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I posted in Chit-Chat Corner on Jun 18, 11 6:06 AM have been a BIG FISH HOG player of all types since August of 2008 and three days ago I received my very first game to Beta Test. I was lucky enough to test ECHOES OF THE PAST: THE CITADELS OF TIME. I own the previous games and this will be a great addition. I played in the advanced mode and all of you who dislike sparkles will love this one, because you are on your own and it was great. The game played smoothly with no glitches, traveling was not linear but neither was it so frustrating that you got lost, but if you did the hint system was most helpful. The hidden object portion of the game was just difficult enough to give you time to enjoy the art work as you looked for your hidden object's. I found the puzzle portions of the game fun once the little gray cells went to work and got the AH-HA moment. THE CITADELS looks to be a fine game I look forward to its release.

While waiting for my download I thought to pass on my review of my Beta Test. Can not wait to see if it lives up to my expectations.

This is the third time for me playing The Citadel and I have to tell you its just as much fun to play. I consider it more of an Adventure than HOG game. You do go back and forth and pick up objects that you find along the way and since I am playing in advanced I check out every scene to check out what objects you need so when you come across them you know where they need to go.Other then the fact that that I am enjoying my revisit I can't wait to get past the first two chapters and see what awaits. The Beta had the first two chapters and it it took me a couple of hours to play. The strategy guide shows the next couple of chapters to be even longer than the first two and the Bonus to be twice as long as the first.
I now have to go to knowing that tomorrow I have a great game to look forward to playing. Have fun fishies
 posted in Them: The Summoning on Sep 26, 11 12:57 AM
Lasted only 19 min. and quit. Another straight Hog with constant loading from scene to scene. The only good thing about the dreaded spot the difference was that the skip button worked immediately. The game seemed to have no focal point, you can not really have a lot of dialogue followed by one HOG scene after another, then more dialogue, another HOG scene,more dialogue.It's like trying to have a conversation with someone and you keep losing track because you are constantly interrupted.Can not recommend. Straight HOG lovers enjoy, not for me.
 posted in Hanging Gardens of Babylon on Sep 25, 11 1:00 AM
Tried my usual 30 min tryout. Lasted only 19 min. and only because I was hoping for something to catch my interest. It is pretty much a straight HOG game with what seems to be a repetitive progressive puzzle game.It is a shame because it has some beautiful bright colorful graphics a nice change of pace from dark and gloomy. Unfortunately very boring can not recommend.
Per my usual practice I played only half hour. The game is way too easy and I am a fair to middling player who likes taking my time and enjoying the scenery. Sorry to say but here there is nothing of interest. The graphics are dull and grainy the puzzles barely need any thought Hidden objects are very easy with the usual suspects, boomerangs, fans, locks, etc. I know most would not agree that half an hour is not enough to judge whether a game is worthwhile so please try it out and judge for yourself after all the demos are free. I just felt as if I was just going thru the motions and not finding anything new or of interest. By the way not only is the guide very grainy with miniscule scenes but goes back to page one every time. I did not need it but thought to see how well it works. Showed only one chapter, so have no idea about number of chapters. I did not have any glitch problems with the game itself, just a slightly sticky cursor. Definitely NOT CE quality.
dylansmom1979 wrote:Ok, I can play it now after exiting the Game Manager and reopening it.

BUT I wasted some of my demo time on a puzzle that I cant do. I am at the books with the snake image on them. I even looked at the strategy guide and got it exactly like the walkthrough photo says, but it does nothing.

I back out of the puzzle and then click it again but it still makes me redo the snake book puzzle and never solves.

I cant move forward.

The guide is very fuzzy,and not easy to read try reversing the two end books.
dylansmom1979 wrote:I just saw todays game and I was happy because I look at 3 AM each day (My time) for the new game hoping its a spooky, creepy, scary game. When it is I always download the demo.

I cant play it because as soon as I click it to play the game, when it tries to load the screen goes black and I get this message:


Error: Access Violation at 0x009B3F73 (tried to read from 0x00000000), program terminated

So with this error message, how do I play. I want to play this game as soon as possible please.

Try by closing and re entering the game manager, if this does not work try rebooting, as a last resort uninstall game and manager and start over. I hope one of these will work for you. As a final solution check out the tech forum.
gingergal wrote:edit: after finishing it.

