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pixiwink wrote:Rose was the mother of the twins & Victor. Did Charles employ Rose before or when he had emma captive?

Rose was employed in the first instalment of Ravenhearst to look after Emma when she was poorly.
harumbi wrote:"his true love is Rose" but is it Rose the nurse. Perhaps it is someone who looks like Emma, who we'll met in this next instalment??

Well Abigail's middle initial is 'R'. hmmmmm here I go speculating again
harumbi wrote:As an ex-psychiatric nurse, in days gone bye, all it took to commit someone to a mental institution was to be a relative and to get a doctor to agree with you. So ,in theory, Abigail could be Charles' grandmother.

Whoa new posts come uip so fast

Sorry, speculating again,

So in theory if it's not 100% that Abigail is his mother, could she be his first wife????
playzmuzic wrote:It's never been determined for sure that Abigail is Charles' mother. She would have been fairly old when she had him, which casts doubt on that theory...

I'm just so fired up for this new release, I guess I can't stop speculating.

Well I know for sure one person that was present in every single game up to date, and is to be the main star of the next edition. Master Detective. So I best leave it at that.
Just some random questions.

Abigail is Charles' Mother, correct?

Who is Victor's Mother?

Why did Charles say at the end of MF 'you'll never have my true love, you'll never have my Rose' (or something like that), then in R2R there is a sign on the bottom it say's ' know that I prefered Emma' (again something like that)

Is Reginald Sommerset something to do with this??????

hmmmm, I can't wait for the release. I am another one from England, so does that mean if it comes out on Wednesday for BF members, I can finally have it too on Wednesday?
Sorry double post
looking back at the picture with the dismembered doll.

Could the doll have been used in 'Amazing Larry's' hut in MF?

There is a table which looks the same colour as the bed in the pic and ontop of the table is the 'sawing a woman in half' box.??

Just a thought, maybe the doll was used in this trick?
dogmama wrote:
mumma_1 wrote:Detective mumma here!
I have received an anagrammatic telegraph from a detective friend of mine.
u]See if you can unravel what's hidden [/u]
He rules slave hearts.
Unstrung Dr Letters.
Unsolved crimes appear at the strike of 13.
Viva Emma.

Det. Mumma,
Here is my best answer for the moment .

Although he (Charles) has taken the hearts of 12 victims in hopes of recreating Emma (or bringing her back to "life"), the unsolved crimes are unraveled (solved) when he tries with the 13th victim.

To help things along, the whole telegraph between the lines, form anagrams.

I love your idea though
purplealikat wrote:
mumma_1 wrote:Detective mumma here!

I have received an anagrammatic telegraph from a detective friend of mine.

See if you can unravel what's hidden

I'm stumped and most probably stupefied!

All can be found between the lines
Detective mumma here!

I have received an anagrammatic telegraph from a detective friend of mine.

See if you can unravel what's hidden

He rules slave hearts.

Unstrung Dr Letters.

Unsolved crimes appear at the strike of 13.

Viva Emma.

What about

Stay - Shakespeares Sister

Completely off ball here, I have just completed RTR again and was looking at the credits at the end and there was a crytpic clue which deciphered to PHONE.

Did I miss something when the game first came out. If so, what did the clue lead to?

Just to add that I know there was a number for Felix on the phone board in the workshop. Was that it?
vingilot wrote:Mumma - First, we're not allowed to mention that other game site, so you should remove that from your post. Second, the trailer there is the same sneak peek they put on the YouTube a few days ago. They do have some new concept art there though that we haven't seen here yet.

I'll PM you with a link to my PB. I've been gathering all the pics there and piecing them together. I also redid the sneak peek trailer to add freeze frames so we can see the frames more clearly.

Whoops! Sorry, just got caught up in the excitement. Post has been edited, Thank you!
Thanks MCFfan,

Have you seen the trailer yet for Escape from Ravenhearst? I have just seen a small trailer from somewhere when I was searching for images. (very exciting...can't wait....)

I have read in loads of posts about images, where can I find them?

thanks in advance
Solice wrote:I shall be back soon, I am afraid I am a bit under the weather this morning. Moving a bit slower than usual.

I have been looking this quote over and over again; and if you are truly poorly Solice get well soon.

However, I got to thinking that maybe there is some sort of anagram within these words. So far I have come up with

Emma is still Alive and well
Emma Ravenhearst
Banished from Ravenhearst Manor, Charles
Go to the lighthouse
With Ravenhearst Manor burnt down go to the lighthouse.

Also reading between the lines Solice Says ' I Shall' = I will. 'Be Back Soon' =Return 'I am Afraid' = I am Scared. 'A bit under the weather this morning'= I am ill this morning. 'Moving slower than usual' = Feeling lethargic????????

Do we get to go back and save Emma before Charles kills her? Does the time machine malfunction? I am just guessing and speculating, but I do hope so
 posted in Supercow on Nov 14, 11 1:38 PM
I have come across this while trying to find a solution for reaching the last gem in stage 6 level 1. no replies yet

any way the last gem in 6-3 is right at the end. When you jump on the last elevator right at the top, jump off to the right and you will land on a ledge with the gem on it.

I know this is probably not a fix for you now as you posted this ages and ages ago, but I hope it can help someone else.

 posted in Supercow on Nov 11, 11 10:30 AM
thanks bfgarnostyx, but it is not a big boss problem.

I will look at the forum again though, thank you
 posted in Supercow on Nov 10, 11 11:29 AM
I know this is probably not the place for this but I couldn't find anything in the Supercow forum.

Has anyone managed to get the jewel by the porcupines yet? I have lost count the amount of times I have restarted this level.

I have emailed Nevosoft to ask if it is a glitch and wait their reply. But if anyone has found a way of doing it then please please let me know.

I have tried jumping on the porcupines right underneath the jewel, I have tried using the spring then jumping into action, I think I have tried just about everything.

 posted in Magic Farm 2 on Sep 30, 11 11:02 AM
All you have to do is keep watering it. The more you water it the quicker it will grow.
 posted in Mystery Valley on Nov 5, 10 11:18 AM
I completely agree. I have played some top quality games recently i.e Mystery Legends Phantom of the Opera CE and Haunted Halls Green Hills CE. They were definately worth the extra money. However, I thought I would just get this game as it was another puzzle hog game that I thought I would enjoy. BIG mistake. I should have downloaded the demo first, the graphics are awful, the story line is rubbish. The game from my point of view will probably be one that I will not finish as it does not hold my attention. I started it, within two minutes I was like OMG, what a load of rubbish.

I apologise to those of you who may be enjoying this game, but this is my opinion.

Note to self: ALWAYS download the demo first
I sent an email to support and they replied asking for a Dr Felix report. Which I have done, I am just waiting for a reply.

I am hoping it is something that can be patched. I have played this game through 3 times now and come to the same problem each time.

I haven't skipped the puzzle because it is something that I want to do myself.

FIngers crossed I will hear from them soon.

I will post back here with the outcome.

Update:- I decided to go back and play once again with a different user name. I followed the SG way to complete the puzzle this time and it worked.

Update 2:- Well BF emailed me and suggested that I update my graphics card driver/software which I did, and it still did not work on the other profiles that I played. They said that they have not had this problem when playing it inhouse.
As I have said above it does work fine if you do it the way the SG suggested, so I guess the only way out is by looking at the SG for the solution.

Problem still remains though, if you get to 12.15 on your own without doing it the way the SG suggests, the clock face will not open. Hmmm, still waiting to hear from BF..
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