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 posted in Rooms of Memory on Mar 21, 16 4:41 PM
I have had similar probs in the past with the BigFish Game Manager (BFG)
If you use the BFG, check if you are signed in - it's the green circle with white arrow inside in the menu line of the BFG.
Once you signed in, it should show 'Sign Out'.

What I did to succeed:
I reinstalled BFG. I googled for BFG and found different versions - maybe country related. I installed the latest US-Version. I got no more great probs.

If you don't use BFG ask the tech support team.
If nothing of the above helps? Ask the tech support team.

They are skilled and try always to do there best - but be patient, after their 1st automated answer, the solving of your prob will last - up to 3 days.

Hope this helps
Sir Vival
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Mar 19, 16 6:33 PM
Thank you saturnina100,

I like it - hidden working functions.

That's a very useful tip. You should earn some experience points, including a level raise.

Have a nice weekend
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Event 'Silent Weapon'
Location 'Cellar': Found 'Old Crossbow' in mode 'Marine Queen'
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Mar 17, 16 4:56 AM
@ Trucker

For a lot of events clm5457 and swainger are correct. I only wanted to remind: the handling of an event may differ.

I myself only can sent items for creatures at neighbours if they appear on their wishlist. Til today I'm not able to use the option 'Search a friend by name'.
Afaik, only items indicated by a green downwards arrow can go to my wishlist.
- Corrections and hints are welcome -

The dictionary, used by the Devs and/or the programmers seems to work accidently.
Acc. to your good example:
Windmills are normally ancient buildings, where millers did their job.
Wind turbines are modern machines producing electricity.
Both of them excist in Europe.

Fumitron? Name of a drug against migraine? A 'Drugon'?
I must stop this - it gives me a headache
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@ Newbies and Beginners
'Help for Creatures' will stay
'Artefact charges' will stay
'Components' normally won't stay

Starting an event will give you points and experience for better understanding. In the beginning there will be events, you can't end, as there are locations to visit, which are closed for you.
Everyone of us started this way. Who told it's easy?
If you can stand this minor problems, you will like RoM.

@ clm5457, Trucker and swainger
There are tasks which don't need a complition of all tasks, in case they are already in your backpack - i.e. 'Pearl Legend', which only needs the assembling of the 'Lever Lock' during the event.
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@ uptownnola

Sorry my fault, correct is 'Twilight Genies'.
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Quest 'Old Photo Collage'
Found 'Lacquered Label' in mode: 'Twilight Twins'
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Hi Trucker

I'll try my best, in case of new quests, which aren't in the Wiki or in case of additions.
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?Mai Tai?
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Mar 6, 16 9:12 AM

Just to answer your main question: You don't need a quest to open the 'Mushroom Forest'.

Act as Vulcaness wrote simply open the 'Magic Gates', click at 'Mushroom Forest', start an expedition. After a successful expedition the location will show you, how long it stays opened.

During the opening time you always can get there via the 'Magic Gates'.

Acc. to your wishes to get more infos about the game. There are two wonderful tools available:
A very helpful and recommended Wiki and this forum with a lot of infos and hints and with members, who are always willing to help and to answer your questions.

My experience: You need couriosity, try and error and sometimes some risk to develop your own strategy. This enabled the forum members to help you now.

Have fun and enjoy the game
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Found some in 'Japanese Mysteries'. Only one dropped in each complete round.

One round at 'Imperators Wagon' in 'Day Mode'
One round at 'Fish Public Market' in 'Reversed Room'
One round at 'House of Tomorrow', sorry can't remember mode - saw only the changes in my backpack.

Edited on Mar. 6th, 2016
All of the above seem to drop randomly in all locations of 'Japanese Mysteries' except 'Dojo' - not open for me.
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Don't forget the 1st task:

Spring Fragrances
Prosper Bull: Do you already have your gifts ......

Explore the Dungeon in Shadows mode until you find the Fantastic Flashlight.

See additional:

Maybe you'll find them there.
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For those who didn't already finish the 'Mysterious Tower'

The tasks in 'The Mysterioud Tower' rewards sometimes 'Arrowheads', which are needed for helping 'Ivar The Kind' in 'The Bellows Manor'.

Used to receive the hard to get 'Neodynium Magnet'. (Needs 3 - 4 tries to drop).

edited on Feb. 27th, 2016
'Arrowheads' found in Guild quests.
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