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 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Apr 11, 14 9:05 AM
Those are pretty good tips. Don't forget to check The Sale section each day. If you can wait for a bed (they won't need one at all until night time in real time) don't waste money on trying to get them one. There may be one in the sale section for much cheaper the next day in real time.

Also, some items that aren't available right away may show up in the sale section.

Use the love seat and the old couch if you are really broke, they will go to sleep on those if there is nothing else to use. If you can save up to fix up the bad rooms first, you can get by without beds or other things for a long while.

Don't forget organic foods (just like the first game) are better for their health than the regular groceries, if you don't want sick, weak families.

If you are broke don't marry a chef, they use up most of the food in the house and you have to keep buying more.

Positive reinforcement works better than a lot of spanking, over time, use the green glove when you see them do something they should be doing, less spankings, but spankings gives you $25.00 extra coins sometimes depending on what is the goal reward.

Use the kids to pick up all the collectibles it keeps them out of trouble, keeps them busy and they walk faster if you are in a hurry for more money fast.

Open those boxes and doors! Refusing sometimes, brings a fine, or your house egged etc. Which will cost you more money. Some packages for the neighbors as I said in another thread are good ones, and worth lots of money. If a little boy comes to your house selling messed up cup cakes it's better to buy them than not.
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Apr 10, 14 9:17 AM
Spoiler Alert, If you haven't seen this yet. I had a family decide to keep a package that was supposed to be delivered to the neighbor. It was a very nice painting, later one of my little families needed money, badly. Sold it for $1600! Yay! that was a nice bonus because that family couldn't even afford a bed.

Take a risk and keep the packages that are meant for neighbors if you dare, some are really good benefits.
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Apr 10, 14 9:11 AM
You can make the rooms whatever type room you want, but the game gives you plenty of clues. The middle room with a wide door frame is probably the dining room.

The foundation beside the main bathroom is where they go and wish for a laundry room or more closets. The large room to the north is where they often go to wish for a large living room. The room that is contaminated is clearly a bedroom, and the other two narrow rooms to the north of that contaminated room at the top are to be used for an extra bathroom, and a very narrow bedroom Bedroom 3. But you can decide which rooms get what furniture and use them anyway you want to in this game. But it is clear the dining room in the center room with the large open doorway. You can have a work out room, three or four bedrooms, no dining, a den, and a living room or whatever you want, even a game room.
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Apr 10, 14 9:04 AM
Organic foods/groceries just like in VF 1 keeps them healthier. I would think it works in this game, too. Staying full helps with health problems. Or eating fruit you buy from the category where you can buy fruits. This game really hasn't changed all that much in those tips from VF 1. It still works the same way in this game. If they are only eating grains and even not organic foods their health does suffer, making them weak etc.
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Apr 10, 14 8:53 AM
You have to spank the kids to make them learn not to throw rocks, mark on walls, tear up books etc. Most of the time the kids in my game would rather just go outside and listen to nature than play with toys. It seems the game isn't really coded for them to be attracted all that much to the furnishings and or the fun things in the game like a Sim would use in a Sim game. They all prefer to be outside just looking at things seems to me. But you could try the green glove when they play with an object so they might use it more instead of going outside so much or being destructive. And I think it's kind of crazy the game is coded for the two year old to spend most her time in my game wishing for a living room, a new bathroom etc.

Needless to say the kids in my VF games get spanked a lot so they will learn to stop obsessing. It's going to be years before they have that new living room on one game, they are so poor. And to be honest I think the upgrades and better objects are in this game just to make the player have a goal to work toward rather than an upgrade the little family really cares to use.

 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 18, 14 6:21 AM
To continue explaining. If the kids know a five star trick together then they must preform the "Better" trick. So each one must preform 3 tricks each. But this makes them come out two times with two returning adults. (Or you can use the same adult) but this gives the total a 3 face chaotic face. Which won't win the game.

I have tried (takes a long time) to forget the five star tricks so they can do 'together' two four star tricks and one five star..which one only need one returning adult, this did lower it to one chaotic star, but the lady with the child also has to perform and her kid, too, so that is another chaotic face. That equals two and you can't win with just two chaotic faces. The performers must do the very best tricks so if it helps try to forget the ones that may cause chaos. I added one block of tricks at a time to see the repsonses. And it seems if any performer is seen more than once that causes chaos so you must carefully choose which performer learns what tricks from the beginning, because if they share tricks with more than one other person it causes a bad reaction per trick.

Other examples: if your horse knows several five star tricks with more than one performer then the horse reappearing with one and then the other later causes chaos. Because the tricks belong to the horse..note the trick panel not the performer and must be done by the horse if those are it's better tricks. So, using more than one performer to learn them instead of the same one all the time causes chaos.

