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 posted in Heartwild Solitaire on Mar 23, 10 8:34 PM
Just Heartwild Solitaire is out!!!! If Big Fish doesn't get soon I sure WILL!!!!
 posted in Heartwild Solitaire on Mar 23, 10 8:33 PM
Just Heartwild Solitaire 2 is out!!!! If Big Fish doesn't get soon I sure WILL!!!!
 posted in Heartwild Solitaire on Mar 23, 10 8:32 PM
Good News Yeah!!!
 posted in FreeCell Wonderland on Mar 23, 10 6:09 PM
To Carolina Cat: Just to let you know the same thing happened to me. It did say the game was already running. So I restarted my computer, because I couldn't start any other games obviously. Well... To make a long story short, the game itself took a long time time to load. The only thing I can recommend is give the game a minute or so to load. Mine took about 25 seconds. GOOD LUCK and Happy Gaming!!!
 posted in Alice's Magical Mahjong on Mar 23, 10 6:00 PM
Hey puzzledone if you are around answer me. I private message you, so please check your messages. Thanks
 posted in Song of Season on Mar 23, 10 1:03 AM
Combos continuing making matches 2, 3, 4, 5 etc...... GOOD LUCK!!! Happy Gaming!!!!
 posted in FreeCell Wonderland on Mar 23, 10 12:58 AM
I went ahead and redownloaded this game here at Big Fish and no problems with what I mention before. This a pretty cute and fun game. Not to mention you get power-ups at the shop. I like this game it was different and so was Alice's Mahjong. Great sale for me, as it was the DDeal. As for Free Cell I will see if anyone has anything good/bad to say for this game. I on the other hand did like it. Who knows maybe it was a glitch on the other site. Well... as always Happy Gaming!!!!!
 posted in FreeCell Wonderland on Mar 23, 10 12:12 AM
I downloaded this game on another site, YES it was late at night - But I was sure there were no letters on the cards for the menu option or it was my computer. I guess I will down load it again. I hope it is good because I am a big fan of some card games.
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 5:47 AM
I guess you all are riddled out you all have a good morning see ya soon!!!
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 5:42 AM
Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you have you played Jewel Quest 1, 2, or 3 did you like those?
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 5:40 AM
Come on Belamba, I am typing you on the other one. I read what you wrote on the other message and my husband started to laugh!!!! That was funny!!!
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 5:37 AM
Good one, we better stop before Big Fish decides to give us a riddle and tell us how about no more Daily Deals. Come on Big Fish you should have known someone was going to have something to say about this game. I read what you wrote out loud and almost spilled my coffee. It is way to early to be laughing and here I was suppose to go to bed. LOL!!!!
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 5:20 AM
Thanks Lizzie K and Suede great recommendations!!! You all have a great night/morning / I hope to hear from you all soon.
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 4:57 AM
To Puzzledone, thanks for your reply yeah I am still up here in the South. Just reading your reply and I did love Big Kahuna Reef and Fishdom great games, so was Unwell Mel awsome games. Don't worry I did get frustrated on Carribean Hideaway, but I did have a good time. Tropicanbana was great until the game messed up on me and it froze on the bonus levels. I am waiting for Customer Service to still take care of that problem for me. Lost of Reefs was great so was Age of Emerald and of course all of Cradle of Rome series. I was really a great TM fan until there were hardly none out anymore. Leeloo's was great but I bought that one a long time ago. Paradise Quest was fun too, I like how there was a map to show you which way to go very different. Like I mention thanks again for your response. I would write to many of these forums and at times some people would answer. Right now I am playing Jewel Match 2 back and forth and typing you. Well if I don't hear from you anymore Good Night and Happy Gaming !!!!!
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 4:28 AM
I realized that I am messaging you back on the other review Unwell Mel was awesome. Hereos of Hellas was great, to me though it seemed as I didn't finish the game right. There were messages on other sites on what to do to and how to beat the game. For different levels there were different things to do. When I did go back and check sure enough they were right. Thanks for your advice and recommendations.
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 4:19 AM
I did try the demo, and I am really not a big fan HOG unless it's something like Go-Go Gourmet. Anyways, I spent almost a 20 min with HOG and I finally got to the Match 3 it was fun. But I wasn't sure how many levels there were. On another site someone mention the game wasn't long at all. So I was hoping someone knew, they also mentioned there was a story to it, others said you need to read the story others said skip it. The match 3 was okay, I was almost getting to like the game before another HOG came out.
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 3:48 AM
Of course not!!!!
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 3:33 AM
To Puzzledone or anyone else out there?!!! Or is everyone asleep from the game HA HA!!! Has anyone tried The Lost Inca Prophecy? Is that game any good? I read most of the messages for Isidiada and you all gave pretty good reviews, so I was hoping for a review for that one? On the forum for Carribean Hideaway people gave that game pretty bad/good reviews, I found that game pretty challenging and I did finish it. So there are really different opinions for different games, but you all put the B in Boring where it went for this game. Thanks !!!!
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 2:36 AM
Are you an all the way Match 3 fan or do you prefer TM just asking? Are there any out there similiar to Age of Emerald, Lost of Reefs, Babylonia or Cradle of Rome series? Just asking... Thanks
 posted in Isidiada on Mar 22, 10 2:33 AM
LOL!!!! LOL!!!!
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