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 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jul 11, 14 8:58 PM
jbmf_06 wrote:I have finished this quest 3 times now. It is only showing me that I have done it once. Is this a glitch? I was online so that should not of been the problem.

I should be done with this quest!

What does the quest say you have to do exactly?
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jul 11, 14 4:55 PM
NFT, I don't have a TV so I don't spent money on TV packages which is the main reason I have the money to spend on gaming that I do. Not that anyone asked, but still felt a need to clarify that.

I can't stress enough how much I agree with you on the value for money thing. There is another game on here called Midnight Castle or something like that. I spent money on that one after playing for less than a day. After a few weeks I realised the gaming style didn't really suit me, and only continued playing for a while after that till I found another game to take it's place. BUT I never regretted spending that money, cause I felt I got something out of it for the short time that I did play it.

I always feel sad when I see someone has had a negative experience with CS here. Personally I've only needed their help a few times, but I'm one of those you speak of who has nothing but positive to say about them. And as a whole I still like it here, so even if I quit AK I'm still staying on BFG.

For AK I'm waiting to see what kind of changes they will bring to the game. And have given this game more time that I normally would in similar circumstances since F2P games were new to BZ. I also played ART, and a lot of the issues with that game was fixed in this one. So I hoped if I stuck arround I might get to see some of my issues with this game get fixed too (or maybe I have to wait for them to release a 3rd game...).

I think we all need to rant sometimes (goblin worm goblin worm goblin worm... I will forever be traumatized by that one), which is just one of the many things game forums are good for
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NoFishToday wrote:Acashy, the old bank prices provided us 145 crystals for $9.99, less if there was a sale, plus a discount for BF members. These same prices still exist in ART (substitute gold bars for crystals, but in effect, same thing, different game). Prices in AK that you are seeing at the bank are double what they were before the June update. Many of us have a monthly budget. Any pricing they did would have to be VERY careful, as one of the reasons we are all so angry is the bank hike. I want to get a fair value for my money, which I don't think is an unreasonable thing to ask, especially when many will continue as FTP.

Oh I agree, which is why I didn't take current pricing into consideration (though personally I found the old prices equally ridicolous, which is why I only ever considered it when there was a sale. And even then it was only out of principle).

But that seems to go arround for BFG f2ps.

To compare I spent somewhere arround $100-150 a month on gaming, and have for years. Some of it is on the occational hard copy or subscription based game, but most of them are spent on "free (lol) to plays". But I don't think I've spent more than $20 combined on f2p's offered here.

Even with AK, I would rather pay them $10 in support and receive nothing, than buy the $10 crystals and have them think those prices are ok.

Without knowing they buy pattern of players it's hard to say though. Maybe enough are satisfied with the pricing and we just need to find more suitable game. I'm still not ready to give up on this though, as I haven't found a suitable replacement (and am not actively looking for one yet either).
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Was just thinking this morning...

But my suggestion on the package deal wouldn't have to actually cancel out a recurring subscription.

If cash only items could be added, and they last for 30 days, packages could be:
- 1x of each 10% item + 20 crystals
- 1x of each double up + 100 crystals

But if a player sign up for that as a recurring subscription it could be:
- 1x of each 10% item + 40 crystals and 10k bolgins
- 1x of each double up + 200 crystals and 50k bolgins

If I were to set the prices, double up packages would be in the 20-25$ range or maybe even up to 30 so I don't think the amount of crystals is too much.

And I chose 20 for the small package so players could buy a moonfell soup to take advantage of those new special items the bought. But they could chose to save them for something else, which is why I like crystal better than just food.

And they wouldn't have to actually add new items. The buff could just be automatic from the time of purchase, but with longer running times than the regular special items.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jul 10, 14 2:58 PM
@IKacey and @NFT ty for the positive replies and actually reading all that

Regardles of how they decide to change up the game, I hope it will be something majority will like so no more ppl are leaving. Or at least no more than new players can make up for.

