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 posted in Contract with the Devil on Sep 8, 15 5:16 AM
running windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

i downloaded and installed the demo in the BFG app ver (2.8) clicked the play button and game would not open. it goes to a window that says i have 60 minutes of trial to my game so i clicked "play now" and nothing happens. tried exiting and reopening the app. shut down my PC and switched on and restarted the app etc etc but nope will not run. so i uninstalled the game, redownloaded and reinstalled the game but now when i clicked to play it says trial expired.

so i guess i will not waste a game credit just to see if i like the game and what if the game will not play anyway.
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 14 4:36 PM
yes the repeating tasks seems a new thing since I updated my iPad to IOS 8 cos I've had Drawn for a couple of years and did not have this problem before
There's a glitch in the bonus game. When I pick up items eg the dollar bill it takes me 2-3 times to get it and it will show 3/2 of dollar bills. Same goes for the poker chips and salamander. This did not affect my game though. The problem started when I had to use the crowbar to remove the lid from the barrel. It took me three times and at the end of that the lid was removed but my crowbar is missing. The game had registered and counted the number of times I had used the crowbar. So the next use of the crowbar was to open the fire box and I do not have a crowbar. I'm stuck. I do not want to restart the game again. I have a sneaking feeling I may have to delete my profile and restart the main game again. Aaaarrrgggh.

p/s replayed the main game and bonus game and again the bonus chapter gave me a problem. this time i managed to get past the demon but it took me three tries with the magic sickle to get 1 magic fungus and as with the crowbar it is now missing and i cannot collect the other fungus. STUCK STUCK STUCK

 posted in Through Andrea's Eyes on Feb 25, 14 1:57 AM
i like to play my games at the hardest mode and this is what i chose for this game. but everytime i get to the sage it changes modes. sparkles hints everything is on. i find it very irritating. i tried changing it during the game no response. i restarted the game and it still happens.

what gives?
 posted in Legends of the East: The Cobra's Eye on Oct 21, 13 6:49 AM
i do not know if this is technical issue or not. i finished the game and found Daniel but when i exited the game, this message popped.

"Daniel has not been found, do you want to give up so soon?"

i am not playing a CE version so i know there is no bonus game and i did finish the game (played straight thru - no pauses or exits). so this is just to satisfy my own curiosity, i guess. won't be upset if there is no reply.

tks anyway.
i was a bit put-off by some reviews that said it was dark and rain all the time and same old same old so tried the demo and found it is not that dark and didn't notice the rain. way better than those asylum type games with creepy dolls and slimy tentacles. its fun does make you think a bit ie trying to figure out where you are supposed to go next and i know where i'm supposed to use that thingamajig - just have to find it but then i kinda like toing and froing that makes you use your memory muscle in the brain.

the hidden objects are not rubbish piles and kinda interesting with some reverse hidden objects. puzzles are ok too nothing irritatingly difficult.

so now tossing the coin on SE or CE
 posted in Dracula: Love Kills on Jan 31, 12 8:28 AM
i think you guys r forgetting about DDs and punch cards and game credits. every game and monthly fee you get PCCs and game credits for them. so in the end if you stay long enough with BF and buy SE games you could actually end up getting two or three games for the price of 1 CE. on top of that they have promos with games going for 3.99 - 5.00 and you still get PCCs with them. so its a good deal staying with and buying from BF (tho you may have to wait for these promos to have the games you want - its what i did - made a list and kept checking until they were offered at a price that i was comfortable with).
 posted in Mystery Valley on Dec 19, 11 4:45 AM
demoed and its quite interesting even if there are lots of hidden objects. keep an eye out for Felix right at the start its kinda cute and evillish looking. a couple of jumped out of my chair moments. overall the puzzles and HOGs are easy (played advanced level) tho sometimes hard to see but for a DD i think that's ok and will prob buy it.
one other thing i could switch from advanced to normal and back again in mid play without having to restart game.
 posted in Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale on Dec 19, 11 3:03 AM
i tend to play BFG on my ipad and bought the 1st instalment and now am going to get the 2nd one on a DD for my ipad. that's such a bonus cos need to save moneeeeeey
anyways, love the game not so much Hidden Objects and maybe not for most people but i kinda like going all over the place and back and forth. keeps my mind occupied.
the graphics are beautiful (i think gogii's games tend to have good graphics) but not so much the voice will apply the mute button
based on the demo seems like a great game. graphics are clear and storyline is a bit different (no asylums) tho the girl kinda looks like angelina jolie (those lipsand eyes are a dead giveaway).
the puzzles are interesting and having some shoot em up keeps you on your toes. hidden objects are clear and the random single hidden object makes you search everywhere (cant explain it any clearer than that without experiencing it yourself)
looks like it might be worth to buy it as a CE
 posted in 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition on Dec 8, 11 8:52 PM
PlayFavorite wrote:Thanks much for all reviews! We will take in consideration all your thoughts about game, to make sequel even better.

