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 posted in Royal Envoy Collector's Edition on Nov 6, 11 1:19 PM
guys, I am stuck at level 61. I need to pay the pirate 70 thousand, but I can't do that, because the time is definitely not enough to get that amount and I can't anyhow accelerate it, because one house is cracked and I can't possibly get another worker since the place where they come out from is clouded. Can you please help? Thanks!
When you go to the second floor in Haribaldi's house and then go to the attique there accross the hole you will have an option to go down and there you will see a fence. Once you unlock it, you will find a piano stuck in the doorway. You should use it there.
that handle is not meant for mosaic. It goes in the room all the way up in the tower. You have to use it on a rope to slide to the demon's zone.
The last puzzle piece has nothing to do with the playhouse. It is in the picture that you can find in the door opposite the mayor's son's room in the mayor's house. Nota bene: the puzzle appears when you search the picture for the second time.
the 24th crystal in the room before the final scene with a machine. In that room there is a box on the left that needs a cross key that you get from hidden object scene.
tuttepeever wrote:Wish I knew what the xxxx forward screen is since I can't go anywhere but backwards. Are we talking about the same statue? I am talking about the screen shot of a torse with a spear in the hand and you have to pick up the spear head. Where it says it has a firm grip. This is after the broken window. I can't get past this so would appreciate any help if possible.

Sorry, I figured it out. I wasn't aware that there was an up arrow next to that screenshot.

GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT! I spent four days going back and forth and had no idea I could actually move past that stupid statue! Thank you so much!
MYsQisHy wrote:oops my bad i didnt think my first 1 posted

Yes, I did talk to a mayor and he told me to go to the second floor into his son's room. I can't remember him giving me anything - maybe he did, because the cabinet is not active, and the only things active in that scene are the mayor himself and that huge statue where I am supposed to somehow take the arrow out.
If my head bursts and I die, you are to blame!
Anyone smart or attentive! PLEASE, let me know, where do I go from here! There are only two (that I am aware of!) active zones left - the tower's window (where I am lacking a device for a rope) and a wall mosaic (which I am lacking two more pieces for!). I have no idea how to get to mayor's son room to get a first aid kit or to do anything else! Please, help! I am absolutely stuck and can't find any clues!!!!!!!!!!!! Be merciful to Ukraine!
hookedonHOG wrote:you have to complete a few more scenes then you will get a bandage to take to him

Can you PLEASE be more specific? I am here in Ukraine, my strategy guide is not active, I have a pin, a wheel, 2/4 parts of mosaic and 1/2 horse shoes. I have walked all around and I can't even find any zone I could search! I have no idea how to stop mayor's bleeding or get into demons' zone out of the tower's zone! PPPPlease! I am going nuts here!
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