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Re eviews for Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain Collector's Edition

by WolfenRaindancer on May 3, 12 3:18 AM
I disagree with the detractors, lol. I like this game, and I don't care if I have seen some of this before as I enjoy these games. This one has lots of things to do, and they aren't the 'keep the silly hogger running around for trivial items to stretch out the game play" type things. The puzzles are all tweaked to make them a bit different. It fills my whole wide screen, and I love the thunder. I haven't had rain in ages here, so love it when it is in the games. I enjoy the way the scenes change, like in the first one, and I don't find the graphics too dark. I have played for almost three hours, and according to the guide, I am not even near the halfway point. I had to make myself quit, as I know that I would kick myself later on. I will enjoy picking this one up again this evening with rested eyes.

I totally agree with you WolfenRaindancer I just finished this great game and really enjoyed it Plus I am so very glad I got it as the CE..The bonus game was a pleasure..
Ejoyable graphics,music, hints and guide. Liked it, enjoyed the asian flavor , mini games.everything...hope for more from these developers

 posted in Patchworkz™ on Dec 3, 12 10:04 PM
I was just about to buy Patchworkz when it froze during trial, the one that was circle with curved shapes inside, when it totally froze! like it was a 30 below freeze Still had about 15-20 min left..but spent 20 min trying to get the dang thing to close.!
Finally ordered pc to restart and it kept telling me Windows waiting for program to close & I told it Shut Down !!!!. After reboot I used windows to delete game !
Was really starting to like Patchworkz and may try it again someday.. Pretty music - sounds, just plain nice eye-candy. But I want my games to work :/
 posted in Patchworkz™ on Dec 3, 12 7:07 PM
Was just wondering if anyone has any idea how long a game it is?
 posted in Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast on Dec 3, 12 4:39 PM
There are so many Fishies that give great descriptions in their reviews so all I can say is I loved the game Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast and will replay someday... out of 5 flowers for this one
 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Dec 1, 12 5:51 PM
Others have given great detailed reviews so I just want to say I really enjoyed the game after I read tips from other clicking the questionmark to find out what I was expected to do..
After getting the hints I really got into game and will play again some other day.
Thank you Big Fish
 posted in Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition on Nov 29, 12 9:05 AM
CiChDa wrote:
( I chuckled also)

Gee, it did feel good to chuckle just after wakeing up
 posted in The World`s Legends: Kashchey the Immortal on Nov 26, 12 10:20 AM
Really enjoyed playing a game that is about another country's folk tale..The artwork and graphics were pleasant and it was fun trying to figure out what the misnamed (for us in USA were- like torch for flashlight).
After completing game click 'free game' and you can replay the HOG scenes.
Our world is getting smaller every day and traditional storys can be a pleasant break in the usual game story lines, especially when they show traditional costumes and architecture and also items from the past in the HOG scenes..
Hope to see more games of this type and a sequel to this one.
 posted in Awakening: The Skyward Castle Collector's Edition on Nov 6, 12 6:20 PM
Trouble started at the end of Chapter 2 & start of Chapter3...Beautiful game till it tried to open without Big Fish splash screen, followed the trouble shooting and did all I could and several times reininstalled .
Last 3 un&reinstall I click on GM & hear the little plurp but no game...very frustrating.. Just did Dr. Felix and will try to send..
I really want to finish this beautiful game but am leary of getting any more from this developer
P.S. I am not very computer savvy and hope I am not going to be sitting at "puter trying to figure out how to follow instructions :/
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Haunted Houdini Deluxe on Oct 26, 12 3:43 PM
Chapter 10 problem and yes I have checked SG and walkthroughs here and on ********.
I got this game and was saving for playing at Halloween time and I have the same problems as those below. Have uninstalled and reinstalled only to be taken back to the same exact situation Can not complete game and am Very unhappy !

EDIT: Restarted game in middle difficulity with new profile and started over...everything ran well and I really enjoyed the game
by Meandy40 on Apr 23, 12 2:26 PM

I am having the same problems as others with the study upstairs. I was told to go to the bookshelf for a HOG but the door won't open and now I am told there is nothing else for me to do. I got the bright idea or in retrospect not so bright idea to exit the house and enter again. Now I am told there is nothing else for me to do in the house. Has anyone had any success with uninstalling and reinstalling the game?

