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 posted in Hotel Giant on Sep 24, 11 6:27 AM
autumn19bs wrote:Try running your game in administrative mode. Right click on the icon, then click run as administrator. Or you could try running it in compatability mode. Right click on the icon, then properties, and then compatibility tab, then click run in and choose one. Try windows 2000.

Hello everyone,

This exception is an access violation. I can duplicate it at will on Windows 7 x64.

I have tried through the Compatability Mode settings combinations of the following:
1. Running for Windows 98 compatability
2. Running for Windows XP compatability
3. Running with elevated (Administrator) privs
4. Running in 256 colours, 800x600 screen
5. Running with Visual Themes disabled

None of these work, I can still duplicate at will.

I have attempted to debug the process with VS2010, unfortunately I'm a C# developer and disassembly means nothing to me!!

The exception it breaks at (at least on my machine) is "Access violation writing location 0x05a4c120"

In the disassembly the call stack shows break at Hotel.exe!00610e23()
Entry point is Hotel.exe!0041ecba()

I am running Hotel.exe version - the same thing happens with

The disassembly shows 00610E23 as follows:
00610E23 mov word ptr [edi],ax

One suggestion I have for people who have the option available to do so - disable the Game Port on your sound card (if possible) - this used to fix a lot of issues with games running on Windows 95/98/ME throwing their toys out of the pram with access violation errors.

Bigfish/Enlight/JoWood/etc - if any developers are reading this I hope the above information is of use to you. Please feel free to contact me if you want some more information I can get for you, eg the full callstack.
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