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Yes, I'm stuck in the same place. I hate that I can't finish the game and I don't want to start over.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting Collector's Edition on Apr 13, 15 4:03 PM
Duh...I found it. It's in the right hand top corner.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting Collector's Edition on Apr 12, 15 6:31 PM
Maybe I'm just overlooking it but I can't find the Exit button on the main menu page. Can someone help?
 posted in Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret on Oct 8, 14 2:22 PM
Is there a Collector's edition of this game?
 posted in Grim Tales: The Vengeance Collector's Edition on Jun 4, 14 6:02 PM
This also worked for me, no machete. I exited the game then resumed play and the machete was with me. Be sure to be where you need it when you exit and resume.
Thanks for the help.
 posted in True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition on Mar 24, 14 5:29 PM
I also had a problem in this area until I read a post that said East is to the right of the red arrow and West is to the left. Hope this helps someone.
 posted in Timeless: The Lost Castle on Feb 15, 13 2:51 PM
Use the liquid in the middle bottle for the restoring potion. I had the same problem.
 posted in PuppetShow: Return to Joyville Collector's Edition on Jul 17, 12 6:10 PM
I've got the same problem, is there an answer for this?
 posted in Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls on Jun 26, 12 1:43 PM
FOUND IT!! I had missed the very first one in the Toy Store behind the teddy bear. Strange place to find a flower!
 posted in Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls on Jun 25, 12 3:41 PM
I've found 7 of the 8 flowers, I've gone over (again and again) the places they should be but still missing one. I've checked the walkthrough and I know where they should be but it's just not there. What am I missing?
 posted in Infected: The Twin Vaccine Collector's Edition on Jun 25, 12 11:39 AM
I want to buy this game but I'm going to wait until the SG is fixed. How will we know when that is done?
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Jan 9, 12 4:46 PM
The last 2 gems are in the secret room area behind the fireplace.
 posted in 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition on Dec 19, 11 3:33 PM
I think what you're looking for is upstairs.
Jill01 wrote:finished the game...exited at credits. Tried to go into says I'm not finished. So I hit play again and get credits. Do I need to download again?

I'm having the same problem, it tells me I have to finish the game to get to the bonus game. Not sure I want to delete and download it again, is it worth it?
 posted in The Keepers: Lost Progeny Collector's Edition on Nov 28, 11 1:33 PM
I missed the drawing somewhere, where do you find it? Thanks for any help!!
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