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 posted in Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights ™ on Jan 1, 16 2:46 AM
At the end of mission 5 is a picture puzzle of a dig site. I've completed the picture three times in separate sessions (logging all the way out of the game in between), but after completing the puzzle it fails to continue on to the next part of the game. I've even tried clicking 'skip' after completing the puzzle, but it still fails to progress the game. I am playing in Windows 10. Any suggestions?
 posted in Stoneloops! of Jurassica on Sep 5, 15 1:46 PM
I am trying to play this for the first time, but it says this game requires hardware acceleration. I have win 10 64 bit, dx 12, 16 gig ram, CPU running aroung 4000 mhz, GeForce GTX 970 video card, latest video driver. I'm thinking this game is too old for my system, but I don't see any compatibility options on the properties of the EXE. Any suggestions?
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog on Dec 19, 11 1:08 AM
I believe this to be a technical issue. I've noticed little incongruities in the game, like the crown and rose missing in the graveyard after I had placed them already. No biggie, didn't affect game play. Now I'm very close the end of the game and another incongruity has appeared that does affect game play. I've gone through the train station out the window I broke with the brick which leads back to the main square in front of the hotel. When I turn left to face the hotel, the fog that I cleared with the fan at the beginning of the game is now back. I can no longer go down the alley. After lots of frustration I finally looked up the walk-through, and apparently the next place I need to go is down the alley, which I can't get to anymore due to a fog that I don't think should be there anymore. Am I right? The game appears to have bugged on me. Any ideas?
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