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 posted in Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby on Jul 15, 10 11:46 AM
joyce2121 wrote:
One was just posted at the very popular site that doesn't sell games
Can I miss getting a fin slap for this, please?

Three volumes, each with 14-15 chapters. Total of 44 chapters.

Thanks so much!
 posted in Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby on Jul 15, 10 10:13 AM
I would also like to know a sort of estimate of time. I already bought the game, and even if it's short I'll probably still love it, but I'd like to know just for curiosity's sake.

I looked on the blog where the walkthroughs are normally posted, but I didn't see one for this game.
 posted in Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby on Jul 15, 10 10:11 AM
I had to read this book in school, and I hated it. However, I love this game!

Pros: I love the graphics! They sort of remind me of a watercolor painting. Items you find in HOG scenes are appropriate for the time period. The music is also appropriate, and very catchy! The scenes that move are interesting, although it's optional to find the objects hidden in them. The drink mixing was fun for me! The voice acting is well done. The game has a library that you can decorate with points you've earned in the game. It also has trophies to earn. (I love games with trophies!) You can find books in most of the scenes that go back to complete your library.

Cons: There are no chapter designations (that I saw) that show you how far you are in the game.

Although the game has domestic violence, alcohol, adultery and so on, it's also part of the novel. These things help to show you what kind of people the characters were. I remember reading the novel and hating basically every character in the book!
 posted in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush on Jul 15, 10 9:18 AM
I really like this game. Although it's more straight HOG than IHOG, it's still enjoyable. Most of what's great about it has already been said: great graphics, nice story, really nice music. I love that there's another mode to unlock, and if you're fast with the puzzle-type scenes and the bandit shooting, it doesn't seem too hard to unlock it. The shooting bandits didn't bother me. You don't have to shoot them, although that does give you a problem if you need many hints. My only problem with the game is the story is sort of jumbled. It's not that important, but at times I had no idea what was going on, really. There's an explanation for why you're doing all this searching, but sometimes the explanation just left me going, "Whaaat?"
 posted in Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! on Jul 14, 10 8:28 AM
I'm so excited! I played the demo on the developer's site, but I have been waiting for it to come to Big Fish!

Pros: Cute graphics! The music is decent. The gameplay is excellent. First, you have the traditional Cake Mania game. Customers come, and you make the cakes to order. Some customers override others' order or other interesting things happen to change up the game. Next, is Risha's Boutique. There, customers come in and display an image of a clothing item they want. Sometimes they want several items. Other times it just gives you something like "three blue shirts." The quicker you fill several orders, the better! Finally, there's Gordo's Pizza. It's like the cake shop, but with pizza (heh, obviously!) made to order. However, you make the entire pizza yourself, toppings and all. For me, the best part is a relaxed mode, meaning you can take your time if you'd like. You still have to make customers happy, but there's no time limit.

Cons Like someone else said, the special characters show up too early in the game. If several special characters come one after another, the game gets pretty hectic pretty quickly.

In all, this is sort of like three games in one!
 posted in Secrets of the Dragon Wheel on Jul 13, 10 11:13 AM
This game has an interesting story, although it does have the older professor/ young female protege backstory going on. I haven't run into any of the technical problems anyone else has (so far). The graphics are nice, as are the music and voiceovers. It has a mix of HOG and adventure elements.

My one gripe about the game is some scenes are SO dark. I don't really want to keep adjusting my screen's brightness. At times I find myself not knowing where to look next because everything is so dark. It's also a little irritating that the main character has to say something at the beginning of every HOG scene, so the dialogue covers up the hidden object list until she's done talking (or you hit "skip cutscene").

I like the game, but I can't play for too long at one time or else I find myself squinting at the dark scenes.
 posted in Time Dreamer on Jul 11, 10 2:31 AM
What an interesting game!

Pros: The story is very different. So far, it's a refreshing change from the find-your-archaeologist-grandpa stories that have been popping up lately. I'm not sure I can describe it without giving too much away. Nice graphics. Not the best, but still nice to look at. Hidden object scenes have some interactivity (opening drawers and whatnot), which I enjoy. There are two modes to choose from: one gives you sparkles to find where you need to go, and the other doesn't. The hard mode also has harder hidden object scenes. The music was unobtrusive, and the rest of the sounds were nice.

Cons: Lots of scenes are very dark. I found myself leaning closer to the screen to see things! Items may be somewhat small for some people, though it didn't bother me.

