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 posted in Angela Young's Dream Adventure on Mar 10, 09 3:00 AM
Decided to put in my 2c since andy kinda asked. My res is 1024 x 768. This did not stop pretty bad pixellation that lasted a while when I was going from one scene to the next. Once I got to a scene and waited for it to clear up, the graphics were crisp, but that time in between is disconcerting (makes me think my computer is about to blow up or something). The gameplay was fine, not of interest to me, personally, but I won't knock it. My biggest problem happened before I even got started in playing. This is the first game I have demo'd from , and there have been many, that gave me an error message just trying to load. This one gave me three. I'm not sure what kind of problem that indicates, but one that would keep me from purchasing even if I had otherwise wanted to.
 posted in The Serpent of Isis ™ on Mar 1, 09 10:16 PM
Shyloh854 wrote:Please help. I do not have the other half of the ring to get the chest open at his feet and I am finished with everything else and can't do the last place until I can find the ring.

There are two different pyramid puzzles to be solved first. See if that helps.
 posted in Mae Q`West and the Sign of the Stars on Mar 1, 09 5:22 PM
Thanks for the early reviews, guys. I, too, will pass on this one until it is fixed. I must say, however, that any game with a screenshot of listed items that includes "fake poo" intrigues me.
 posted in The Serpent of Isis ™ on Feb 28, 09 11:09 PM
This is a FANTASTIC game! I can't remember the last time I put in so many hours straight on a game, playing and replaying. And a huge THANK YOU to for the walkthrough you posted!
 posted in Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery on Feb 15, 09 2:44 PM
I got is downloaded, and purchased, but when I try to reload it crashes my computer. I think I'll zip off a mail to tech support on this.
 posted in Undiscovered World: The Incan Sun on Feb 13, 09 2:21 AM
I liked the trial, but I had to choose where to put one credit, so this one will have to wait.

But I do like the good story and simplicity of play.
 posted in Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare on Jan 21, 09 5:22 AM
I didn't even get through the demo and knew it wasn't for me.
 posted in NightShift Legacy: The Jaguar`s Eye on Jan 21, 09 2:09 AM
For some reason the game won't let me submit my final score. It is probably a minor point, but it was one of the things I really enjoyed about the last Nightshift game. Is everyone having this problem, and any word on whether it will get fixed?

Thanks guys,

 posted in NightShift Legacy: The Jaguar`s Eye on Jan 19, 09 1:33 AM
I liked the first one and bought this one right after my demo time ran out. I like whenever HO games come up with new puzzles, though with some of them I'd prefer a "skip" feature. That might become problematic later if the puzzles really do become that much harder.
 posted in Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure on Dec 20, 08 6:50 AM
What a great game! Is there some trick to Blackbeard's cannon and cannon stuffer? Just putting it on the cannon and clicking isn't working. Thanks
 posted in Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure on Dec 20, 08 4:18 AM
I am in the last room of the Egyptian one and can't find the blue gem and have no clue what to do with the wheel and the buttons on the wall. Can someone help me out with this please?
 posted in Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets on Oct 24, 08 7:43 PM
Thanks so much.
 posted in Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets on Oct 24, 08 7:23 PM
Hello fellow forum members!

I am stuck on the optional puzzle of finding the hummingbirds in the Knot Garden. I can't find a one, nevermind several. Can someone tell me what these little schnoos look like and maybe where I can find one just to get me started?

Thanks Bunches and I LOVE this game!
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