Edited to add: If the elephant knows the four star spray the trainer trick and some of the other better tricks four star or five even if you put them in the block in order, four star, five star etc. They don't like a funny elephant trick mixed with the serious tricks. Go figure even if they are in correct order in the block. This will also cause a chaotic response from some. At least one chaotic face. It is better not to bring him out again either to do the funnier four star tricks to raise the fun, since that will also give a one chaotic face. But you need thrill and funny (more than 200 funny) or you will get a red face for boring.
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 18, 14 6:10 AM
First the motorcycle guy ran off and never came back to his single dwelling. Buddy told me (at the end) I needed to hire him. So now I have two houses with his avatar over both. It's like he lives in two houses. I'm not sure if the game is counting him as two performers since he lives in two houses and that is the reason I can't win the 'Superb' show at the end where the Princess is leaving to go study at college.

If not then the game is glitched there but it also counts as chaotic if a Performer has to come back out with the kids performers to do their tricks. I have three kids in that town in my circus, two born to my avatar and his wife, and one born to the Pearl of the Orient. They have all learned the five star tricks they must do together. This is also counted as a chaotic smiley face and goes against winning the game.

I can't fire my own kids in the game, so they both know tricks separate that are five star they must do each and then one together that is five star. This causes chaotic response if another performer has to come out with them to stand with them while they do their tricks, times 2, equals to chaotic. I tried to let them forget the better tricks so they could just preform the four start tricks together but that still equals one chaotic smiley face since an adult that has to perform too in game will come back out.

I had to let the bears forget their tricks together because this also causes a chaotic face if one comes back out to preform with the other. This game is totally messed up in some ways.

BTW if you hit the F1 there is a handy trouble shooter that will tell you exactly the music and the lights and effects must all match the trick. And people don't like it if it all changes too soon...and to do the slow tricks before the fast tricks or the more energetic tricks. However, this will cause chaos if a performer knows the tightrope but the faster better trick (stars) is back down on the ground, like the jump/flip.

I have added on block of tricks at a time to see the response and gotten down to as low as one chaotic trick and only the best four to five star tricks and still can't win this. But maybe because the game has the motorcycle guy (he ran off before never came back had to rehire per dog) in two houses.

 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 16, 14 5:25 AM
I have hired the princess and at the moment she is very happy. She is performing her ten acts (first scenario for her) in my current evening shows. Is this a scenario that happens later? I was just wondering. If it is not a particular thing that happens but just a notice from Buddy that she wants to leave, then check her stats. Is she happy with where she lives? If not place her in a single house, and upgrade it.
Is she happy with her money? No? then increase her pay. You can also have a talk with her under the manager actions for each performer/animal. This will increase her mood the next day. Or you can promise her a $500 reward for her good work etc.

There are a lot of things you can do in this game to keep the performers from leaving. For instance if they care about the care of the animals, then you should check on the care points for each animal and try to raise those to (O.K) for each one in the circus. You can do this under the Salary and Care tab. If one says it has great care you can lower that to gain a few extra keeper points to give to one that is very low like poor or very poor.

This will help keep several of the performers that do care about animals. If you have her stressed out, try to delete some of her low-end tricks try to keep her more complicated tricks though because these are the ones the better class guests want to see. They don't care about one point tricks anymore.

If she likes working with the animals (can't remember) then use her as the person that comes out with the animal to do the trick, they enjoy this and still gain popularity for being seen. Some don't ever have to learn a trick just have them come out with the animals they can still reach five star popularity. If she is unhappy with her popularity like I said you can have her come out with the animal for some tricks or promote her as the performer of the week under the ads campaign under the Gate options.

I am half way through the Orient campaign (mainly because my game became glitched and had to start over) but she is very happy in my game.

If she cares about the rating of the circus then try to increase popularity by the number of stalls you have, and the greenery in the game, bushes work too just as much as trees and fountains etc.

EDITED Oops You didn't mean the Pearl of the Orient Did you? You mean the sultan's daughter and the last task you have to do to win the that campaign so you can move on to America.

Sorry, they both look alike
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 16, 14 4:46 AM
Since no one must be playing this game I had to solve this myself. Had to go back to a save I made (thank goodness) instead of the autosave and won this scenario.