This isn't really a complaint, but the closeups on the first man you meet in the game-- Yikes! I did not need to be that close to his face!

Even though the game doesn't look particularly long (from looking through the walkthrough), it still looks like it'll be worth a purchase.
 posted in Skymist - The Lost Spirit Stones on Jul 5, 10 12:50 AM
I beta tested this game and I really didn't like it. I demoed it briefly to see if they made any changes, and I still don't like it. The story is strange. The graphics are very 1990s, and I really don't understand why they even went that route. The hand-drawn characters look pretty good, so why didn't they do the whole game that way? The weird 3-D hidden object scenes look terrible (to me) compared to recent games. The story and gameplay was not compelling enough for me to look past the weird graphics. I hope some others will enjoy the game, though.
 posted in Making Mr. Right on Jul 1, 10 2:02 AM
I love time management games, but I can't get into this one. The whole concept of the game kind of creeps me out. You "fix" men so that they can get with the woman they want. They want to learn to dance or paint or whatever so that the woman they want will like them. After the men have learned the skill, they go on a date with that woman, and you get paid when it goes well. Yikes.

Aside from the creepy theme, the game has nice graphics, especially for a time management game. (Lots of them aren't very pleasing to the eye, even with great gameplay!) The mechanics work well. You click on the men, drag them to the appropriate "skill station," let them learn the skill, then drag them to the date table. As the game progresses, you have to buy new skill stations for the men.

I think if the developer had gone with a different theme, it could be an interesting game. As it is, I find it way too strange, but some people might really like the gameplay.
 posted in Love's Power Mahjong on Jun 29, 10 7:29 AM
puzzledone wrote:Is everyone in shock with one more day to go for a punch?

I need one more punch to fill a card. Just one! Hopefully there will be a good game tomorrow, or at least a decent Daily Deal, since I'm really not into Mahjong.
 posted in Be a King 2 on Jun 27, 10 1:11 AM
I was kind of looking forward to this. When they say "Be a King 2" they sure do mean it, because this feels just like some extra levels of Be a King. There's nothing really interesting or new that makes me want to purchase it.
 posted in Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood on Jun 26, 10 1:14 AM
This game is pretty decent, and I'm leaning towards purchasing it.

Pros: I like the break from the creepy storylines (which I do love), although part of the game appears like it will be a "stuck in the jungle" story. The music isn't obnoxious. I like that there are many adventure aspects to the game. There are lots of things to do and figure out. The game gives you a list of goals, and when you complete one it gets crossed off. It helps you to know what's still left to do in a chapter.

Cons: This probably won't be an issue for many people, but the game, in "full screen" is not actually in full screen. I have a 20" widescreen monitor, and there are nearly three-inch black bars on each side. This is the second game in a week to do that! I don't mind it with time management games, but it bugs me with hidden object games because it makes the graphics look compressed and pixelated. Also, lots of hidden object scenes have a weird tone to them, like the developers just added some sort of filter over the whole scene to make it look nicer. There are sparkles where you should interact. Quite a number of games do this, but I wish this one had a "hard" mode so I could figure it out myself. You have to revisit hidden object scenes. In one chapter, you do the same scene three times, with no changes in objects or object placement.

When you find an object, the game says, "I wonder what this is for?" (Or something like that.) It's clearly labeled when you find it in a hidden object scene, but it's suddenly mysterious when it goes in your inventory? That cracked me up!

Overall, it's not a bad game, and when I looked through the walkthrough it seemed to be of an average length.
 posted in Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 10 1:55 AM
I can't quite decide about this one!

Pros: The graphics are excellent! The sounds are also nice. So far the puzzles have been interesting. It's in the same style as the previous games, except you collect the dream jewels to get certain powers that you use throughout the game.

Cons: The girl's voice! It drives me insane. I had to skip through her dialogue and just read it instead. Things that you need to interact with sparkle, which I didn't like. I played on casual mode (so that I could skip mini-games if I absolutely needed to), so I don't know if the sparkles are also in the hard mode. Some of the puzzles have been really easy. They're interesting, but easy. I hope they get harder as the game goes on. Some of the dream jewels are reeeeally tiny. It didn't bother me, but I imagine some people might not like that. The "cons" are just minor things, though.

