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 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition on May 16, 11 7:42 AM
I may have missed this hint somewhere in the posts but I can't get into the tree house (where my last angel is hiding). I have enjoyed the game so far but the hint system is terrible. If you happen to be in an area that has something that needs doing, it circles it for you but doesn't help with where to find the missing article needed. I have been hunting for the last angel now for quite a while and finally had to resort to the guide but I don't get the magnifying glass in order to get into the tree house no matter what I do. Help please.
 posted in Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets on Apr 16, 11 3:51 AM
I am having the same problem with the safe. Where ever I move my mouse the dial spins and won't stay on a number so I can't click on the middle button. Should the little red light at the top turn green or something when you enter a correct number?
 posted in Art of Murder: Secret Files on Apr 13, 11 8:13 AM
Same problem here!
I also played the demo and was interested in how long the whole game was before I purchased it. I don't usually buy CE because I am not interested in screensavers and concept art but I like beautiful graphics and an interesting story line (which this one has) BUT I finished this game in (after the 40 min demo) 2-3 hours. I expect this of regular games NOT CE games so I was disappointed. Also the Strategy Guide was not very helpful in some places. You don't know what chapter you are in and I got to the end with one playing card short. I revisited every scene and could not find the last card so I could not finish the last scene. I will listen to my instincts next time and wait for the regular game.
 posted in Hotel on May 25, 10 5:23 AM
Just finished the free hour and will certainly buy this game. I've had no problems running it whatsoever. My Syberia's also ran very well. Perhaps checking out your video card might help. I run Vista (64 bit) and have a very good video card (Nvidia Geforce 9500).
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose Collector's Edition on Mar 11, 10 7:43 AM
I had no trouble downloading (Vista, older computer) and no trouble playing either. I was very excited to play but - this is one of the shortest games I've ever played. It took me just over 3 hours to finish (including the bonus section)! I've been playing for several years but I didn't think I was THAT good. I would recommend fishies try the demo to see how far they get first (12 chapters) before spending $20 on this game (although it was enjoyable for the time I played).
I also agree that this game is not worth over $20.00 (Canadian). I finished in under 3 hours and expected more in the bonus section. I didn't get the Dire Grove Collector's edition and wish I had now. I will carefully read the reviews from now on.
 posted in Diamon Jones: Eye of the Dragon on Jul 31, 09 9:29 AM
I hesitatingly downloaded this game because I got stuck 3/4 of the way through the first one (couldn't get over the log no matter what I did!) but this one was better. Except now I am totally stuck near the end and unable to fight the monster. So now I am AGAIN unable to finish this game. I had hoped the developers would smarten up and put in a skip or two but no such luck. I like hidden objects and puzzles but NOT "must keep the thingy centered" or "must stay on the log" or "MUST fight"!!!
Just ranting.
 posted in Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate on Jul 12, 09 6:17 AM
To get Jeb to wash you first have him chew the leaves which turn into a dirty sponge. Wash the sponge in the water (either the lake or the water where he gets the nuts) and use the sponge on Jeb when you are in inventory.
 posted in Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World on May 19, 09 7:00 AM
I am also stuck on crossing the log. My mouse does not seem to work AT ALL and I am caught in a loop. I've been at it for 30 min. now and give up. I think it is totally ridiculous that there isn't a "skip" or bypass of some sort. I will not be able to finish the game now. It is not my dexterity but my mouse (works great for everything else!!). Is it possible to get a save for after the log? If anyone has suggestions they will be most welcome. Next stop is tech support.
 posted in Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World on May 13, 09 2:19 PM
Thanks. I did just that and eventually I won some cash.
 posted in Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World on May 13, 09 9:26 AM
I've been playing the dice game for an hour now and sometimes I win and sometimes I lose but I never win past the gun/amo/watch stage so I don't get any money. I throw on 26 or less but stand on 27 or more. Any tips would be appreciated please and thanks.
 posted in Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey ™ on Apr 23, 09 9:10 AM
Wow this is a beautiful game. The music is wonderful and the screensaver is awesome. I love the Caribbean themed music. Wish there were more tanks but really like the comination of HO and then stocking your tank by buying stuff.
 posted in Between the Worlds on Apr 5, 09 5:08 AM
Time zone difference DUH! Hey, after 3 kids (all grown) and 2 grandchildren living with me, getting up early is mandatory. I don't think you can ever go back (to sleeping in that is).
Could anyone give me the name of some sites to sign up for Beta testing games please. I'd like to try that.
 posted in Between the Worlds on Apr 5, 09 4:00 AM
Now I'm replying to myself. I just saw that the time on my post was 3 something am but my computer says 7 am. What's with that?
 posted in Between the Worlds on Apr 5, 09 3:58 AM
How do you get to Beta test games before they are released and what are you people doing up at 2 o'clock in the morning?
I'm a die hard HO gamer too and I can't wait until morning to see what BigFish has released. I wish I could know ahead of time that certain large file or HO games were coming from BF so I won't get them elsewhere. I actually paid big bucks for a couple of excellent games only to see them released by BF a couple of weeks later.
Well off to have my first coffee of the day and try this one out. Thanks for all the comments.
 posted in Nick Chase: A Detective Story ™ on Feb 16, 09 9:14 AM
I agree with aztop. This game was good but wayyyy too short. I felt I didn't get my money's worth since it only took me just over an hour to play it. I also think there should be some indication of how long (how many chapters for example) a game might be. I've played demos and then bought the game only to realize I was almost at the end anyway.
 posted in Cate West: The Vanishing Files on Feb 16, 09 9:08 AM
I also have this game freeze on me several times and I've had to reboot my computer. Sometimes I get an error message and sometimes I don't. Is there a fix in the works?
 posted in Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold ™ on Nov 12, 08 3:59 AM

When inserting the ruins, listen for a sound (a sort of loud plink).
 posted in Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold ™ on Nov 11, 08 5:46 AM
I also really enjoyed this game and have played quite a few HO games. Although - I am stuck near the end looking for planks to cross. I am able to pick up nails and the hammer but don't have all the planks yet so nothing works. Hint please?
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