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 posted in Atlantis Quest on Oct 17, 16 9:09 AM

I got this lovely game 1.06.12

and am STILL trying to get out of level 6

mentioning this to a friend, I was mercilessly teased until she was stopped at level 2

declaring this game is evil !!

great graphics .. great fun ..

like a cyber Rubic's Cube

thanks for hours and hours and hours of mind bending escape

 posted in Cursed House 3 on Aug 22, 16 7:02 PM

I love , love , love , this game

great graphics ... super special effects

fun ... fun ... fun ...

and more than a Match 3

couldn't wait to buy it so I can keep playing

thanks Devs ... and BFG

 posted in Spear of Destiny: The Final Journey on Apr 1, 16 8:33 AM

lots of different styles in here

chock full of great items to collect

thoroughly enjoyable

a replay game for sure

 posted in Jewel Match: Twilight on Dec 4, 15 9:32 AM

love this series

REALLY love THIS game

great graphics, colours .. all beautiful

challenging and restful at the same time

sliding to new sections is innovative and fun

not your usual M3 game

and, for me, love the sounds of crickets and hooting owls

always look forward to each new game from these devs

thanks for hours of beautiful escape

 posted in Dracula's Legacy on Aug 30, 15 11:04 AM

this little gem is quite intriguing thus far ..

is a must buy to see what secrets are to be revealed

the set up is different from the usual

which was a little frustrating at first

to get hints .. place cursor on upper right of scenes ...

and now ..

as a taste is not enough

am off to get this little goodie ...

 posted in Phantasmat Collector's Edition on Jul 25, 15 1:01 PM

every time my Toby crashes

and games are re-installed ...THIS is still one of the first I MUST have

gorgeous graphics

creepily beautiful and haunting music

mysteries to be solved than seem neverending

with Twilight Zone twists and turns

love the choice of a not that simple Match 3 or Hidden Object

thoroughly enthralled me when first played this gem

and still mesmerizes me ... lost in here for hours of pleasure ..

thanks again

a true treasure

 posted in Hungry For Gems on May 26, 15 10:58 PM

a different style of game

took awhile to get it right

never quite used my mouse this way before ...

but rather like it ...

one hint ... make sure your battery is fully charged ..

mucks up your scores dreadfully scrambling for a new one ...

a gonna get for me ...

 posted in The Alley Strikes Back on Apr 14, 15 1:08 AM

oh. what a hoot this is !!

am dreadful in RL bowling but I do try so hard

awful here too .. which is okay

as this is an awful lot of fun !!

even the saucy music puts me in the Moog (sythesizer)

though at times it seems quite mocking at my lack of skills ..

thoroughly enjoyable and a must buy I did !!

( even kept me from my dragons for 49 minutes !! )

 posted in Jewel Match IV on Jun 17, 14 1:10 AM

one of my favourite M3 devs .

lovely music

great little storyline

areas that move into different rooms

perfectly relaxing and enjoyable

always a must buy for me

rewards for a hard day's night.

 posted in Grim Tales: The Vengeance Collector's Edition on May 15, 14 10:33 PM

What a great bunch of ideas !!

I do something different yet again ...

Have a 5x7 flexicoil notebook

which I turn on its side and mark off into 4 sections.

when a coupon is received - it is entered in next available section in the centre

(will have 4 per page )

the expiration date is written on top >>> when used, the game is entered along bottom giving me a running record of all purchases

the email from BFG is filed under BFG coupons for easy reference in case the number was copied incorrectly>>> if that happens, can be easily accessed to copy and paste

the more recent are always first .

gift coupons have own section and are designated as such when filed so is BFG coupons - gift


forgot to mention that also check mark on either side as applied to a purchase

so can see at a glance what is unused ..

may seem like a lot of work but once set up ......
is done in 60 seconds !!

thoroughly enjoying this delightful offering from the wonderful bunny boys, who never disappoint ...

this time they have added a funny bunny avatar guide to assist throughout this adventure - it is like being part of a little movie where there are mysteries to solve, a king to rescue and all while playing deliciously innovative puzzles accompanied by charmingly enchanting music.

love the beautiful graphics while the storyline captures the imagination ..

a perfect way to spend any day ..

and a great Mother's Day gift to myself.

thanks devs - again.

as always, thanks to BFG.

 posted in Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun on May 3, 14 3:13 PM

beautiful .. as is the music.

very different from other M3

and for that alone is worth acquiring !!

challenging, requiring different thinking ..

puzzling with great rewards when successful ...

 posted in Fantasy Quest on May 2, 14 10:38 PM

....four fairies to be exact !!!

fire, lightning, wind and clover

there to help undo the calamity that has befallen the wee fairy kingdom ..

defeat the sorcerer and reverse the curse ...

help return the magic ...

right the wrongs while freeing the inhabitants trapped therein ...

lovely fun ....

thanks devs

 posted in Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition on May 1, 14 7:07 PM

use the strategy guide as gives excellent directions ...

walkthrough not needed !!

am not where you are at moment but will also try and help ....

 posted in Obscure Legends: Curse of the Ring on Apr 30, 14 11:34 AM
Dear LynFrank:

Restarted game to get exact location.

The 3 compasses - 2 on bottom and 1 on top only require red needles.

If you have not yet repaired the ladder - you will not be able to get them.

Ladder needed to exit cave ...

Are many steps to do before can complete the compasses ...


triangle pieces go elsewhere ...
 posted in Obscure Legends: Curse of the Ring on Apr 30, 14 7:56 AM

Dear LynFrank:

Hope that you have not given up ... is a great game.

Solves are like steps ... and not in a straight line.

Sorry did not get back sooner - RL so intrusive lately ..

Going back into game to get exact steps .

 posted in Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition on Apr 27, 14 12:13 AM

when you come the forum for this game - you have all the different topics called threads listed - your thread is Re: hidden chapters.

next time, before you press on the thread - look up at top and bottom right >>> you will see numbers in little boxes ... these represent previous pages for this game.



once you have used the reborn on the stone flower, there should be a knife in your inventory to obtain the sunflower seeds.

 posted in The Adventures of Perseus on Apr 22, 14 9:02 PM

perfect game with Olympian credentials !!

M3 heaven plus sooo much more.

extras which are quite "puzzling" and worthy of a gamers' time.

a most excellent adventure - combining myth and legend.

try to win the favour of the Gods to overcome and prevail.

know I said God a lot - ran out of time again !!!!

wonderful and a definite bought!!

thanks devs and BFG!!

 posted in Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition on Apr 21, 14 1:37 PM
Dianeteacher wrote:I spent $13.99 on Nevertales...and now i realize why it is called Nevertales...
If you run into problems especially with the three hidden chapters at the end and ask for help, no one will ever tell you. The most guilty party in all of this is Bigfish, themselves. They will give you legalese and then drop you knowing full well you will never the answer. I played the game all the way through and now cannot finish it because all that you get for replies is that someone figured it out but will not explain.

These games are not a competition.

Diane White

dear Diane:

let us know how we can help ...

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