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 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 5, 14 12:41 PM
I got the white pencil in the Observatory in Octopus mode. One of the first things that dropped for me this morning.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 3, 14 2:01 PM
Just in case someone else missed this like I did from the first part of this thread, the map is a playing card. Read right past that this morning apparently.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 3, 14 9:43 AM
This happens to me on occasion but only when I click the "play again" option on a room. If I exit the room collect the rewards and then go back in it never happens.

This is one of the reasons I don't hardly ever click the play again option on a room.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 3, 14 9:39 AM
My first neighbor was my best friend that also introduced me to the game...Clashfan78. I don't remember who came next as I got a bunch of invites all at once when I posted my code. I'm glad Clash insisted that she had found the game for us to play online. We are both avid gamer's but don't live close to each other anymore so it's a good way to play a game and keep in touch.

We save all the teasing and trash talking in our friendly competition for the pm's so as not to annoy others.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 2, 14 11:44 AM
Obiwankennobi wrote:I don't think your assumptions are correct Crow.
I think you just follow the quests on the left and they will tell you which locations you have to open to continue.

Well you learn something new everyday don't you? So basically once I've opened a room unless I'm told during a quest to go back and open it I can just continue to proceed forward?

This is why it's good to ask questions.

Didn't mean to highjack this thread so back to the original discussion on best ways to attack the Castle on the Mountain. Since I don't have a clue I'll just be sitting quietly in the corner.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 2, 14 9:03 AM
I've just started to sort of play the valley and one thing I just want clarified is this.

In order to play you have to open all subsequent rooms. In other words if I've already gone through the Magic Gates, Initiation Hall and Meditation Gazebo and have the key for the Forest I first have to run expeditions and open the first 3 rooms prior to opening the Forest. Correct?

This has to be done every time I want to go to a higher room (assuming that I have nothing previously opened). Correct?

If a room times out and closes behind me but I still have time on the room I need then I have to run another expedition on the closed room to continue. Correct?

This is true for the entire Valley so if I wanted to play the Archwizard's Dwelling I would first have to open all previous rooms leading up to it. Correct?

I always assume that's what some one means when they say they are "making a run" is they have to open up all those rooms.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 2, 14 7:40 AM
This has been a recent discussion but I couldn't find the exact thread to link it.

Basically with the special weekly offers if you didn't assemble the artifact during that time or complete the quest you can't go back and assemble it later.

If you bought charges to assemble it then those will still be good next time the quest comes around. If you bought artifact pieces they will most likely not be good as the game usually clears them from your backpack when the quest starts.

That was my big take away from it all anyway. Hope that helps!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 2, 14 7:34 AM
Rumbitothecore wrote:
Taniquetil wrote:Did someone know what happens when two people give the same amount of food and both are qualified for the Generous chest? Will they be rewarded both?

Neither get the chest.

I know because I wrote to the person I accidently equalled for the generous chest and asked if they had got it because I hadn't... no they hadn't

Wow, that's harsher then what I was assuming.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 2, 14 7:31 AM
I assume your talking about dragon feeding expeditions?

I don't think they both get the chest. Not sure how the game decides who to reward the first one or the last one to put in that amount but it will pick one.

I do know in the competitions if two players have the same high score only one of them gets the reward. It's usually the last player to score not the first. I would assume the game would handle the dragon feeding in a similar manner.

Of course I could be wrong but that's my feeling on it.

"edited because really sometimes I can't spell."
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 1, 14 5:21 PM
Many thanks to all my fantastic neighbors for the help and support along the way!

I had a little friendly competition going with Clashfan on who would get there first as we are friends in RL. I barely squeaked it out but she's already blown past me and is moving on. Time to pull out the white noise and play catch up.

 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jun 1, 14 4:03 PM
nayrdaenis wrote:Thanks Clashfan78.

Does that mean I'll get the new ghost when I complete the Golden Hands challenge?