I loved it.
Phantom of opera was one of my all time favourites this I loved as well but I couldn't compare them as they are such different games (still think opera has the edge). I love the graphics, and I don't say that a lot. I usually turn of the music quickly but this I find relaxing.

It truly has the look and feel of a fairy tale book, not too cutsey with some mild scare factor. I love the comments when you click on things. It has voiceovers. It has 3 settings, I am playing on the hardest and there still is some sparkles for hidden object and puzzle area.
The strategy guide seems to only give you a guide if you uncover an objective. Not a walkthrough, chapter by chapter. I liked it sometimes when there was specfic area I needed help with, it just gave me a hint. But sometimes my 'item' wasn't on the list and I had to dig through other hints giving me spoilers, so they may as well have done a walkthrough.
It does have a map, but so far it wasn't interactive but has markers in the areas that things are still to be done in.

I just love the look, feel, story and so far it's an A and you know me I don't give "A" out often. I would give it a A++, if it had an interactive map, no sparkles and some morphs.

edit- Loved the game, loved the enchantess, voice on leprachaun slightly annoying.
But the sparkles on the puzzles and the H O scenes was annoying as I was playing on the hardest setting.
I like maps that give you hints were interactive areas are.
main game - 5hrs SE players will be satisfied with ending
bonus game - 45mins And I didn't really like the mini game, nice story but short.
I don't regret buying the CE as I loved the game, but bonus wise it wasn't worth it, and the Strategy guide wasn't that helpful in some places.

Thank you Gingergal this is the perfect addendum added to a review by someone who has actually finished the game.I wish more fishies would add these final reviews after playing the whole game. Your post on the bonus level was just right, you did not say it was too short or a good long addition, you let us know the most important piece of information which was whether it added to the story or if the game would be incomplete without it. Thank you again.
 posted in Twisted Lands: Insomniac on Sep 16, 11 12:50 AM
Good Morning Fellow Early Birds or Insomniacs depending on your time zones. I was wondering if those who played the CE version of Insomniac could share whether the bonus play added to the story. I would like to get this game since I enjoyed the first one and have to be very disciminate in how I budget my purchases. Thank You
 posted in Journalist Journey: The Eye of Odin on Sep 11, 11 5:10 PM
Played to the clock hands which worked just fine. Since I rushed the game to get there I am now going ahead and hitting Buy and can now slow down and enjoy a good game at a bargain price.
vievieta wrote:That`s impossible, the downloading is perfect[/quote
Which game manager are you using?
care___916 wrote:
equusjoy wrote:
cbtx wrote:All ERS games are excellent-----but why do they not have ANY of them in widescreen? No ERS game I have (all the CEs) even offers this. You would think that as good as they are that they would offer that. Is it that big a leap in programming or development?

Maybe I don't understand what you mean. The game fills my 21" monitor every time. Sorry to sound dumb, but is that what you are talking about?
I finished the demo and it was as good as I hoped and I will probably be buying it. ERS games are always good and I love that they are making a series out of the Haunted Legends games with that creepy little guy. I wonder about the length since I finished chapter 2 and I believe I had been in Chapter 3 when it quit? I am not a fast player, either.


I have a larger monitor/tv thingy and it has no black margins. When I first got my new computer I did have the black bars and customer service at BFG really helped me get it going. I run the resolution at 1024x768 just because it didnt give me problems lol.

Custumer service really helped me when I felt like throwing my new computer out the window lol.

