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 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Jan 3, 18 2:22 PM
Big thanx from me too
 posted in Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville on Oct 13, 17 12:28 PM
Same here... Love the game for a long time, but havent been able to play
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jan 9, 17 5:23 AM
Still no reply from BF... too bad..

I really have the feeling they are forgetting about this game..
It isn't even in the "game stub" no more !!

Still breeding on. I have now 1 gatzt on plant island, and the one with the christals.
I have all the "normal monsters" and now breeding on for the rest.

Please BF, put back the seasonal monsters, and the decorations please..
I missed the christmas decorations..
And all the special monsters i'm breeding for..

Can anyone explain to me why they are forgettig about this game, but they are expanding the tablet game ?
Thanx a lot.

 posted in My Singing Monsters on Dec 16, 16 10:50 AM
Hi all, thanx for your response

I indeed didn't get the Punkleton, and breeding for 4 weeks now , for Yool.
I do not see them in the store, but I did see them in the egg scratch game.
Still no luck.
And if they really stopped , than it is no use
Please BF !! Fix the game ....

I want Punkleton, and Yool, and all the others..
Thank you very much.

Still breeding on !
I have all the islands and (made the mistake) put Grumpyre on the other island.
This way i'm missing some cash.
I only have 1 Grumpyre, 1 Reebro and the crystal one (water island).

greetz and love
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Oct 28, 16 5:45 AM
I think it is great there are new monsters and islands.. Only not for PC , only for tablets. I do have one, but if I install my singing monsters, I have to start all over again.. ! Not nice !

About the PC game.. There is no information about the seasonal monsters.
And i'm breeding for a couple of months now, and still nothing on plant island (Ghatzst?)

I have found a siteof MSM and there is a lot of information there, like breeding tips, all info about monsters, and islands.
That's how I know about the other islands and monsters.. not through BF or some information..

i really have the feeling they forgot about the PC game, and only focus on the tablet...
Too bad

Still breeding on !
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Aug 25, 16 7:20 AM
I have a problem with transforming the sun rune into the star rune..
I select the runes and i can see it takes me 3 hours.. When i close the game, and later turn it back on, there is nobody at the station and the rune is not there.
There are no sun runes missing (thank god), but i do not get a red one either.
Please, someone have any tips ?
 posted in Wanderland on Dec 9, 15 12:05 PM
I agree with snowbunny.. I can not zoom out and spend a lot of energy trying to dig up a chest.. since the upgrade nothing but trouble

Hopefully fixed soon.
 posted in 9 Elefants on Oct 1, 15 1:33 PM
skyepearl wrote:
1. The cost of the Postcard ($110 total cost of 2 items, item 1 is $100 more than item 2. How much is item 2?)

2. The age of the Son (Total of ages is 26, mom is 20 years older than son. How old is son?)

Gut reaction made me want to say $10 & 6 years old! But, that would be incorrect.

It's always half of the difference.
Postcard: $110-$100 =$10, divided by 2 = $5
Son: 26-20 =6, divided by 2 = 3 yrs old.

The postcard is $5 & the boy is 3 years old.

If the boy were 6 then the mom would have to be 20. Then she isn't 20 years older. She's only 14 years older. So it can't be true. He is 3 & she is 23. 23 +3= 26 & she is 20 years older than her son. Same applies to the Postcard puzzle & any other puzzle of this kind. Hope that helps & doesn't further confuse. lol

I did the postcard on 10 dollar and it was correct.
I do not understand the explaination about the age of the son..
together 26, mother 20 years older, makes 6 in my book ^_^
Was wrong and now I have to use some film rolls i do not have

 posted in Dark Parables: Queen of Sands Collector's Edition on Jul 16, 15 7:26 AM
How to open the door ? I cant even get the puzzle.. It tells a story about a woman in the night (scroll) and nothing more.. Nothing is click-able, except the woman and the deer item
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on May 26, 15 1:42 PM
Thank you both so much !!

 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on May 26, 15 7:51 AM
Hi all,..

I hope you can help me with the ice sliding puzzels..
I've got some tips but they are not working..

Really need a picture or video to solve this
Thanx, and Greetz !
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Dec 30, 14 3:25 PM
I have the same problem with Yool and 4 monsters on Etheral Island,.
Lighting multiple candles and breeding every day,.
Also using lvl 15 monsters.
Sure hope i'll get one before the time runs out
Greetz all
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Dec 30, 14 4:19 AM
wrinkles89 wrote:Finally got the Humbug with Steely (Quarrister) Lvl 9 and Floss (Pompom) Lvl 4 but I also upgraded my castle first at a cost of 80 diamonds. I had been trying for the Humbug for over 6 months. I can't help believing that the Castle upgrade influenced my success but it may not have.

I have the Humbug for a long time now, and i didn't need the big castle .
I only breed with lvl 15 monsters.

I do have problems with breeding the Yool.
It is Thumpies and Congle, isn't it ?
Greets ^_^
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Dec 30, 14 4:13 AM
Playing for over a year and don't have the Yool yet ...
Hope i'll get this one before January 5th..

Also, breeding on Etheral Island for a long time now.
Can't get the new monsters : bellowfish and fungpray.
Have all the others though

Breeding my 'behind' off, and lighting a lot of candles..
Still no luck..
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Apr 22, 14 10:45 AM
I had the update, but no bunnies for me !!
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Jan 22, 14 1:38 PM
Hi all.
I can find 13 secrets too, not 14..

And in the next level, I do not get the "area discoverd", because i can not get the watchtowers to 3 stars.
Also there is no indian tower to get the area.
I can see a little triangle of white clouds at the bottom of the screen..
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jan 12, 14 6:49 AM
I'm breeding my **** off and I only have a Smokey Bat.. don't know what it is called
I'm level 19, allmost 20, and i'm wondering if there IS a monster I can breed.. I read there was a "wobbox ?"-monster available at level 20-something..

Am I breeding for nothing ?
Do I have to wait untill i'm level ..(?).. to get another monster ?

And I am not buying diamonds or money, it's all playing for me.
I'm fighting to get some monsters on the gold island, and with the money I get i buy food to try and get another monster on the gold island.
It feels like a lost battle, and saving money is impossible..

I have to pay 2,500,00 to expand my castle on Air Island..
I'm afraid i'll never get there
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Jan 10, 14 5:48 AM
SilverBranch wrote:So I finally figured out what was going on. Twas a glitch! I restarted the level again and counted each secret I picked up - I had all of them but it didn't count all of them. It left me with 2 not found although I had already picked them up. I restarted and it did the same thing.

I read on another forum site for this game that someone couldn't talk to the chief unless she restart the game with a completely new profile. So I deleted my player name and created a new one and played again and oula! All my secrets were counted. Guess I'll post this in the technical thread too.

Thanx so much !!
I really do not want to move on to another level if I don't have all the secrets..
But now i Know it's some sort of glitch
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Jan 10, 14 5:44 AM
Thanx, but i'm looking for the last secret of level 3 Ghost of the past..
 posted in Medieval Defenders on Dec 19, 13 4:53 AM
I feel dumb, having trouble with level 6 or 7 already..
It's the first level the "healers" come into play.

In the last wave I use the plague and the rocks, but still they kill my castle allmost completely..
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