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Okay, I'm definitely swimming against the tide here, but I loved what I played of the demo.

Game Mechanics:

The mechanics are definitely different but, once I'd worked out how to play the game, I found it intriguing. However, I played with touch so I didn't notice any mouse problems. I also played with the top screen resolution (3840x2160) and I don't know if that helped and, if so, how much.


I loved the dark, very atmospheric graphics (although the close-up snakes were very blocky). The scenes were crystal clear, as well as the characters.


I also loved the way you moved about the house, clicking wherever the doors were to enter/exit a room or hallway. And I loved the way you can click on things that aren't pertinent to the game. Sometimes you get comments and sometimes you just open an empty drawer or cupboard, just like you would in real life. That to me always makes a game more fun.

Hidden Object Scenes:

I love really dark, difficult HOSs. Some things were really hard to spot, things that were very small and hidden in dark corners, or were made out of glass, but you can zoom in and, even though the closer in you get the blurrier it gets, I was able to find everything. And I also loved having to find 27 objects in the first straight-list HOS (3 lots of 9). I only played 2 HOSs, 1 straight list and 1 silhouette, and the silhouette one was really hard! Not only were the objects small and very well hidden, but it was also difficult to work out what you were looking for and I had to zoom in to find them all. I loved it!


I only played one minigame and that was very easy. I also only played 1 inventory puzzle (the alchemist table) and that was also very easy. I hope they get harder as the game progresses but, if they don't, the challenge in every other aspect of the game, as well as the original game mechanics and interesting story, will hopefully keep me entertained until the end.

To Sum Up:

Yes, it's a difficult game, difficult to work out where to go and how the game mechanics work as they're very different to what we're used to. But I loved the challenge they presented and can't wait to continue with the game, even if the game mechanics make it a tad frustrating at times. I also play with touch so no icon changes to help, which adds to the challenge, and there isn't a lot of hand holding. But the Hint is there if you need it.

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Here, when you use an inventory item (the knife), you move it to the centre of the screen and a little white circle will show with a timer that goes around. If you're trying to use the wrong inventory item, the circle will show but the timer won't start.

Hold the knife on the circle until the timer goes all the way around. As the timer goes around, the branches are removed one by one. When the timer has gone all the way around the branches have all been removed and you have one more thing to do before you can play a minigame.

My problem is that one of the tokens won't move to the centre of the minigame. I can move 3 of the 4 but the last one, the blue one, won't move.

ETA 1: I just exited the game and started it again and all 4 tokens moved this time.

ETA 2: I've just completed the next inventory puzzle and it works differently to the branches one. When you use the knife to remove the branches, a timer goes around the white circle as it takes time to remove them. However, in the next inventory puzzle, you have to add inventory items to fix something so you can make something. Because you're just adding the items there's no timer and the circle this time is a bit bigger and clear. You drop the inventory items in the circle and they're added to the table. Each time you click on the table you'll be told what you need to add next and sometimes why.
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The Strategy Guide says:

Level 28

Goal: Remove 2 Ogres
..........Remove 4 Big Rocks

1. Clear the path to the Farm and fix it
....Collect all Stones
....Upgrade the Farm

2. Remove the Big Rock (left of screen)

3. Clear the path to the Merchant
....Chop 1 tree branch
....Upgrade the Castle

4. Buy Stones from the Merchant (once)
....Pick up Wood
....Remove the Big Rock (top right of screen) ASAP

5. Feed the Ogre (left of Castle)
....Pick up Wood
....Remove the Small Rock

6. Collect all available Food and Wood
....Remove the Big Rock (right of screen)

7. Feed the Ogre (top right of screen)
....Remove the last Big Rock (middle of screen, below the Castle)

I hope this helps!
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The Strategy Guide says:

Level 34

Goal: Fix 2 Factories
..........Start 4 Campfires

Note: If you don't upgrade the Farm, you don't need to remove the Big Rock behind the Barbarian (= 14 Food + 14 Wood).

..1. Clear the path to the Farm
......Remove 1 Small Rock and Wood behind it
......Fix the Farm

..2. Pick up 1 pile of Wood in front of the Castle
......Upgrade the Castle

..3. Remove the moss in front of the tunnel
......Pick up the resources behind the Farm

..4. Pick up the remaining Wood
......Remove 2 Small Rocks (below lower tunnel exit)

..5. Clear the path to the Stairs (bottom of screen)
......Fix them
......Collect Wood and remove the moss
......Fix the Sawmill and upgrade it once
......Remove the Small Rock in front of the Right Bridge

..6. Remove the 2 Small Rocks near the Farm
......Fix the Bridge

..7. Remove the Big Rock (to the right of the Right Bridge)
......Collect the Food behind it

..8. Remove the Big Rock (above the Stairs)
......Remove the Small Rock behind it
......Fix the Bridge

..9. Start to clear the path behind the Bridge
......Remove the Big Rock (above the Left Bridge)

10. Fix the Factories
......Collect the Coins in front of the Factory (on the right)

11. Start Campfires

I hope this helps!
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WTG, exact!

