

If you feel this game deserves a walkthrough and you would like us to have make one. Please post here and I will assign it to one of the writers.



 posted in Mystic Gallery on Apr 19, 10 9:31 AM
sadly i agree with all of the reviews. love hogs but this on sucks. gonna uninstall it. won't add this one to all of the games i own with bf.
 posted in Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba on Mar 17, 10 6:11 AM
love the game and played on alwar when it first came out and waited for bf to get it so i could download it play the demo again just so i could buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is well worth the money. but i need some help at the bridge. can not find all the planks or the paddle to get across the river. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this gray headed granny is thick or blind lol.
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