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 posted in Fate of the Pharaoh on Nov 15, 17 4:50 PM
I just got this game this am and finished it all by 7 44 Pm no time limit so was pretty easy for me.
Are they going to make a sequel or did they and I just haven't found it yet ?
Good game loved all the graphics and loved the music and background bird singing. reminded me of being on my Grandma's farm when I was real little.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 24, 16 9:52 AM
I bought a depleted stone other day I wish we could sell others too.. I transform them and use asap... I need to rebuild all homes to get the magic so I can go forward in decursing to areas ballroom area next to it and in front of it and the wedding area.. I need 6500 magic but until I get all the stones I stuck and try to get diver to go down as soon as I can but no room to hold more items in storage I always run short so I been selling alot of items
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 22, 16 12:38 PM
I am getting close to level 48 I was wondering what all do we need for the wedding bells event to get the trophy?

I tried to get the diver but missed it by some gold and silver... had to sleep so couldn't keep eye on game...
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 21, 16 4:05 PM
I get up at 4 15 start coffee then get on her til 530 leave for work. so I am on early in am. as soon as I get home I am usually on here playing I get off various times from work sometimes 10 today was 11.. I do pay some money when desperate to finish something but not too much hubby would scream saying what a waste of if I see someone has put something on sale I try to get to it right away if I need it..I bought some bricks spent 560 from a player when I looked at storage it wasnt there I need the bricks for the ballroom...
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Sep 20, 16 12:39 PM
I finally figured out what the upgrades for the diver were for now I need to get the earth and fire ones I am currently selling the water and air as they take to much space to keep a hold on them. is there anybody who ,ay have extra air and fire I can buy from them so I can finish upgrading the fountains?
I am Dark Mole... I wish I could change name to my middle name. can I do that

Also why is it that when we let the diver go to 0 seconds that we have to spend 3 pearls every time we want him to finish?
I play the game literally when I get up before going to work and as soon as I get home til I go to bed... I even set my phone timer to send balloons so I don't miss out on goods, my husband says I am obsessed with this game I don't play anything else.
which is true
 posted in Forgotten Lands: First Colony ™ on Jan 9, 16 5:13 PM
I am trying to get past this level I quit playing for a bit was frustrated with it trying it again....
I finally got all the explorers then it asked for 5 woodsmen... I ran outta time when they asked for those..... Does anyone have a way to get past this level I have looked there is only one other post but it doesn't say what to do....

help please....
 posted in Monument Builders: Cathedral Rising on Jan 24, 15 6:58 AM
I have downloaded this and other building games but they all same the same thing no analog input on screen and it is blank. I just got a new computer and still does same thing. got a HP now others were a Dell... I love these games for when I could play them on old computer but not anymore... what a waste of money and time downloading.. very disappointed and the links to get help don't do anything...
 posted in Forgotten Lands: First Colony ™ on Jan 1, 15 3:04 PM
I can't anything to upgrade since I have no scholars.. what should I do I am totally stuck on this level
 posted in The Wall: Medieval Heroes on Jul 26, 14 6:51 PM
I tried I finally got it to download then it said no input supported... what a bummer
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 30, 14 10:07 PM
I tried it too but no luck. I uninstalled and reinstalled it gave me same game back. but I did notice if you don't put in email it started a total new game. or else that was on my other computer... I would love to start over to but I have a lot of time in this already but I wish it had a pause button to stop it at night when I go to bed so when I get up I don't have all angry people wanting food when I am not there...virtual families have pause y can't this have one too????
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 30, 14 9:59 PM
no changes for me overnight I play it seems like all day and night..
I have bought only the spice seeds so far and they have all been 1,000 each too I got plants on sale though.

I am wondering about the spices though
What are the best spices to add to what food?
Every time I do add a spice it says not good so I have just wasted a spice,
 posted in Green Ranch on Apr 30, 14 9:12 PM
I have tried 2 times and can't get it better than 13 minutes... and I can't go to next level...
What is up with that????
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 26, 14 8:57 PM
I tried to make a new game but it still brought up my old one with same name. I want to make one brand new and my daughter likes it and wants to make her own too, but it won't let me start a new house I have a level 13 house now.

Do I have to wait til I level 15 to buy a new one for her or what?
 posted in Design This Home on Apr 26, 14 8:37 PM
I to am having problems getting 3 star item I guess I can try buying smaller items worth 1 coins when they finally get in house maybe that will help me get the 3 coins I need...
also it says in bedroom to add a vanity (sink)? well I added a sink but no credit so I guess I put it in storage for a bathroom...
any tips on that part????
 posted in Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The Beastmaster on Apr 9, 14 9:10 PM
Yes there is a unicorn but it was turned into a statue, what a shame have to make it real again to finish game from what I understand but I am stuck in a level and not sure what to do so until I get help I sit and wonder where to go next as there are no hints on this game yet or help...
 posted in Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The Beastmaster on Apr 9, 14 8:48 PM
I go this and play it a night bad move for I do not like rats.
I am stuck though and not sure what to do
I got the medallions and I got the helmet. then the hint tells me to go to where the suits of armor are but I am not sure what to do nothing I have helps.. I am so stuck and creped out but I can't stop playing this game...
 posted in Monument Builders: Statue of Liberty on Feb 22, 14 1:41 PM
I bought this game some time ago and I have been able to play but I want to play it again and all I see is a gray blank screen the a box saying input not supported what can I do I uninstalled and reinstalled same thing.... is there something else I can do to fix it.. I also the Monument Builders Titanic one and it played fine and it does the same thing now too aggravating. any help would be appreciated
Thanks Deb
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment on Oct 16, 13 10:30 AM
I downloaded this game after trying the first game all I get is a square saying input not supported I also have the same issue with 2 other games building the titanic and statue of liberty.. I love those games I can play some on my other computer but not this one. weird.. and I had this made special for games only... if there is a way to fix the input support issue I would gladly appreciate it as I spent money on the games and would love to play them.....
 posted in Coconut Queen on Aug 19, 13 9:53 PM
how do u get a spa?
level 7 says get a spa next to a pool I do\id that so many times I ran outa room.... where and how can I upgrade the items I read some have but how can I do it?
 posted in My Farm Life on Oct 31, 12 11:28 AM
I can't get enough milk so near end I bought another cow since I had plent of money and I bought more geese and house, I can get sheep done but milk and salad stopping me
just got it with 42 secnds left and with no help from night helper...
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