And it was my pleasure.
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I haven't played this level but this is what the Strategy Guide says:

Level 22

Goal: Remove 2 Barbarians
..........Retrieve 4 Desert Gems

There are trees you can also chop to get Wood (the bare trees without leaves).

There are different sizes of trees in this game and on this level you can chop a tree 5 times, getting 5 x 2 Wood, and each time it will cost you 1 Food.

1. Collect Food in front of the Castle (both piles)
....Then clear the path to the tree to the left of the Castle
....Chop all of it = 5 times

2. Upgrade the Castle

3. Clear paths both ways
....Fix the Farm while
....The other Worker chops the Tree bottom right of the screen 5 times

4. Continue clearing the path
....Once in a while buy coins from the Merchant
....You need 15 + 15 coins for the 2 Barbarians

5. You still have to chop the next tree twice
....Fix the Bridge
....Pay 1 Barbarian

6. Collect the pile of Wood
....Pay the second Barbarian
....Collect the Wood behind him

7. Remove 2 Small Rocks
....Collect the Gems

I hope this helps!
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According to the Strategy Guide:

Level 15

Goal: Remove 5 Swamp Stones

The most important thing is that you always keep some Stones available. Wood you can get from the Merchant and Food from the Farm but Stones only by collecting them from the paths. (I didn't worry about this. I just followed the steps below and was fine.)

1. Fix the Farm (the one below the Castle)
....and wait until it has produced enough Food so you can
....clear the path to the Merchant (tent to the left of the Castle).

2. Upgrade the Castle.
....Fix the Sawmill and upgrade it.

3. Fix the other Farm (above the Castle).
....Upgrade both Farms when you have enough Stones.

4. Start removing Swamp Stones and more Wood from the Merchant.
....You will have enough Stones to upgrade the Sawmill a third time.

I hope this helps! I managed it following the steps.
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This is what the Strategy Guide says to do:

Level 7

Goal: Start 4 campfires, fix 8 scarecrows

1. Fix the objects in this order:
........Mine - directly below the castle
........Farm - to the right of the mine
........Sawmill - above the farm

2. Upgrade once:

3. Clear the path to the Campfires.

4. Start the Campfires and fix the Scarecrows.
....It doesn't matter in which order.
....They all need 2 wood.

I hope this helps!
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As far as I can see only the CE has the walkthrough and extras, which BFG hasn't released.

The CE has a ? at the top of each screen that takes you straight to the walkthrough for that level. You can also access the walkthrough in Extras, which the BFG version doesn't have.
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Hi dorota_eccgames and thanks for joining us here in the forums. I love your game ... except for this level.

Thanks so much for letting me know that combining an Owl Crystal with a Lightening Crystal was the way to go!

Yes, I'd tried that and that was the way I got to 28,000 points but, no matter how many times I tried, I couldn't get 30,000 points. But, after reading your post, I decided to try it again.

I replayed the level at least another 6 or 7 times, each time combining an Owl Crystal with a crosshair Lightning Crystal, but still never got higher than 28,000 points. However, knowing that that was the way to complete the level, I persevered and, lo and behold, I just finished it! I finally got 30,000 points!

I managed to combine an Owl Crystal with a crosshair Lightening Crystal twice, which finally got me those extra 2,000 points. And I had 2 moves left! Thanks so much!

Now I'm going to try to finish the last few levels ... and never replay this one.

But I have a question ... in having to replay this level over and over and over again over days, which I also had to do with another level, I've lost track of the story. Is there any way to read the story without having to go to every level and watching the cutscenes?
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Has anyone managed to get 30,000 points?

I consistently get around 25,000 points but the highest I've managed to get is just under 28,000.

I've tried everything ... single 6-crystal horizontal and vertical lightening crystals ... multiple horizontal and vertical lightening crystals that set each other off ... 11-crystal crosshair lightening crystals ... multiple 11-crystal crosshair lightening crystals ... 16-crystal owl crystals ... multiple 16-crystal owl crystals ... and I've used the one colour swap power up.

Is there anything I haven't tried that may have worked?

And there are only 3 levels after this one and I won't be happy if I can't pass this level and ... hopefully ... finish the game! Especially as the last level has no stars so I'm wondering what's different about it ...

