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 posted in Love Story: The Way Home on Jun 25, 15 12:52 PM
In the second chapter, in seek and find game I can't get the binoculars together.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Apr 16, 15 2:03 PM
I have unlocked the top part of the door at the diner and have two keys left but neither will open the last lock.
 posted in Weird Park: Scary Tales on Mar 8, 13 3:42 PM
What do you do there. I have tried all versions. I tried turning off all the fuses, then just the one for attic. Nothing has happened.
 posted in Guardians of Beyond: Witchville on Dec 4, 11 7:04 PM
I agree with all or most of the reviews because I only read the first page. It seems like all they are offering right no are: ghostly, paranormal, and etc. I would like to see a game that you could play that would involve your mind a little more. Make you have to think and not have something appearing in your face and then disappear. I have played both of the Ravenherst and and have enjoyed them and was excited when another came out. But, again it back the same old thing. I have game credits that I want to use on a good game but I can't seem to find that game.

 posted in Shattered Minds: Masquerade Collector's Edition on Nov 28, 11 3:32 PM
If you go to the strategy guide it will give what you need. Mine was 49j32, those go on top and these go on the bottom spade,heart,club, club, heart. Then you use the high roller key.
 posted in Weird Park: Broken Tune on Nov 26, 11 8:15 PM
I was looking for a game that didn't involve any killing, finding children, etc, something that was different. I played the trial and was immediately hooked. I have had more fun playing this game. It is not a hard game to play. But, it does keep you on your toes. The monkey is not does time for it to recharge. The mini games are not hard and if you can't figure it out you can always skip it. If you enjoy the carnival and are not afraid of clowns this is the game for you. I will be playing this again because there is so much to take in the first time you play that you almost need to play it again to catch anything you missed. It's like a show or movie you've seen and have to watch it again. And just when you think the game is over you have the bonus chapter. Well worth the money.
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