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Thanks Donna
It also takes me forever to find how to even post a question. This forum is not very user friendly.
 posted in Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders on Oct 31, 17 9:47 PM
I just downloaded it now and I got in okay. I started to play it and I must say the graphics are terrible and not so real at all. It moves a bit slow and the cursor is all over the place. I don't know if its my computer or the game but I am not happy. I will not be purchasing this one, its a damn shame. I love the other Agatha Christie games.

I know its a game but if you look at the other Agatha Christie games they are so good and more realistic. I cant believe I downloaded more than 666. MB for this. whoever did this one needs to look at the others and take note.

The font sizing and underlining buttons above don't work either. I want to emphasise the word love and I cannot make it bold or underline it.
 posted in Luxor Adventures on Oct 28, 17 4:33 AM
I am at the Robin Hood Village and finished every thing except one Orb. I keep clicking on it and nothing happens. I even clicked the hint button and it is the right object i am clicking on. I cannot finish this scene and i tried to move on to the next scene and i just got a blank black screen. i had to Ctrl Alt Delete to get out of it.
I cant seem to join in on other discussions so I had to start a new one.
I am having a problem moving on in 4.3.
I can only collect 10 food and 10 wood.
It doesn't go any higher so I cannot move on.
Has anyone else come across this?

Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

 posted in Tuber versus the Aliens on Apr 12, 15 11:09 PM
Found a game to try. Downloaded itunes like it said to. But now cannot find button to play game online.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace ™ on Apr 7, 15 3:06 AM
I did it before but now going back in again I have no idea where to put the knight. Can someone please tell me which square to put it on and please don't give me chess talk because I will not understand it. plain English please. Thanks
 posted in Fear For Sale: Mystery of McInroy Manor on May 5, 13 11:01 PM
Thanks for that information but when i press the hint button it keeps telling to jack up the trailor which I cant because I cant get to the jack in the inventory list.
 posted in Fear For Sale: Mystery of McInroy Manor on May 3, 13 12:19 AM
I checked with the walkthrough which is great to have but it is telling me find the list of items which I must have done already because none of the items are in the picture. I need to get the inventory list to pick up the jack and raise the trailor with the coal in it so I can use the coal to move on.
Can anyone help me????
Thanks in advance.
 posted in Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction on Jan 15, 12 3:03 PM
I click on the download button and i get asked whether to save file or cancel. I press save but nothing happens. I have done this a few times, still nothing. this has happened on other games also.
Can anyone tell me why this happens.
 posted in The White House on Dec 11, 11 8:02 PM
I am looking for the walkthrough for the White House game. can anyone give me link please.
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