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Changed cursor to a massive one (so that I don't get confused while in Imperial Magic) and attached my Wacom tablet. Result: 412,585!

I can see now how one can make it into millions and perhaps play until one's wrists fall off...
In the beginning I was very sceptical about the 1,000,000+ scores mentioned, but I can see now how it can be done.
Ok... 85,135 following cargcar's suggestions. It's very hard though.

One must be a machine to keep going on and on, clearing every level at 20 seconds or less. Best time I managed was to clear a level in 14 seconds.
49,930 after 3 days...

I don't see how I could ever get into millions even by cargcar's strategy as the screen gets too crowded in imperial magic, but I'll keep on trying.
I'll give it a try with a mouse rather that the touchpad.

Great game, although a little too stressful for my likes.
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