yay sequel pleeeease
 posted in 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition on Dec 8, 11 8:51 PM
vicalana wrote:
Itsupikachu wrote:
darkdisciple1313 wrote:Sorry, but this must be done:

Given that this takes place in and around Prague, one would think there would be more Czechs and balances when it comes to magic. If The Descendant gets paid for this, will the Czech be in the mail? If someone from Prague has a tattoo, is it called a Czech mark? And, finally, if somebody works at the shopping center, putting money amounts on products, are they called Price Czechs?

Done now.

As for the game, I kind of liked it, but there were several things that had me rolling my eyes from second one. If the main character were really me, my first question would have been, "But what if I don't feel like being The Descendant? Maybe I have plans next Tuesday." Also, whoever cast the voice-over actors must be deaf, because the acting was not just laughable, but near-criminal. The dude playing Sir William made Forrest Gump sound like Al Pacino. The second knight...spoke in...short phrases...and took...forever to say...his few lines. I wanted to take the halberd from the nearby suit of armor and smack him with it.

Beyond that, the gameplay was what eventually sold me on the game. I loved most of the puzzles (I could have done without a certain pipe puzzle...grrrrrrrrr...but I eventually figured it out), enjoyed the hidden-object scenes and didn't mind the somewhat vague storyline. I do, however, have the same problem that others have with the lack of logic in games like this. Yes, I can see the point of using a sledgehammer to take down a wall. The same object can also be used to knock down a rusty grate, but nooooooooooo...not in this game. We are almost in the year 2012, people; the things that made text-based games more difficult do not work quite as well in ones with graphics, where more obvious choices should apply.

I'm still up in the air as to whether or not I'll buy this as a collector's edition. There's enough here that I might, unless something better comes down the pike. If I were to give it a score, I'd like to give it...not a 9, but a 7. It's good, but there's too many silly little things that keep it from being great. This IS Sir William, SIGN-ing oFF.


I had a good laugh while reading some of your post, darkdisciple! Thanks for adding some humor to my day!!

Me too! Loved it!

oh i love this keep it up
 posted in 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition on Dec 8, 11 8:47 PM
i tried the demo for about 20 minutes and absolutely loved it. have been looking for a game like this since i played the drawn series. don't really know what lies ahead but i hope there no morbid dark creepy psycho scenes those kinda depresses me. now i have to decide on CE or SE (or my pocket has to)
 posted in The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital on Dec 6, 11 9:19 AM
paco12348 wrote:I'd like to see games made from some of the great fantasy books.

absolutely but i guess the authors might have the patents on those huh but can you imagine a robert jordan or salvatore game
 posted in Millennium Secrets: Roxanne's Necklace on Dec 6, 11 7:58 AM
interesting enough game (advanced mode) tho as some say graphics are retro. Demo did go quite fast (power of the crystal lol) and liked the game. Mostly push, open pick up objects and some mini puzzles. didnt like the pic hints of object to find or the almost dialogue-like hint (defeats the purpose of playing advanced mode) will buy but prob will wait for DD
A nice long game but just a bit too many hidden object games. Love the snarky comments.
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows on Nov 23, 11 7:12 PM
Now I see a clock instead of an O is there something wrong with my keyboard
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows on Nov 23, 11 7:10 PM
My short form for hidden (H) object was censored. why? Did I write something wrong?
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows on Nov 23, 11 7:08 PM
A lot were disappointed in this game but I guess i'm just a sucker for continuing episodes cos I bought it just to round up the set. It's still interesting enough tho. I like games with more puzzles than ****.
 posted in Phantasmat Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 11 6:55 PM
Newbie for BFG n the reviews r what I depend on whether to buy or not. The reviews for this game is spot on. Tried for 10 minutes n bought immediately. Game (extreme mode) keeps you on your toes. Excellent Creepy graphics. N the old lady I think is the scariest of the lot she's so sweet n too good to be true. Waiting for her to morph.
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