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 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 15, 16 7:02 PM
Why does my game freeze up, no cursor visible. I am using windows 10, makes it difficult to play when I have to constantly go to task manager and restart the game.
 posted in Farm Up on Dec 2, 14 1:36 PM
I agree with most of what is being said. i don't mind growing the oats and alfalfa and clover because it grows fairly quickly. Can deal withe the wool, but the cow milk. I bought 2 more cows, still not enough to produce the orders, the recipes are all wrong. 10 gallons of milk to make a cup of yogurt! this is the real problem to begin with. Cows should produce milk twice daily, in real life they do. Gotta fix this problem or you are gonna lose the fans for Farm Up.
 posted in Farm Up on Dec 2, 14 1:23 PM
merne wrote:I agree! It sometimes took a long time to get enough wool to complete some of the jobs and that was when when I could harvest them several times a day. Now it will be pretty much impossible. I'm on level 48 and I can't imagine wanting to keep playing when it's going to take so long to accomplish the few jobs that are even available to me at this point.
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 14, 14 10:21 AM
i got all the way to level 23 an all of a sudden the game stopped saving my progress. i've redone it a few different ways and nothing works, help
 posted in Farm Up on May 3, 14 11:03 AM
This new Farm Up is horrible, I am really sorry i updated . I started a new game because I thought it would be better! All the orders coming in are two or three levels ahead of when the product is availabe to me.. Very frustrating to me . I don't minf the valentines Day Cupid. Really speeds up the collections achievement. Just syrachronize the products with the levels.
 posted in Farm Up on Nov 15, 13 7:57 AM
I've received only 2 quests, have earned over 200,000 dollars, but husband or grandma does not come, can't build the school, won't let me so all I do is grow things & make money. what is wrong with my game? what did I do wrong? Am at level 22.
 posted in Jewel Match 3 on Jan 22, 13 11:01 AM
I have been playing this game for a couple of years now and I have run into a problem with getting the Jewel to plant for the 4th person. I also ran into one on easy play where the three rooms came up but the room where the green or blue key never showed and i couldn't go any further. I followed BF advice and deleted the game and reloaded it. New technical issues this time too. When i first got this game everything was fine and I and my sister played it all the time, a relaxing game to play, but this version or update of it is very frustating to play. Please help.
 posted in Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy on Nov 22, 11 12:57 PM
Yes, just keep going. Scoreof 54,475
 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Nov 11, 11 3:03 PM
I have loaded and deleted and reloaded thuis game and I still cannot open. just will not open, any solutions? HELP
 posted in Secrets of the Past: Mother's Diary on Oct 28, 11 6:02 PM
How do you get to the second mansion?
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