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 posted in Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout on Jan 23, 13 11:34 AM
Any answers yet?Sure would be nice to go onto the next and last machine.
 posted in Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout on Apr 29, 12 8:05 AM
I have to be honest here.This an awful game.I have been on the same quest for seems like months now(105 winning credits spins in 10 mins.) I think it is impossible to do because the bonus feature comes up way too much,It is free spins so each winning spin in the bonus should count as well,but it only counts as one spin at the end of the bonus feature.I cant go to the last machine now.So have about given up on this game.
 posted in Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout on Apr 23, 12 8:19 AM
I have finally given up on this challenge.Guess I wont be able to go to the next,and last slot machine in the challenge.Waste of money in my opinion.
 posted in Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout on Apr 6, 12 1:25 PM
I have got mine up to 92 spins one time but that bonus popped up and with only a few secs.left.I have been on the same challenge for over a month now.Since the bonus is free spins the winning bonus spins each should count as well as the regular spins but the bonus only counts a one spin.
 posted in Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout on Mar 31, 12 10:02 AM
I am having about the same problem with the 105 winning spins in 10 mins.
That bonus comes up WAY too much and takes up all the time,and only gives you credit for 1 winning spin.
 posted in Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout on Mar 29, 12 8:32 AM
please check out 105 spins in 10 mins.subject.
 posted in Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout on Mar 26, 12 6:38 PM
Here I am again.Only this time a different game.I am getting tired of trying to get 105 credit giving spins in 10 mins.Someone needs to lower the number of spins PLEASE!lol
Thar bonus keeps coming up more and more and takes too much time.I would send the email about this but I already know what the answer will be.Keep trying.
Hoping someone out there will know how to get that 105 spins in 10 mins.
 posted in Slot Quest: Under the Sea on Feb 21, 12 1:09 PM
I hear ya!
I sent an email to the techs of this website and all they replied was that it can be done,and to keep trying.So I did,and the first time around it took about a month,but mistakenly took the challenges again,and am stuck right back on the same old place.Its been 4 months now and still cant beat that challenge.If there was some way to disable the bonus it could be done,but there is supposidly no way to do that.I almost want a refund.
 posted in Slot Quest: Under the Sea on Dec 21, 11 11:26 AM
I hear ya!Same with me so I finally sent big fish gaming an email about this and they replied that it is possible to get past that quest.So I kept trying and finally did it.So keep on trying it will work eventually.I am now playing slot quest for the 2nd time.Started over.LOL am now stuck on that 55 spins in 10 mins.again.But I know I will get passed this someday.
 posted in Slot Quest: Under the Sea on Nov 21, 11 12:45 PM
I am having the same problem.Getting tired of this part of the challenge.Is anyone going to let us know how to get past this challenge?thank you
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