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 posted in Elf Bowling 7 1/7: The Last Insult on Nov 18, 11 9:08 PM
this game is hilarious the way that the sounds are done is brilliant
loved this one
 posted in Dolphins Dice Slots on Nov 18, 11 9:00 PM
i enjoyed the game you can earn lots of money
but i agree with a lot of other gamers after a while you get bored with the same machine
 posted in Dolphins Dice Slots on Nov 18, 11 8:57 PM
bfgTigris wrote:Hey Fishies!

What do you think of Dolphins Dice Slots? We value your reviews, as do many of the other fishies in our pond, so feel free to post your comments, opinions, hints and tips in this thread!

Remember, a lot of people who will be reading this thread will have never played the game before. If you are posting spoilers, be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post.

Hope to hear from you!

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