In the future it might help to save your campaigns by number but leave the autosave on too, that way you can load a good save and continue. Hope this helps someone that might run into this bug. What Buddy should have done was asked when I failed this if I wanted to load the game and that should have started it over if I clicked yes, but he never did, he just kept telling me I had to do this and I kept failing over and over, it was stuck in a loop.
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This is for anyone that might play this game and run across this question. There are benefits in marrying the female performers. Notice Buddy tells you to ask a performer out. You can use the manager's actions XP points to ask out a female artist or give them flowers etc. Eventually, you can use these points to ask one to marry you.

Spoilers, marrying Alice lowers the cost of trees and shrubs and helps with the cleaning points of the circus. (More efficient). This is useful when you move on to the next campaign because you may have two children (don't let any other performer live in the family house with the new wife) if you have room for them in the family house. Instant performers! You can train to do acts for low fee. You can pay them $5.00 each and they won't quit, ever. Alice won't quit either since she is your wife (can't be fired) and she will work for nothing for a long, long time if you are broke. You might want to go back and play the first campaign when you finish the others to see what you gain or lose by marrying one of the other female performers.

I picked Alice first because she is the most level headed and doesn't demand money or quality accomodations like some of the others which I figured would bring some trouble along with good benefits to the circus. It might be fun to find out which one brings what benefits to the circus as your wife. P.S.the performers don't prefer the family house (holds 3) anymore than they prefer the five room apartment building. It's up to you how you spend the money. But living in a family house is no better than the five room building.. What the picky performers prefer is the single house..Paulie, (trainer) loves that, and the other guy Pedro (artist) will prefer the single house. But in the end will demand way too much money and will quit if you don't pay it. It will cost you a lot to keep him. Maybe too much since you wind up paying him more than 1.5 But to help your game it is better to marry one of the female artists for lower costs on things that are needed to raise the popularity of your circus.

Spoiler, also the other female trainer may be a better choice to hire in the long run since she brings free ads to the game even if she does make some other people mad, it doesn't happen that often if you keep her busy training. Since she can train animals faster.
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 13, 14 3:24 PM
When Buddy says I have to pay the 100,000 to the Sultan for taxes I pay then I start to lose money since no one is coming to the circus anymore. I fired a lot of my performers to cut costs. Fired the cleaners, some of the keepers etc. I am in the hole on money, but when Buddy says I can't go below zero for the next two weeks I already have. The dog just keeps repeating itself. The game won't let me go to the main menu to start over. But If I can start over the game kicks me back to first campaign in Europe. I don't want to have to play that one again!

This game is seriously bugged. But cause I keep getting the popup from Buddy so if I try to start over I am kicked back to the Europe one instead of starting the complete Orient over. Stuck and aggravated.
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 13, 14 3:14 PM
In the instructions that came in the game it says to do tricks in order or the guests will think it is too chaotic. And they like the performers to do all their tricks in blocks not appear and then come back later, if possible.

Like first a one star trick, then a two star trick etc. As the more picky guests start to come to the circus try to learn harder tricks per performer and replace them with the harder tricks. Remove the one start trick etc. and replace it with a better trick but remember to do them in order. Don't have a five star trick before a three star trick for any performer. But it is o.k. to have the lion or horse etc. go ahead and do the run around the ring tricks last so they can exit the ring after they have completed all their tricks without having to bring them back.

P.S. the music and the lights should reflect what kind of tricks they are. Dramatic, Thrilling etc. Don't mix slow music with the speed of a fast trick. Check the speeds of tricks and pick the right music. Don't have romantic lighting etc. with a thrilling act though I don't think that matters much.
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 2, 14 6:41 AM
Maybe missing the impression points? Sometimes, you have to add a few more funny acts, or thrill acts to gain the task. The dog acts aren't that funny. Check the scores for each act, then see where you are low on the impression you were supposed to make. So many thrill points, so many fun, so many art points etc.

Adding cheap effects increases thrill points, etc. If that helps and you don't have enough thrilling acts. I think this one required an certain amount of 'impression'. don't remember.
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 2, 14 6:33 AM
It is not noticeable at night which buildings have been destroyed. In the day time you can see this not only includes the stall/food kiosks, and toilets but the Restaurant and in my game the souvenirs shop also looked browned-out.

I did not notice the restaurant is part of this task until daytime and I slowed down the game to look around, all the destroyed buildings are browned out. I thought I had a glitch because the restaurant lights are on at night and you can't tell it is actually browned-out like the other buildings that need replaced. It was a bummer to have to re earn all that money to replace all them again. I replaced them all but would not proceed until I replaced the restaurant, too. Though it's not listed as a 'stall'.

