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 posted in Mystic Legacy: The Great Ring on Sep 9, 12 6:05 AM
OK, finally managed to get past this, finished game! That was my only problem and the rest was great - definately worth the money, good length and made me think a few times.
 posted in Mystic Legacy: The Great Ring on Sep 8, 12 4:22 PM
Really enjoying this game even though I am completely stuck in the bulls room, posted already asking for help so hope to move on soon! I like the humour in this game and the puzzles are just different enough to be challenging but fun. Good length and a slightly different story, which is the good brother? Not really sure at this point, but looking forward to finding out. HO scenes are not too difficult and the map is slightly interactive, once I figured it out I actually enjoy the way they did it, very helpful. I am looking forward to more games by this developer, very good value for a SE.
 posted in Mystic Legacy: The Great Ring on Sep 8, 12 4:13 PM
I hope someone can help me, I am in the bulls room trying to do the puzzle with the different coloured squares. I checked the walkthrough but the picture is not coming up so I have no idea what letters go with what squares. Are they numbered top to bottom, left to right or what? Also what letters go with the arrows? I have tried to figure this out by myself for over two hours and am ready to tear my hair out!
 posted in Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends on Sep 8, 12 4:30 AM
I kind of wonder about a game where the technical issues thread outnumbers the review and comment threads - is this game worth the download time? I think I will wait until the developers get the glitches worked out (if they do), if not - oh well, there are other games out there.....
 posted in Syberia - Part 3 on Sep 4, 12 3:07 PM
For what it is worth...I do not own the original Syberia. When I think about trying it I realize that there is no demo. I will not purchase any game (especially an old one) without trying it first to make sure it will run on my computer. This is a great way for me to see it it will run and if I like it - if everything works out then I will at least know that if I want it I will not have any issues with it (and I would absolutely buy the original, non-chopped-up version). That is the only positive thing I can see about what has been done to this game.
 posted in Awakening: The Skyward Castle Collector's Edition on Sep 3, 12 9:56 AM
I am also running Win 7 on a PC and I get that black screen with cursor and music every time I go into the game. The first time I really thought I had a bad game but now I know to just wait it out - opportunity to get a cuppa and visit the smallest room!
 posted in Awakening: The Skyward Castle Collector's Edition on Sep 3, 12 9:49 AM
I really thought this was the end of this series and I was feeling bad for anyone who waited to get the SE, they would have no resolution to the story. Little did I know that those of us who got the CE would be in the same situation! The epilogue was very short and nothing was resolved, just set up for another sequel. Will this series ever end? Feeling really let down right now.....How much longer will this go on?
 posted in Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga Collector's Edition on Sep 3, 12 7:17 AM
Thanks Mr Russ, I was a little worried because I know I am not that good (or fast) a player, was hoping it did not mean a short, easy game - no challenge in that!
Still wondering about length of bonus though, is it worth the extra dollars?
 posted in Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga Collector's Edition on Sep 2, 12 3:45 PM
Just finished the demo with eight minutes left. Usually the hour finishes before the demo runs out....I really hope this game is not too short. If the bonus is only about 30 minutes then I have some major thinking to do...CE or SE...then again, we have a sale going on........Oh Boy......Can anyone tell me if the bonus is worth the extra $$$ or is it really short?
Finally finished the game (I like to take my time) and it was up to the usual ERS standards, really lovely graphics and the expected three episodes (situations?) that seem to be the norm in these games. The bonus game was fairly long and just as satisfying as the regular game. The only thing I would have liked to see different would be the addition of beyond objects or some achievements, that would make this a wonderful CE. All in all a good addition to this series and I am looking forward to the next one....And I really appreciated the Crow helper!
 posted in Twisted Lands: Origin on Aug 18, 12 4:14 PM
I have played about 30 min of the demo and so far so good, no glitches and everything is nice and clear! Glad this came out, I played the first two but always had some lingering questions about the beginning of it all (how did they get ...well, you know) and I really hope this game answers those questions. Just challenging enough for me but nothing to make me bang my head off my computer (so far) and I get that Smart Feeling when I actually manage to solve something! Looking forward to playing the rest of the game, I think this one is better than some of the CEs we have had lately! And - it fills my screen, no black bars!!!!!!
 posted in Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum on Aug 14, 12 10:26 AM
Just popped in to see if there was a fix yet for the yellow duck/nail puller issue, not really surprised to see there is no help....not in the mood to start game all over again just to run into the same problem....Funny how these things always seem to happen near the end of a game (after purchasing it) and not during the trial (when we may decide not to purchase after all)....Must keep my eye out for other games by these developers....
 posted in Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition on Aug 14, 12 9:14 AM
After spending hours (literally) on that tree puzzle I tried the clockwise thing on the middle ring - no one was more surprised than I was when it actually opened! I can finally finish this game although I think I will just kick him to the curb after causing me all this frustration.........
 posted in Clairvoyant: The Magician Mystery on Aug 14, 12 9:01 AM
You forgot to mention....when you click on the harlequin (near the end, naturally) you get a message saying your profile is corrupted and you then need to start over! Just what every fishie wants to do.....NOT! Not holding my breath for a fix any time soon...
 posted in Clairvoyant: The Magician Mystery on Aug 14, 12 8:57 AM
I knew there were problems with this game so I waited for the update before I purchased it. I got as far as the harlequin and then got a message that my profile was corrupted and I had to start over. Not really in the mood for that right now! Guess this is yet another game I will not be finishing. Getting a little tired of this.....
 posted in Suburban Mysteries: The Labyrinth of the Past on Aug 12, 12 8:06 PM
Have played the demo and this is very good, definately a bit different and you really need to be on your toes. Only thing annoying to me was that it was a little too easy to exit from the HO scenes before finishing them! Spent a lot to time going out and back in again. Creepy story (which I like) but I really wish the developers did not feel it necessary to draw the main character quite so top-heavy, at least she was fully covered.....................A game that I am looking forward to playing and hopefully without any tech issues....! I have to admit, I thought of Charles Dalimar at the beginning as well, something about that opening scene......................
I usually try to wait about a week and let the others discover the bugs, then hopefully a fix will happen. Have to say there are three CE games I am waiting on at this time but the fixes do not seem to be happening! When the bug is in the bonus game I simply decide to wait for the SE version - gives me a chance to use up a game credit before it expires. This seems to be happening more and more lately, not sure if the issue is BFG or the developers but I think the developers are rushing their games out and not testing then enough - besides a beta usually lasts about an hour and the bugs are usually further on in the game, guess no one has the chance to test that far! All we can do is keep our wallets locked and hope someone somewhere will notice and do something about it........
 posted in Eternal Journey: New Atlantis Collector's Edition on Aug 4, 12 8:27 PM
This was an amazing game, which just goes to show what the developers are capable of when they try. Good length, and a fantastic bonus game as well! The map was very useful and the actual story was really interesting but not too technical for those of us who are challenged in that area. Hope the other game developers are taking notes - this is what it should be like! Worth every penny!!!
Really enjoyed the first three but....CE vs SE - after reading about the glitches in the bonus game I think I will wait for the SE, I play games to relax, not to get frustrated!
 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Jul 21, 12 7:13 AM
I finally decided to try this game and ..... there is no trial version available.... so how on earth did everyone else get to try the game before buying (or not buying)
I know there are a ton of tech issues with this game, which is why I always trial before buying, but really - even the trial disappears? That is one heck of a glitch!
Guess I will have to give this one a miss....
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