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Do you remember where the screwdriver was to get the 2 medal elements that are affixed above the 2 doors? I can't go onto the elevator past that as I still need those 2 medals. I've looked everywhere in the Strategy Guide and it's not mentioned anywhere up to that point. Can you help?
How can you go down in the lift if you need all 5 medals to get down there? I need the screwdriver in order to get the 2 medals I need that are above the doorways. I feel like I'm stuck in a corner! No screwdriver, no lift. No lift, no medals. I'm confused.
I'm at a loss trying to find the screwdriver for the medals above the doorways. Can anyone help with this? I've read all thru the Strategy Guide and have found nothing mentioning the screwdriver and I've been to every single room/scene checking and have found nothing! I'm stuck at this point. I can't go any further. I just need to get those medals down from the doorway to continue on with the elevator scene.
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