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 posted in The Lost Inca Prophecy on Aug 5, 09 3:10 PM
I downloaded the trial version and, while I could play the game, the picture kept flashing which hurt my eyes. I tried
uninstalling it and downloading it again but the same thing happened. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light on Jul 30, 09 6:24 PM
I didn't have any trouble with the trial of this game and I was going to purchase the full version but after reading all of the posts of those of you who are disappointed, I decided I'd better not. Thanks for posting the troubles you've had.
It prevents others from having the same experience you've had.. Maybe the developers can fix all the gliches to make it better.
 posted in Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone on Jul 30, 09 6:13 PM
When I played the trial version, I new I would buy the game and a big reason, other than the fact that I love
hidden object games, is because I love the beautiful classical music! You don't find that too often. I'm a music lover of most kinds of music, except for jazz and hard rock. The game is fun and not too hard. However, as others have mentioned, some of the objects are really small and difficult to find, especially for the older folks, like me. My eyesight isn't as good as it once was but it didn't stop me from wanting the game. I would give the game 4 stars.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy on Jul 22, 09 11:44 AM
I noticed from reading several of the posts for the Edgar Allen Poe game that several of you have had
problems. I'm in no way computer savvy but I thought I'd pass along some information that a Big Fish
Tech suggested to me when I was having problems with other games. The suggestion was that I may need
to upgrade my video card, for one thing. And, also, that I should go to my computer manufacturer's website
to look for any available updates. I went to the website and discovered several updates. Being a "computer
dummy" for the most part, I had no idea I was supposed to check for updates. Anyway, I downloaded them,
and now ALL my games play much better and I haven't had any trouble. So, you might want to check to
see if you need updates, too. Hope this helps! Good luck!! TWO THUMBS WAY UP FOR BIG FISH TECH!!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy on Jul 18, 09 12:30 PM

As a member of the Big Fish Game Club, I was able to download the trial version, yesterday, and before
I finished the trial, I knew I would buy it. I've always enjoyed Edgar Allan Poe's writings-especially his poem,
"The Raven". That's another reason I was drawn to the game. Plus, I love hidden object games. After purchasing the
full verion, I ended up finishing the game the same day. I had no problems at all. I only got stuck on one of
the puzzles but the walk-through helped me with that. THANK YOU, Big Fish, for offering so many great games, and let me add that your customer service is second to none!!!
 posted in Pirateville on Apr 20, 09 6:58 PM
Does Pirateville really have 161 levels as the description of the game says? Has anyone finished the game? Any information you can give me would really be appreciated! THANKS!
 posted in Ancient Quest of Saqqarah on Apr 9, 09 12:39 PM
I'm not good at all with logic so, I guess that's why I can't solve this one. I've tried over and over. Can someone tell
me how to get through this one? I would have skipped it, had I known it was such a challenge, but the game says I can't. Anyway, I would really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!!
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