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 posted in Flying Fish Quest on Apr 22, 18 3:22 PM
I couldn't get it to work no matter where they were! Until I thought of the one and only thing I hadn't tried using window mode and then it worked.

The game locked up on me at the end so I had to get out and go back in which rather spoiled things for me

I'm not going to even look at another game by this developer again!

But the were cute
 posted in Flying Fish Quest on Apr 22, 18 5:19 AM
I don't know how to play this Level. The Globes and the Compasses drop down to the end of the board (for lack of a better word), but they don't drop off! The net won't remove them and all the explosions going on don't remove them. I don't know what to do?
 posted in Flying Fish Quest on Apr 16, 18 10:19 PM
Oh yes I said I wasn't going to buy anymore of this developer's games, but then I saw those cute fish and went ahead and got the game. It is, of course, like the other games when it comes to playing. However, the fish are cute beyond belief!

These games look so much like games for children that there should at least be some disclaimer somewhere that there is plenty of difficulty in these games!
 posted in Penguin Rescue on Apr 14, 18 10:01 AM
Got it Of course, it always helps if you remember exactly what you need! The names of the penguins seems so similar to me that I get confused on exactly what is needed

 posted in Penguin Rescue on Apr 14, 18 9:12 AM
The board just lights up like the 4th of July for me! If it was a level I needed multiple explosions I would have a hard time getting them! When I don't need them they are all over the place.

This is a big area of weakness for me: "super penguins and bomb penguins is more a matter of pattern recognition with seeing how you can remove things in the way to get the pieces lined up correctly to either make the special penguins required, or to align the special penguins for the merge".

I'm sure you probably know by now that I don't have decent "pattern recognition"

I don't use the free move boosters or the candy canes too much so I'll add them into the mix to see what happens.

It gets me these games look like games for children and I can't do them
 posted in Mystery Loss on Apr 14, 18 9:00 AM
Finally I made it
 posted in Cradle of Rome on Apr 13, 18 5:16 PM
My total for games I can't finish is starting to add up
 posted in PrettySnails on Apr 13, 18 5:13 PM
What a "trademark" to have! But with me using a MAC doesn't help with the games a bit! I don't know why I can't get through Mystery Loss and Penguin Rescue since I got through Pretty Snails?
 posted in Claws & Feathers on Apr 13, 18 5:10 PM
I finally got the game to load up, but then I was clueless as how to play the game
 posted in Penguin Rescue on Apr 13, 18 5:08 PM
I actually don't think power ups help when you have to create "special" pieces. A super penguin you buy can't be used on these levels. At least they didn't work for me. Believe me I tried!
 posted in Mystery Loss on Apr 13, 18 5:01 PM
I had to find this in window mode first, but after I found it in window mode I could find it on the full screen. I don't know why I couldn't find it on the full screen to begin with?
 posted in Mystery Loss on Apr 13, 18 4:57 PM
Gee stuck again! I can't get the 3 matches needed in one game. I'll get one on some tries and actually got two on one try, but never the required 3

I'm never buying another one of this kind of game!
 posted in Penguin Rescue on Apr 13, 18 10:49 AM
Interesting that I found Pretty Snails easier while you think Penguin Rescue is easier. I have played Level 92 more times, but I'm getting no blessings here at all! I get one done every once and a while, but can't do two at all
 posted in Penguin Rescue on Apr 11, 18 3:40 PM
I read the thread on Level 92, but I'm having no luck in getting the Level completed
 posted in Penguin Rescue on Apr 10, 18 11:05 AM
I was blessed! I completed the level and never even saw it happening--much less do any planning to make it happen! All of a sudden the green checkmark just appeared
 posted in Claws & Feathers on Apr 9, 18 12:52 AM
While the game says it can be played on a MAC I can't even get the game to load up
 posted in Penguin Rescue on Apr 9, 18 12:39 AM
I have tired the Level more times since I posted this. I know it has been a while since you have played this, but I think it is M5? Because I have a much easier time with getting 4 matches, but that doesn't give me what I need. I got two Super Penguin in one game try only (pure luck), but they weren't anywhere close to being together. I have tried that Level a lot. I can't see me getting that done

This is harder than Pretty Snails

 posted in Penguin Rescue on Apr 8, 18 8:34 AM
Also how to you get them together for Level 80?
 posted in Penguin Rescue on Apr 7, 18 1:12 AM
I think it is the fact that my MacBook Pro didn't "like" the Pretty Snails game. So that is why I got a lot of glitches that you with your PC didn't get!
 posted in PrettySnails on Mar 30, 18 12:09 AM
I finished the game yesterday. Thanks for all your help SynthpopAddict The ending I thought was lame not to mention that even the ending contained a glitch in it But it was bright and colorful so there was enjoyment to the game
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