Hope this helps someone if they get stuck on this one.
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 1, 14 9:45 AM
If your gate price is too high they won't buy anything from the kiosks. I have noticed they don't buy anything (other than food from restaurant) if the gate price is over 1.00, I also charge for the toilets.
Or will they buy if they feel the price of the food or drink is too high, it's been hard to get them to buy food or drink if I try to make a 2.00 profit unless I cut the gate price.

If you fail any of the tasks, some are repeated and some just don't reappear and the game moves on.
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 1, 14 9:35 AM
Sorry, that wasn't very clear. If anyone is still playing this game when you hire a keeper notice the care points for the money you pay. Once you hire a keeper go to the personal information about each animal and look at the bottom for the quality of care. Very poor, poor, ok, good, great etc.
You will see the reserve care points and what you can spend of those points to increase the quality of care. If you have a lot of animals, then only spend points up to the point each one says O.K. Unless this is extremely important to the animal and then you should spend those points up to good etc. But remember as you spend those points to increase their care, you eventually run out and have to hire more keepers/vets. Your trainers and some performers also bring care points to the table, if you are low on cash and can't hire a vet at the moment. You are told you need more keepers because you don't have enough care points, because one of the trainers may have run off, and taken his points with him, and you may have spent all the points you gained when you hired a new keeper. It is important to see what wage they want for the points they supply, too. Some cheaper keepers actually offer more care points than an expensive keeper. Don't forget to increase the care points of each animal after hiring the new keeper! Or it will still say very poor, poor etc. You do this by clicking personal happiness of each animal then manager action there you can increase the care of the animal with the care points available from all combined keepers, trainers, vets, and some performers that can work with the animals. Also, under the Salary/Care tab you can see what care and pay you are supplying to each. You can lower the care points of an animal to get back some point to give to another animal that may need more. Example, if the lion has great as his care, you can lower some of his points to give to the camel etc. BTW, the camels need a lot of points, I wound up firing one since it was slow to learn, mean and needed too many care points all the time. But you can click on the daily and have the manager care for that animal (100 points) for that day. Also, spending points to play with them increases their mood etc.
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 1, 14 9:25 AM
Never mind, they don't seem to appear in any particular order. It would have been helpful if this game had set the tricks they can learn in order, like one star, two star etc. Even my five star performers' tricks they can learn is out of order in the way the appear in the game. This is a great game, but it would help if the tricks they can learn were in sequence. Like one star trick, two star trick but they show up later etc.

Sort of disorganized way to unlock new tricks.
 posted in Circus Empire on Feb 26, 14 8:43 AM
You have to spend those points on the animal under manager actions to up the care of each animal from very poor to o.k. etc. The more vets and keepers you have you can gain more care points but it cost more money. The manager can care for the animals to gain at least 100 more points but you spend the manager's XP points to do that. Once you have enough spend a little of the care points on the animals that are in very poor care etc. It is a choice, either have the manager spend XP for care points under manager actions for the day, then spend those on the animals to up the care for them or pay more people, vets and keepers to increase the care points then spend them click slowly on spending care points, to increase the care for each animal.
 posted in Circus Empire on Feb 26, 14 8:37 AM
The XP is located I think under the Manager Actions. It shows how much XP Peter has gained. Each time you use a manager action you use up those points. Like to heal a sick performer, or to praise them etc. That is the only place I have been able to see any type of experience for the manager. I wanted to play freestyle after playing in Europe and it is extremely difficult to gain any stars for the Bigtop since I have to keep spending my experience. How much XP does the manager have to have to even get one? Does anyone know? My performers have almost five stars and it seems it only depends on my manager's XP. I have planted enough trees etc. they no longer ask for those, which should bring in better customers but that isn't working either. I have expanded the shows to say they will come back etc. but still don't gain better customers either. I read the in game manual and it is very bleak.
 posted in Circus Empire on Feb 25, 14 6:23 AM
When I tried to download this game I got an error 2 message. It would not install. But lead me to the link about removing an update from MS for Vista. I don't have Vista but Windows 7. I had to uninstall/trash can the game and try to reinstall from saving instead of running. This also failed still error 2 message. I finally figured out I had set my BF app to 'alternate' at some point to be able to install another game some time back. I had to go into options and set it back to the default. This worked and removed the Error 2 message. But, it would not load once activated.

I finally figured out since this game is for 98, XP it wasn't compatible with Windows 7. I had to go into the game file located in the Program files x86 and find the Circus Empire.EXE file. Run Compatibility mode and make sure it was set to no later than Windows XP SP 2. This got the game to load an old style 98 interface which ask you to set the resolution etc. This finally worked.

I hope this helps someone that runs across this problem. I didn't want to wait on being answered from tech help though I did email them out of frustration and figured it out myself.
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