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RowanGolightly wrote:I got the gears for the boiler in the yard with the (hilarious!) chicken, got the firewood from the doorway and then got the candle and lit it. But it keeps telling me that I need to attach the wheel to the boiler and I can't figure out how to do that. The hand-grabby at the white button doesn't seem to do anything.

Help, please?

With the hand grabber on the screen click on the button drag it over to the middle of the wheel. It will get the wheel moving and voila the door will open.
You will find it right at the end of the game, in the last area. You won't miss it so don't worry
It's not something that you need to find, It is already on the boiler as a blue button. Click on it and drag it over to the middle of the wheel.
On the inventory there is an arrow pointing right, (near the notes book). Press the arrow, it might be hiding of you have lots of things in the inventory.
I am having the same problem. I got the clock to 12.15, nothing happened. So I thought I would move the weights about and try to get it to 12.15 again and now the weights won't be moved. The annyoying pop up keeps saying no more moves etc....but it does not reset and I cannot move them anymore.

I haven't looked at the strategy guide once, and I haven't skipped any puzzles or used any hints.

I don't want the solution I just want to know if there is a technical issue with this puzzle or a glitch in the game
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When I say 5 families it is five different games of the families running. (Five different user names)

The weird thing is though when one family member gets ill in one game I cure them and make sure they are okay before I go onto check my next family and at least one family member will have the same illness. Strange huh!

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If you have more than one child, drop one on top of the other and it will start a giggle party. Or drop mum or dad on the child, they will give them a tickle. As others have said food helps, give them something to do like pick up a weed or sock, then praise them.

For the weak dad, sleep and feeding is the main factor on recovering. If you have just cured an illnes look in the store to see if there is any vitamins or hand bacterial wash to buy. Another really good health boost is blood oranges from the store (when they are available). Feed the dad, put him in the shower, then put him to bed. Keep the game open and on the family with the weak dad. When he wakes from his sleep his health should be boosted. Give him some more food and if he is still a little weak put him back bed for a little while.

I hope this helps!
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that's a great achievement on it's own. It took me a while before any of my families had six children. ( I have 5 familes running at the moment!)
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I find that if you marry two people that definately want children, and give just one of them the baby boost helps. It also helps if they are both elated before the 'trying to make a baby' occurs.

It took me several generations before mine had twins and even more before they had triplets. Don't give up, I am sure they will soon!
I have played this game through so many times. It is the best MCF without a doubt. It took me nearly 7 hours to complete it first time round. The puzzles were easier than Return to Ravenhearst. I still have not completed the last puzzle without skipping it in R2R, but hopefully I will one day. When you play back through all of the MCF's and then play Dire Grove it is an amazing transformation. I am really looking forward to what they have in store for us next.
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ajbreckin wrote:i have a problem, just got the game but the bottem half of the screen is missing, i dont have the inventory bar

Go to options in the game and choose full screen. If you are still having problems, try changing the screen resolution. Right click the desktop, choose personalize, then choose, display. From here change the screen resolution size and see if that helps.
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LadyRush19 wrote:I'm having the same problem with the tomb of the sheriff. Can't find what I need to "lift" the lid. Anyone have any idea on this one?


You should have a key that has a sort of allen key shape to the top. That is what you need to use to open the coffin lid.
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