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 posted in Annabel on Mar 21, 09 12:35 AM
Whichever amulet you are looking for --- you need to search all available rooms. On the hint screens take particular note of the surrounding room and that will give you a hint which room to go to. Keep going--you'll find them!
 posted in Annabel on Mar 21, 09 12:33 AM
You may have to go back to previous rooms. Search all over. On the hint screens, take note of the surrounding room and that will give you a hint where to go. Good Luck.
 posted in Annabel on Mar 21, 09 12:28 AM
Sometimes moving the middle one will open up a different pathway. Good Luck!
 posted in Annabel on Mar 19, 09 6:04 PM
Yeah, the voices are poor and yeah the arm movements are silly and Annabel walks as if her knees were tied together, and yes, it was frustrating to not be able to pick up items that you just knew you were going to need next, but I still liked this game. I enjoyed the mini games (until the last one) and the graphics. Anyone else?
 posted in Annabel on Mar 19, 09 5:55 PM
Don't forget that the middle one can be turned also!
 posted in Annabel on Mar 19, 09 10:57 AM
After you gather all the potions, put them in the pot on the fireplace in the sorceress hut. You will also have to gather wood to put under the fire then it will show you a picture of a pitcher with liquid. You don't have to grab it or anything, just go out toward the guards. Hope this helps!
 posted in Annabel on Mar 18, 09 9:52 PM
Its OK, don't panic. What you need to do is click on the frame of the mirror, then she will say something about finding the pieces and then you can pick them up. This one caught me too for a few minutes before I realized what I had to do! Enjoy.
 posted in Annabel on Mar 18, 09 9:49 PM
The last mini game is just too difficult. I can't do it! All the rest of the mini games weren't that hard. Don't think its fair to have such a difficult task at the end. I may never see the actual ending! Ah well, maybe one of these days my grandson will come over..........
 posted in Annabel on Mar 18, 09 9:32 PM
With the circuit puzzles, start in the middle where the "charge" is. When something connects to that it will sort of light up. From there try turning each piece every way you can to make it connect and continue the "lit up" row. You just have to keep trying! Good luck!
 posted in Annabel on Mar 18, 09 9:27 PM
Thanks Koalanut! I've ben stuck on that and just couldn't get it! I'll try your suggestion!
 posted in Annabel on Mar 18, 09 9:23 PM
Or do you mean where there are 2 rows of gems and you get shown one gem at a time? You are supposed to click on the bottom of the panel and then place the gems in the same order. If you miss one, then you have to start over. Since the first row stays as long as you want, its easy to just jot down the sequence! Have fun!
 posted in Annabel on Mar 18, 09 9:20 PM
Do you mean where there are 3 rows and they keep moving left to right? If so, you are supposed to match the 3rd row with the other 2 when there are 2 of the same color -- so that there are 3 in a row and the gems will disappear. I've been trying but can't get it. Good luck!
 posted in Annabel on Mar 18, 09 12:19 PM
Got quite a rush from the quick movement but fortunately, didn't make me sick, just a slight dizziness. I was kind of glad that it moved fast though, so that you didn't have to wait forever to change screens.
 posted in Lost in the City on Mar 15, 09 5:41 PM
BF did it again! This was a really interesting game that just grabbed you and didn't let go. The end did seem like they didn't know how to end it and so they just said oh, well. That's the end. I enjoyed the puzzles up until near the end when the locks got to me and I ust had to skip them. But this game was quite different and lots of fun!
I guess that's why there is more than one flavor of ice cream! So everyone can choose what they like.
Ok. In all fairness, after reading a bunch of posts, I went back and played Death in Scarlett again and honestly, I found it tedious and boring. In the lab it was the same thing over and over. I kept hoping the game would end soon. My choice is still Darker Shades of Grey. And since they keep getting better, I can't wait until the next one!
Personally, I liked this one BETTER than Death in Scarlett. I found it more interesting, although I agree that the dialogue was a little slow. I didn't think it was too short at all and I didn't miss haveing to find small objects that were totally irrelevant to the story!
The dialogue was a bit slow. Even so, I really enjoyed this game. Even though it wasn't real challenging, it was fun to play, great graphics and good story line. I Don't believe anyone could finish this game in 10 minutes or 30 minutes, not unless you skipped over everything---and then you really did miss the whole story line.
I was **** hum about the game when I first started it but it didn't take long for for it to really grab my attention. Great game. A lot of fun. The only down side is that you can't play it again, since you already know what happens.

Is Death in Scarlett as good?
 posted in The Mysterious City: Cairo on Mar 7, 09 9:18 PM
I found this game to be pretty plodding and not exciting or fun at all. Anyone else play it? What did you think?
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