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I'm afraid I can't find the trailer either, why do I see a "PM me the link please" thread coming soon?

Anyway, could someone send me a link please?
Laura29 wrote:I agree with everybody asking "how" because I can't figure it out, either. Please share, as sometimes how you arrived at the answer ties in to future clues.

ETA: Well, that makes sense. Well done. But usually the clues aren't that direct, so I'm wondering if "carnival" really refers to MF directly, or if it refers to MF in a more roundabout way...

lkozma wrote:The second numbers listed are the names of the months. First numbers listed are the positions within the word. So, "Four in 3": 3=March, Four="C", etc.

Oh nevermind you editted that post.

People are posting so fast in here we hardly can keep up
I'm currently replaying RTR just in case I missed any small detail we could use here
That sounds like something victor and charles would say.

Him changing the past so it will lead to a better futur.
It could be that the detective is trying to find out what victor is doing in the past. As in the influence he is doing to the present, the detective must find that out and fix it.
I doubt the detective will go to the past himself since the time machine was destroyed when ravenhearst was also destroyed.

Maybe he did something in the past and we have to find out what it is and fix it?
According to cf_30's way, the sentence is "the past shall lead".

That's the first clue that solice wrote.
cf_30 wrote:Hi all, I am usually a lurker rather than a poster, but having had a look at the clue what I've come up with so far is what the rest of you are doing, counting words but starting from the end as Solice says look back with your eyes open, so taking the last word as word one it starts off well and I got THE PAST, but then it goes a bit random SHSSSEAR, so whether it is an anagram or just me getting it wrong, I thought I'd throw it out there for discussion......

Hey you're on to something there. Everyone... work in the way cf_30 is, we might find something there.
Maybe the letters that are not seperated with a space are counted as a word?

Like "long-awaited"....
I think that clue refers to something in lewbabe's post, or in past posts made by the mods in a certain thread.

And this is aweeeessooomee!
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