I have enjoyed the other Dream Chronicles games, but this one just didn't grab me like the others (although I can't quite pinpoint why). It was OK, but I didn't really have the desire to keep playing after the demo finished. I think I'll probably just wait for the regular version to come out.
 posted in Funny Miners on Jun 23, 10 12:36 AM
govegril wrote:Imberis

To get a tutorial and start the game properley - you need to make a new profile.
The default profile (player) starts off in a weird spot. I got tricked at first too.

 posted in Funny Miners on Jun 23, 10 12:20 AM
I'm not going to review this game because I have no earthly idea what's going on. The game started out with no tutorial. I had no idea what to do. I clicked "help," which was pretty unhelpful. The main map had three levels available, but for some reason the game starts out on what appears to be the third level. Hopefully someone will enjoy this one, because I just gave up and uninstalled it!
 posted in Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus on Jun 22, 10 1:12 AM
I have enjoyed this game so far, for the most part. The graphics are in a cartoon style with bright colors. Some of the items are small, though. Really, really small. There are some interactive sections, but they're pretty easy to figure out. You can skip cut-scenes if you'd like. Similarly, there is a skip option for mini-games. The mini-games have been fairly easy, too. The music, sadly, is irritating because it's the same thing on a loop. However, the background noises (birds chirping, frogs croaking) in some scenes are quite nice.

You can collect pink gems throughout the game, and when you get enough, you get special bonuses like powerups.

The game is "full screen," but really it's not for me. I have a 20" widescreen monitor, and the game screen has a black border all around it when in "full screen" mode. It's also a little bit twitchy. The response time when you click on an object isn't necessarily slow, it just takes more than the usual HOG to register. I turned off the custom cursor, too. Every time I finish a mini-game, the game feels like it hangs just for a split second, and gives me that feeling like it wants to crash.

This game reminds me a lot of another one. I think maybe Samantha Swift? It's a fun game, but looking at the walkthrough it seems kind of short. There are a lot of chapters, but I went through some of them pretty quickly, as some chapters only have three scenes to go through. I'm kind of on the fence about whether to buy this or not.
 posted in Blood Oath on Jun 19, 10 1:15 AM
I was really looking forward to this one based on the description in Mudrock's weekly post, but it is disappointing. Even if I hadn't played Puppet Show (which I found to be fantastic) before playing Blood Oath, I would still find this one lacking. I'm debating whether I would call this one absolutely horrible or not, since I can't find any redeeming qualities about it.

First off, the graphics are not great. If the game had an interesting story or some innovative gameplay, I could look past this, but the story just bored me. At one point there is a "wolf" that looks like some sort of mix between a seal and a Chow. For a "spooky" themed game, it sure isn't spooky. There are tiny, tiny objects. To find interactive areas, you have to just move your mouse around until an area lights up red.

The list for the hidden objects comes in the form of shadows. The item is listed and the silhouette is given, then you have to find that object. I'm really not a fan of that kind of gameplay, since the game basically shows you a picture of the exact item you're looking for. The music is so, so irritating. It uses a sort of thumping sound in an attempt to add drama and suspense, but it got on my nerves after about two minutes. I hate to turn off the music because it usually adds to the atmosphere of the game, but this music just had to go off. Additionally, if you click incorrectly, the game makes an obnoxious noise.

In short, I did not like this one at all.
 posted in PuppetShow: Souls of the Innocent on Jun 19, 10 12:19 AM
This game seemed kind of short, but only because it was so good that I wanted it to keep going. It took me around four hours to finish, so it wasn't too short for me. I go through the hidden object screens fairly quickly, but I did take the time to look around and enjoy the scenes. It might take you longer or shorter, depending on how fast you are with the HOG scenes and figuring out the puzzles. This is one of the games where I wouldn't mind if it's a bit on the short side, because the quality of the game is so good.
 posted in Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington on Jun 17, 10 12:42 PM

There's the walkthrough, in case anyone still needs it. They're found on the "blog" section on the home page, or there will be a post in the specific game forum that gives a link to the walkthrough page (like at the top of the main forum page for this game).
 posted in Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington on Jun 17, 10 1:54 AM
katejoe999 wrote:This is indeed a lovely game although a straight HOG. I usually prefer Ihogs or more adventure based games but this one is so beautifully made I may buy it. Does anyone know how long the game is? I have done half an hours worth of my demo and am up to chapter 5 so am a bit worried about length.

The walkthrough says that there are eleven chapters. Each chapter gets longer, but I can't imagine the game will take too long to finish.
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