Since BFG and BZ are the only ones who holds the data of how the players spending habits are, they will be the ones to best know what changes should be done (I'll just pretend the recent price increase didn't happen).

Anyways, think I might post the suggestions on their own forums aswell as link to the thread so they can see all the other suggestions. Just in case there are users over there that don't come here.
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The 24h items would be the bait, to give casual buyers a preview of what
they could have if they paid for the package deals, that could run anywhere from 7-30 days for alot less cash than the shorter items.

But having the 24h items, would still leave something for strictly f2p players to spend their (gained in game) crystals on without them feeling cheated. Cause even if they pay nothing to the game, they are important. These are the players most likely to get other friends to play. Friends who might want to pay...

p2p players aren't the best recruits, since it can be hard to convince friends the game is truely free if they themselves have spent money on it. However they could potentially bring in more p2p customers, especially if they have friends from other freemium games.

Anyways, it's a fine balancing act. And I'm glad it's not my job to try and figure it out.

Last part is a bit scrambled but I hope it still makes sense.

ps. this is the first time ever I've run out of space posting here on BFG. And now it's happened twice in one thread...

pps. I know there were f2p games prior to FB and that many of them did have subscription options. But FB and later smartphones are the cause/blame for turning f2p games into what they are today. Which is mostly non subscription based.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jul 10, 14 11:43 AM
NoFishToday wrote:If you have a whitepaper on the findings of FTP research, I'd love to see it. Where would I find something like this?

I don't have links to actual papers, but most of what I read came about after the FB explosion which really made freemium games popular (from what I remember most articles used zynga games as their examples. So if like me you never played Farmville prepare yourself cause you will become very familiar with the game).

But basically just do a search for psychology + free to play. Chose articles from more serious publishers and I'm sure they will have sources. Add subscription into the mix, and some of the articles on why f2p games are winning over the subscription based games should pop up. That should also bring up some of the articles on how players react to having items available for cash, in a game where they are already paying for a subscription (which in general is bad for business, but obviously depends on the game and type of items that can be bought).

Anyways, while there are things about AK I find frustrating, I*m still here so obviously I like the game. And I would like to have something to spend my money on to help support it.

Not so long ago I returned after a break and logged in to see a sale. I decided I would pay (even if I didn't think the return was worth it) just for supporting a game that has brought casual entertainment. Then after freezing several times, I went to see if the freezing bug had been fixed as I wasn't gonna pay to have 30% of my energy just go to waste. And yeaah there was an update, but after the update the sale was gone...

Instead I decided to buy at the next sale. Which was when they raised all the prices, with the sale still giving less for our money than before, so that was another no go for me.

I was one of the many thousands of ppl who spent waaay too much cash on FB games in the early stages. So I've learned to be more conservative with the games I invest in. And one of the things I look for is my motivation for wanting to buy something. And I don't personally pay to get rid of frustraions, as they are usually followed up by more frustrations.

Or using my earlier examples as an example. I would never buy the pet to increase droprates (but I know others would). I would however buy one of the packages which could give me more gametime overall and increase my "chances" of drops by being able to play more scenes.

ran out of space again.... TBC
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Ran out of space in previous post

Another way to potentially increase spending without big changes to how the game currently runs, could be to add more items to buy for bolgins.

- food to add 1k energy for 22k bolgins.
- food that adds 1.5k energy for 30k bolgins

That way mostly f2p players could still get something out of buying crystals to get items to increase energy cap.

Also make the item to increase energy cap cheaper. As it is right now paying 100k for an item that only increases energy cap by 10 makes little sense. Not saying it should only be 100 bolgins, but 100k (which is basically 4k energy) is crazy. Especially since there is no other items available for bolgins that would make that 10 point increase of any use...

[Numbers are still just for examples]
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IKacey wrote:
Acashy why do you say that subscriptions are bad money-wise for FTP games?

