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 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Gem Fury on Nov 21, 16 3:57 PM
I'm playing on my Macbook Pro and this game is so frustrating....everytime I click on the map I get the reels and it freezes there ...have to exit and come back in and now the hint button doesn't work....the third reel played but didn't give me a number and I can't replay it as it doesn't show in the reels room;...terrible game, I don't think I will buy from this company again.... always issues.
 posted in Alexander the Great: Secrets of Power on Sep 13, 14 6:17 PM
Please help I'm stuck in Pella at the temple and every where I go the hint says there is nothing to do here at the moment....can't find anything else to do and can't talk to the I'm reading that further on people are also getting stuck and the hint button does not help. What to do?
 posted in Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea on Apr 3, 12 11:34 AM
Is anyone else stuck after cutting the glass??? it keeps telling me that the glass is too strong to break. I have cut it with the glass cutter but it isn't recognizing the hole in the glass???? Help??
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog on Jan 3, 12 8:52 PM
I'm stuck in the elevator it won't open when I go down to the main floor.Is anyone else having this issue?
 posted in The Secrets of Arcelia Island on Dec 3, 11 5:50 PM
Anyone else having trouble getting the second canteen of water to open the lion gate? it won't fill the canteen at the well. Hint button tells me to fill the canteen but it's not happening. Was also going to buy another game but it got stuck after 33 min of play. Having problems Big Fish? Please fix.
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