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 posted in Taken Souls: Blood Ritual on Apr 19, 15 11:57 PM
how did you get the fish ?
 posted in Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night on Jan 12, 15 6:36 PM
gnewburn wrote:the game is in my wont load to play..I rebooted my computer & click to install game...the site comes up then nothing...I have windows 7

im having a similer issue on windows 8 loads up to start screen and then nothing else
no click to play or anything have uninstaled and reinstald 3 times same thing
have given it up as a dirty joke and a waste of credits
 posted in Deadtime Stories on May 25, 10 6:09 AM
dear bfg allthogh i greatly enjoy the games that you have presented to me through my membership dead time stories and now as i have not been able to play that i down loaded heritage and now i am also having technical issues with that
every time i have to uninstall and reinstall
it costs me as i am on pre paid broadband
it is not an issue with my system as i have checked and re checked it
it is most definatly the games..................
not happy please get on it seriously
i have one credit left and if the next one i download dosen't work ill take my buisness elsewere!!!
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