I say that, cause it's been proven over and over again. Long and detailed articles have been written on the subject of freemium games and the people who play them. Or more specifically the people who pay to play them and what makes them pay.

Rather than a monthly subscription (which has been proven to decrease overall spending and also scare away potential new customers) I would suggest they add new cash only special items and/or some sort of package deal.

Ie, make the current special item last for 24h instead of only 30 mins. Also allow for more than one special item to be activated at a time* and make them cheaper too.

At the same time they could offer cash only versions of those items and make them last for 30 days. The 10% increase for 4.99, 30% for 7.99 and 50% for 9.99.

A package** could be buy all 3 10% for 12.99 and also get some bolgins or crystals. Get all 3 30% for 20.99 and some bolgins or crystals etc etc. (numbers just for examples not saying these should be the prices).

For something to increase chance of drops I would suggest a pet which would 2x or 3x the chances of rare drops or drops needed for quests.

Maybe another pet for increased energy regenreation. But the benefits from the pet would only work when pets are activated.

I'm sure there are many other ways to encourage spending that fits the freemium model, but those were some of the first that came to mind if I had to make suggestions.

**when I say more than one special item should be allowed to be active, I mean ie. one Xp item and one money item. Not three xp items at a time.

**Yes I know I left out the double items, but I was just making examples ;p
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jul 9, 14 9:51 PM
NoFishToday wrote:
pkdream5 wrote:Its never taken me real long to get an item from a site & this is a ftp game so don't see why there's a need for any fee. Also, I buy from the bank too & get the game member discount. No complaints at this time.

If you are not having the problems with drops that so many of us are, we are not suggesting that ALL have to pay. Only those who want to. You would be able to stay FTP if you liked. We are proposing a "tiered" membership option. Your bank purchases are how you are supporting the devs and BF.

There already is an option to pay for those who want to.

And monthly subscriptions are generally bad (moneywise) for freemium games. For a game which consistently has as many bugs as AK it would probably be a catastrophy.
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In the Treasure Vault:

In the backroom (the one that needed a light to open) it asks for mask of Anubis (dog). After clicking on anubis several times (on the stoneslab) I used the helper which wanted me to click on the mask of Apis/Hep (bull)....

In the mainroom, one of the riddles asks for an item with two lenses which would be the spythingie (one lense on each end). But the item they want is the binoculars which has four lenses, two on each end...
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Jun 3, 14 9:03 AM
Not just you. Fish Tacos takes 2h 12m now.

Came here to try and find out if anyone knew what was going on...
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on May 27, 14 2:42 PM
laupen wrote:Hold the egg in the centre of bowl, then crack downwards and outwards, this generally keeps the cracked egg within bowl and then yolk will fall into bowl..IMO

Really needed that tip, TY

Still don't really get 3 stars, but ever since following your directions I only lose 1-2 eggs per batch, which is fine with me.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on May 26, 14 7:17 AM
When you flip the pancake, you will see a shadow on either left or right side of your pan. Take the pan to the side where you see the shadow, and keep it there till the panceke has landed. The pan will reset itself to the middle automatically, once the pancake is caught.

With the perogies you don't have to put all 4 on the pan at the same time in the beginning. Not sure if there is enough time to finish 2 and then put on the last 2. But try it.
If that's not working. Then add 2, once you've flipped them twice, add the last two before the first two are complete.

The second option is how I do it if I'm tired, or just not in the mood for rushing, and usually still have seconds to spare, which is why I'm thinking the first option might be doable.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on May 26, 14 7:06 AM
When the time of the previous tasks is run out. Make sure you don't open the game till 5pm.

So if tomorrow the new tasks come at 12pm, make sure the game is closed by then. And then don't open the game till you are ready for the 22h countdown to start.