Like you I have always used 1024x768 and have never had a problem filling my screen with any game.
Played only a 1/2 hour,and as usual a beautiful looking game from ERS. I always try a new game in a casual mode first. This one has minimal hand holding , but you do have the sparkles for the hidden object scene's which are fun with objects hidden within other objects.No strain on the eyes to find them. One of the reasons I enjoy playing games from ERS is because its a nice change from games that you need a road map a lot of patience and a terrific memory and it has to be played continuously or you have to start over because you got lost and don't remember where what goes where. I know that is what the guides are for , but where is the fun in the game if you don't take the time to try and work it out for yourself. I enjoy these type of game on days I have a few hours to spend on them, but most days life happens and so games like Today's come in very handy for those spare hour or so. Whenever I find a game I want to keep playing I stop at the halfway point in the demo so that after I buy I can start over in the advanced mode Especially like this one whose advanced mode Lets you have the fun of finding your own way. This one is a definite buy for me. By the way the strategy guide is available within the game and remains in the same place you last used it. I only tried it out to see how it works since many posters usually like knowing how it works.
Happy Gaming to those who like me like to take their time and enjoy a good game and not just rush through it and complain it was just too short.
My download only took 21 min,and the game works a treat. Worth the wait.
 posted in Isla Dorada - Episode 1: The Sands of Ephranis on Sep 4, 11 12:40 AM
Not not a good game. Bad cartoon graphics, after 7 min could find no reason to continue. I if I had to give it a grade it would be a -11. Not worth wasting your time even downloading.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride on Sep 2, 11 12:55 AM
So happy to see this release today, after 10 min. of game play I know I will use one of my coupons from THE FANTASTIC CE SALE as soon as they arrive. For a review of the game just go to the Grim Tales CE forum, they give this game top grades.

I would like to pass on a high five to sassylassie for yesterdays recommendation,by utilizing it my download and game installation came in under 10 min. again. Thank you again.
sassylassie wrote:
dobbiemijnboekje wrote:DL was very fast.

I like the game. It has 7 chapters and bonusgame. It's a buy for me!

Morning Shadow Morning Gran (I didn't see you)

Like Dobbie, my download was very fast too. Under 3 minutes. I was told by tech if you run your game managers "by administrator" it by passes a lot of stuff that it wouldn't in normal mode. Something about making the manager think. Run your managers as administrators and she if that helps.


I tested your recommendation by using your method on the GM ( I have always used "by administrator" in opening up the saved files), I used this combination to download a previously released CE, it worked, 8 min. for a smaller file but still a huge improvement over the 2 hour+ time on today's CE. I just hope this was was not just another arbitrary Big Fish fluke (no pun intended) and will work if I decide to purchase today's game which I was finally able to try out. Thank You.
shadowfax44 wrote:Well I have the polar opposite opinion of geniegal but I also played the beta of this one a while back so... If you love an outstanding HOPA game with good, old fashioned, hard-core, junk-pile HOG scenes (I do! I do!) than this will be the game for you. This one is outstanding in my opinion and you get to do a bit of "detective work" to top off a great story, great game play (without an excessive amount of wandering for those who get lost easy), wonderful graphics, good voice-overs... well, I am gushing but the Devs deserve it here and this is going to be one of my favorite games of the year, I am sure of it!

It's worth the download time!

I hope you are correct, that the download time is worth waiting. So far at 45 min. and stuck there for the last 10 min. at 45% Ha just checking before post now at 47%.
 posted in Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper on Aug 30, 11 1:30 AM
Full disclosure: Only played 28 min. At times too easy as in the hidden object, but when looking for parts for the puzzles you need to use hints to find them unless you you enjoy clicking on everything which becomes tedious very quickly. This game reminded me of movies that are made for the theaters but land up going direct to video. This game should go direct to DD and then maybe if there is nothing else to play that day.
 posted in The Mystery of the Crystal Portal: Beyond the Horizon on Aug 28, 11 10:00 PM
The price is right, the graphics are sharp and clear,its takes place in bright daylight, and it is a nice long game.Many hidden objects some in parts. Whats not to like.Well I started out having fun then about two thirds of the way through I found myself constantly checking the walkthrough not for help but to see how much longer I had to keep doing the same tedious thing over and over again.For those of you who enjoy an almost straight hidden object with a few puzzles thrown in this is the game for you.Those who like more of an adventure look elsewhere. I did finish the game but in many breaks just on principle after all I paid for it saw it through and then deleted it never to be seen again.
 posted in Around the World in Eighty Days: The Challenge on Aug 23, 11 2:17 AM
I finally get a download in under eight minutes hit play and wonders of wonders no access violation,unfortunately the game is very tedious. No sparkles but lots of arrows leading you by the nose. The dialogue went on too long and marred the flow of the game. The hidden object at least was not of the junk pile variety but not enough to convince me to continue with the trial let alone waste a free coupon or even as a DD.

P.S. Would someone please send me a PM on how to rid my posts of the edit icon. Thank You.
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