I have two cards in my inventory but I can't even get back in the house to find the room in which I need to use these cards.

by deecity on Aug 15, 12 5:14 PM

same issue am stuck outside and it says nothing else to do there but I still have to get the book and all I have is 2 playing cards

 posted in Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend on Oct 13, 12 12:17 AM
I have been wondering the same thing. It was a really good game and I to was left waiting for continuation of story.
Every time I go through my game inventory and see it there I keep hoping that maybe I missed the sequel then go through Big Fish HOG listings.
 posted in Mystic Legacy: The Great Ring on Oct 1, 12 10:18 PM
I enjoyed the game and found all the lions But unknowingly wiped my lions find when I exited also
Looked all over to find extra-play minigame and I also did not notice lion on lower left, when I did see it and click I was also told that I did not have any lions...
Like I said, I did enjoy the game but was sort of looking forward to playing the extra game and am disappointed at looseing it
 posted in Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart Collector's Edition on Sep 26, 12 9:08 PM
Just finished CE and as a review-phobic will agree with most all of the positive reviews BUT I am sooo tired of back&forth&back&forth that I lost interest in whole game, in self defense I used the hint button as much as needed to get to where I was supposed to be,
Sorry for the bah-humbug for all the walking but here it is.
, just plane tired of game and glad it is finished
Just downloaded it to try and 'straight out of the box ' the curser was floaty so I was going to use 'system curser' and as I frequently use it when playing it was no big deal. Well when getting to a hot area [look at this] instead of a mag glass I got the criss-cross arrows. , went back to game curser and it was still floaty. Am not going to go to the trouble to uninstall-reinstall headache for remainder of trial time...have already played 30 some odd min... will check back on updates for this game
 posted in Shaolin Mystery: Revenge of the Terracotta Warriors on Sep 8, 12 11:07 PM
Just finished playing Shaolin Mystery: Revenge of the Terracotta Warriors and loved it,,I don't care if some objects are sort of hard to find, it just makes the game last longer..recommend playing both Shaolin Mystery's..
 posted in Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff on Sep 8, 12 10:45 PM
Bought this game when it came out but had problems on my 'puter and got refund..then I saw updated it and forgot about it till Shaolin Mystery ; Revenge of the Terracotta Warriors came out :/...ummm....... set them both aside and waited for the 'right time' mood set in, you know too many crypts and bones..
anyway I really enjoyed this game , it played through and not enough hiccoughs to mar enjoyment. Played Terracotta Warriors as soon as I finished and loved them both..sorry so poor at review but tiard and wanted to recomend both games
 posted in 4 Elements II on Sep 5, 12 9:43 AM
Just closed trial, played ok for rhe mini starters but when I got to first match 3 all there was is the fairy and music
 posted in Mystika: Between Light and Shadow on Sep 3, 12 4:59 PM
I played full hour [fin. chap. 1] and got past not liking the pests, but it would be really thoughtfull if Dev's could make the pests an option.
I for one play match 3 s for when I just want to play something different between fav. HOGS.
Sometimes I would like to be able to lock out the pests and other times would find them a challenge.
Budget too tight right now to buy but if it makes it to DD I will buy
 posted in Eternal Journey: New Atlantis on Aug 26, 12 9:31 PM
Just have to post that I just finished the main part of the game (I have CE) and I love it..
I rarely post my opinions about games but this one is a winner for those of us that like science fiction. Am looking forward to bonus game..but main part is GREAT!
 posted in Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Seventh Gate on Aug 20, 12 12:34 PM
If No option for an Un-Timed mode I won't even bother to try ,,
Have spent most of my working lifetime on the clock and same for commuter train time! Want to be able to relax without a timer clicking away
 posted in Theatre of the Absurd on Jun 2, 12 1:00 PM
joyzebra wrote: Aerosage--What a terrible comment to make about a fine company like BFG!

Well said joyzebra, I agree with your well chosen words totally...I have been a gameclub member for over 3 years and never considered CE to SE a play on words for me each is a new game and if I can't afford CE I have a 'heads-up' to look forward to in future..If that person does not like Big Fish there are other sites that they can go to but I

Aerosage--what a terrible comment to make about a fine company. I have been a happy member for 4 years and BFG does not try to deceive its members. You must be new here. Next time you dislike something try "politely" suggesting a better way without vitriol .

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