That's what I do on workdays.
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lovintnt wrote:
mpendo wrote:

ChestnutHeights explained to you about Fungus Hut. Go to store, buy 10 tiles for 3000 so you can play 5 times (the card game). Game 1 in Fungus Hut, after you get to 4 trophies there, pays out 1290 coins and 540 stars. You more than double your money and you will quickly level up!

Do not play Cloudspire (nectars) for rewards, just for quests.

Hope this helps you.

Thanks again for the advice, but it still doesn't add up. I have one trophy in fungus hut. It takes five wins to get the second trophy. At 300 x 2 / game, that costs 3000 coins. It pays out 285 coins / win for a total of 1425 and an overall loss of 1575 coins. I don't remember the exact number of wins required for each trophy, but know it goes up for each one, so if I conservatively estimate an additional five wins necessary for each level up, the second trophy would cost around 6000 coins. I don't know how much the winnings are, but I bet it would be less than 6000 coins. The fourth trophy would (conservatively) cost 9000 coins and the final trophy 12,000 coins, minus, of course, the winnings. That's about 30,000 coins conservatively - and I think I remember one of the higher trophies actually needing a lot more wins to achieve. I could be wrong on that last part though. And it is possible that at some point prior to mastery, the winnings surpass the costs of playing. I have not reached that level.

My point is here is not to be argumentative. I think that once the mastery level is reached, this will probably be a good source of income. BUT, getting to that level is expensive and this simply is not a feasible money making method at my point in the game.

Meanwhile, I managed to find three goblin worms and need only one more.

At 2 trophies the loss is already not much. And at 3 trophies you will already see a profit (a small one, but it's better than a loss). And from 4 trophies you will get the max payout.
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chris30s wrote:Acashy... I agree with you that working for the quest is one thing (and like you, I don't mind doing so), but the time limit stuff bothers me quite a bit.

lcjdqs... I didn't pay for those energy refills, I used up all of the rewards I had received from just playing the game so far. But unfortunately, I don't think I will be getting much further because now I don't have any left to help me out.

I understand that BFG needs to have this game be profitable in order to keep it running... but as a free to play game, I feel that we should not have to pay to get things completed in some time limit. If you WANT to pay for coins/gems, then great. But those that don't want to (or can't) should still be able to complete quests... it would just take longer.

So maybe if we get it finished within the time-frame, we get a "better" reward... but make the quests still finishable for everyone.

I like that idea (even no rewards would be fine with me, if it meant a posibility to complete a chain).

Since most of my f2p games are about making the achievements (for me), I don't really like having incomplete achievements in a game I actually keep up with. And I quit their other game when they had christmas quests where you had to log in every single day, which would only be possible to me if I cancelled christmas to stay at home with my computer.

Anyways, today was weird. When I logged in I had 4 goblin worms where I'm pretty sure I only had 3 when I logged out last night. And then the remaining 4 dropped in 14-16 scenes...
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 4, 14 10:40 AM
chris30s wrote:Would you believe that in trying to get the last 3 Goblin Worms today...

I had to refill my energy FOUR times.

I ended up getting NINE Leafy Dresses.

And only got TWO of the silly gears.

I'm getting close to having 15k energy spent with ZERO drops of the goblin worm... I don't mind hard quests that I have to work on to complete. But I shouldn't have to give up my job to be able to make it within the timelimit.

Will still be working on it till the clock runs out. But if it's gonna stay in the achievements as incomplete after that the game will definitely be uninstalled.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 3, 14 9:22 AM
mellyora12 wrote:I have not been able to get very far at all, can't get a goblin worm at all, the only one I've seen laely was when I was off-line!!, does'nt do me any good then!!

Yea, I had 3 goblin worms drop 3 days ago. 3 days and I don't know how much food and energy later, and I still only have those 3. With only 5 days left on the quest it's beginning to look like an impossible task....
Had a few games that needed Key IDs myself. I just wrote CS and asked for the key, gave them the information they asked for, and received the keys.

Sure it was annoying, but it all took less than 48 hours...
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