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EllenfromMars wrote:Hi,

As I can see I'm not alone in this case. In the alternative ending I'm stuck finding the raven. Please help.

It took me two days, shutting down the game from Program Manager several times and also restarting my computer three times, but I finally made it through this hidden object scene. Spoiler: The last raven is behind one of the fallen beams near the center top of the screen.
bonggamer wrote:
belamba wrote:Game ran beautifully on my Macbook Pro running Yosemite, until 2 minutes from the end of the alternative ending when it froze. I reloaded game, and it picked up where I left off and had no more issues....phew.

Same problem. Stuck on the alternative ending - can't find the raven match! And the hint button keeps reloading without showing any solution. When you say you reloaded you mean downloaded the game? or exited the game and played the entire alternate ending again??? Please help!

That is exactly where I am stuck now! I had issues with the matching pairs in the car as well, restarted my computer and it worked. I tried restarting the alternative ending again, but still got stuck trying to find the matching ravens.
Well, I liked it better than Shadow Lake... But that isn't saying much!

As many other reviewers have said, this just does not feel like a MCF game -- there is just so much lacking in this game that makes a MCF game. I go months without playing any Big Fish Games (I currently have 12 game credits stored up!) but I always await Thanksgiving week with bated breath because a new MCF game is exciting and worth waiting a whole year to play! But this was a big let down. A near mockery of the original Dire Grove. This game just felt very generic and there was a lot about the game that I found irritating.

First of all, the voice over of the Master Detective is obnoxious -- The Master Detective should be in your own voice in your head. Did people complain that they didn't like reading so the game makers had to add in voice overs for dialogue? This just really created a disconnect for me with the game -- I like to be the Master Detective, and this voice over pushed me into more of the third person.

Also, when talking to the other characters in the game you are given conversation choices... but it doesn't matter what you pick, the conversations end up the same and you have to go through all of the conversation choices before you are done.

And by the way, if you are going to have characters talk in the game, could we at least have a them all speak in accents? Dire Groves is in Yorkshire County, England, and it is assumed that all of the characters have lived there their whole lives -- so why do some of them have accents and others sound like American teenagers? Is it really that difficult to find voice actors who can do an accent? (sorry, this one bothered me the entire game!)

The game play I found to be either incredibly trite, or completely unintuitive. The use of a "Deduction Board" implies that we actually have to deduce things and make connections in the evidence... but no, we are just told a story (there is that disconnect / being placed in third person again). I miss my journal... And then there are the unlock mini-games, which do bring back memories of the first Ravenhearst (sort of) but are so off base that I had to constantly hit the hint button to figure out what to do next.

BFG, please go back to being the designers of the Mystery Case Files Games... if they are going to be as generic as this one was, then you might as well pump out a MCF game several times a year.

The one saving grace for this game is the bonus chapter at the end...
So before this thread gets locked when the game is released, I wanted to post something that I thought of WAY back while I was trying to catch up with this thread. With the photo clue that was identified as a steampunk respirator that Solice said the name was not quite right.
I was wondering if instead of a respirator (filters the air as you breathe in) maybe it is a ventilator -- pushes air into the lungs – or maybe pushed something else into “Host” bodies! Maybe while Charles was at the asylum the doctor (crazy man in the white coat?) was experimenting with the patients and the occult?

Anyway, it was just something I thought of while reading
Hi Fishies! I just wanted to post to say hello -- I have been swimming like mad to to get through all of the posts in this thread! I caught up on Thursday, but then took my high school students on a trip and when I got back WOW! I have almost caught up with everything posted between Thursday night and now -- maybe I will forego cleaning my house tonight and just read this thread! You are all so entertaining -- thank you!
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