I've been stuck on this level for the past 2 days and I have no idea how many times I've played it. All I know is that it's enough that I don't want to play it again ... ever.
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This is how I solved it ...

1. Make a match with the 3 crystals above the top-left crystal with the symbol on it to change the symbol.

2. Make a match with the 3 crystals below the bottom-right crystal with the symbol on it to change that symbol.

These 2 symbol crystals should now both have the same symbol on them, which should be one of the 2 symbols you have to create, so nothing more needs to be done with them. This symbol should now be ticked off to the left of the board.

3. Make 4 horizontal lightening crystals, 2 each for the remaining 2 symbol crystals, top-right and bottom-left. These 2 symbol crystals only need to be changed twice to have the other symbol that you need, so these 4 horizontal lightening crystals will accomplish that.

Don't forget that you've got 2 black crystals to help you. These crystals can be any colour you want and thus can be used in any chain.

Also don't forget that you have 2 swap power ups you can use. These swap any 2 crystals from anywhere on the board and can help you have 6 crystals of the same colour to make the horizontal lightening crystals.

And that's it!

Hope this helps!
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No problem. I hope you had fun getting rid of all those pesky little white and yellow crystals!
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I'm sorry but there's no information you can look at in the game. All you can do is replay the Introduction levels or check out the forums.

Power Ups:

You can neither activate nor buy power ups. The only things you can activate are the lightening crystals and owl.

If you look at the power ups to the side, any power ups that are available for that level will be lit up and will have a number next to it. The number lets you know how many of that power up you have available for that level. There are never very many.

Skip Button:

You can only skip a level when you replay it after you've already completed it. You can't skip a level without first completing it.

Different Types of Levels:

You don't play in a specific mode, like timed or untimed. There are no modes to choose from. Rather, Classic is one type of level, or gameplay. All the Introductory levels are Classic and the others are added as you progress through the game.

There are different types of levels. Besides Classic, there's also Clocks, Code, Keys, Magnifiers and Lightbulbs.

Classic - a straight 'classic' M3 level where you join crystals by drawing a line through them.

Clocks - a timed level where you have to complete a goal within a limited time. Each 'clock' you include in a chain gives you more time.

Code - you have to make matches next to black crystals that have symbols on them, or blast them with lightening crystals, in order to change the symbols. You're told how many of which symbols you need to end up with on the board.

Keys - you have to drop keys to the bottom of the board.

Magnifiers - you have to make matches with magnifying glasses to uncover objects that are hidden below the crystals, sometimes hidden behind one crystal, sometimes hidden behind 4 or more.

Lightbulbs - you have to use lightening crystals to light up light bulbs.

I hope this has answered your questions.

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GMSlave, WTG!

I just got it out, too!

I couldn't face trying it again today but, after reading your post, I thought I'd try clearing out the rocks in the middle and getting all the keys to fall in, not worrying about the mud. I tried it a couple of times but no luck.

Then I had a brainwave. I just cleared out all colours bar pink, just making some little 6-crystal vertical lightening crystals where possible that exploded down the middle, until I finally had 16 pink crystals to make an owl (is that what you called a 'skull'?) right down at the bottom of the board in the middle. Then I could make a pink match with the owl and suddenly there were lightening crystals over the entire board, everything exploded, and the 3 keys fell off the bottom of the board.

It was quite a sight and boy was I relieved when the smoke had cleared and all the keys had disappeared!

So there are at least 2 ways to get rid of those keys!

But I never, ever want to play that level again!
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As with most levels, you need lightening crystals.

You need to get vertical or cross (horizontal and vertical) lightening crystals exploding up/down the 2 outer columns. Either form them in the columns or make a chain, including one of them, that ends in the outer 2 columns.

You may also need some horizontal or cross lightening crystals to explode along the top and/or bottom rows if you have some yellow or white ones left there.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!
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If you work it out let me know!

I've been playing Ch 7 Lvl 1 on and off all day and haven't yet worked out how to do it in the - very few - number of moves. However, I just got my best result - 2 keys gone (although I'm not sure how as there was a lightening crystal explosion and then they weren't there anymore and they'd been a few rows up) and the third was on the second-bottom level, unfortunately above a big rock.

I've tried lots of different things but what seems to work best is making chains of 11 crystals (and that's possible with most moves in this level) to get vertical/horizontal cross lightening crystals, which is the most economical way to get lots of vertical and horizontal explosions. I think that's the way to go and, like most of the levels up until now, you just have to play over and over and over again until you get a good fall of crystals when everything lines up perfectly.

Good luck and let me know if you get it out!

And I'll let you know if I finally manage to get rid of those 3 keys!
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