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 posted in Escape the Emerald Star on Jun 23, 11 8:12 AM
This is a great game for those who just need to lay back relax and float in the pond. Remember to turn off the timer and enjoy this classic style HOG.When finished with this lovely mini vacation you will be refreshed and ready for the next sneaker required FROG, IHOG Challenge.
 posted in Dracula: Love Kills Collector's Edition on Jun 9, 11 7:33 AM
elldee2728 wrote:
Kelvarda wrote:Well, goofyduck said it all. So all I will say is, I love this game, played 25 mins just to make sure everything was ok, and I have bought it. Looking forward to a great day (and night!) of playing this after yesterday's Dreamland (which was also FUN.

Remember folks, It's just a GAME! Not real life, get a grip!!


On the money, Kel! Yo--Christian here (in the majority of those with open minds, I'm hoping)! But last I checked, we're dealing with FICTION here--it's not as if Satan's minions are at the front door, waiting to reap souls. I think this is just another of a long line of "dark-side" games where we need to CONFRONT "fantasy" evil to RECOGNIZE "fantasy" evil. I think the FICTIONAL idea of Dracula and Van Helsing teaming up is very
original. Sure it's a buy!

You both make ABSOLUTE SENSE these are just games to pass the time and have fun with and most important of all keep our little gray cells in working order.
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