No you have to do the series of tasks to get the blue octopus. I can't remember the name of the first task that popped up. Here is another link to a different thread where it's all discussed and directions are given.

Between those two threads you should be able to locate the task required to get the ghost. It's kind of fun but you do end up using more gold cards if you need a specific ghost.

I wish I hadn't done it prior to this challenge as I'm a terrible guesser when it comes to the cards and this just means I use even more.

Good luck
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 30, 14 10:44 AM
This scene was indeed a bit of a challenge. It was good to have advanced notice that it was going to be a tough one. Between the toughness of the scene and the internet issues I'm having I just went straight through the search without so much as a restroom break. I barely made it with about 20 minutes to spare, that last item just didn't want to drop. The blue octopus in this mode was incredibly difficult for me and I had a wicked hard time finding the earrings.

On the plus side it did have really high xp's for the room search and with a few talismans I manage to level up 3 times. I didn't use very many silver cards or gold ones either as I mostly just did the searches as the came. I didn't have to use many energy restorers since I leveled up so many times and I have almost all my ghosts and twilight genies for the mini challenge.

Although it didn't list it the chest did have 1000 xp's I watched for it when I opened it to be sure.

Whew! I'm glad that's over now I do need a break.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 30, 14 6:13 AM
I've got a "partially" restored internet connection at this time. Which basically means it's about as fast as the old dial up service of the 90's.

I very painfully went through the latest quest to get myself up to the expedition portion last night. Now I'll see if I can actually get back in and finish it off.

My screen load times are any where from 2 to 8 minutes at this point and the initial sign in takes about 45 minutes.

Painful...just painful.

This is only the start of the summer as well so if this is what I can look forward to every time we have a severe thunderstorm then it's going to be a long slow painful summer. Got to love that Texas weather.

Thanks for the support!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 29, 14 9:52 AM
Hi all,

Just want you to know I'm having some major internet issues. I'm frustrated beyond all belief at the moment but I've barely been able to get online. I live in a rural area and we've had a few days of bad weather so apparently that's done something to my service. No idea when this will be resolved.

Just wanted to let you know in case I go dark or to sleep. Really frustrated as I can see there are new quests and I can't play any of them. Now I know I have a full blown addiction as I'm definitely going through some withdrawal.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 27, 14 9:31 PM
I sent you two of your requested items, I don't have any of the others.

Good Luck!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 22, 14 11:54 AM

I sent you an neighbor invitation. I would be happy to buy you a few pieces of the green or light blue chest and send them on. At 15 gems a piece I can do 4 items for you. Just let me know which ones to send.

One good thing is if you keep playing the living room once you get to where you need to be you should be grand master level already. So at least the items for the purple chest should drop quickly.

 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 22, 14 10:36 AM
You know the part I find interesting is that this game seems to draw so many of us mature people. I'm in Texas and 46 and yes the time does indeed fly by....
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 22, 14 10:11 AM

I have all the components for the blue chest I would be happy to send to you if you want to send me your neighbor code. I don't think I have any other duplicates but I have that one complete.

Just pm me your code and I will add you to the hood. I try to be a good neighbor and play and gift daily.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 22, 14 6:58 AM
Having company come for the long weekend so won't be around much Fri-Tue. Will try to check in and gift but not sure that will happen.

Hope all my fellow American neighbors have a great Memorial Day weekend. We will be doing the big cookout and beach jaunt. Woot!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on May 21, 14 4:01 PM
Thanks so much Marjasinstar!

It was indeed challenging and it will certainly be a long while before I make another attempt. I have no idea how some of these players top so many of the different categories during the same week, truly amazing.

They certainly aren't doing it for the prize as the chest for 2nd place was ruby cowberries, purple gerberas, brave hearts and paranormal traps. On the bright side I now have enough poseidon's tridents to go up a couple of levels.

Congrat's to you Bluekiwi!
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