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 posted in Weather Lord: Graduation Collector's Edition on Feb 22, 17 10:08 AM
Windows 10

PC, Sony Vaio

Wacom Tablet Intuos 3

Cannot play using my graphics tablet at all. Previous Weather Lord games play fine using my tablet, but not this one.

Many new games you offer are having (not all of them) the same problem. No proviso for using a Wacom tablet.

I can add my name as a player, but when you click ok with the stylus, nothing happens, cannot even exit with the tablet. My Vaio has touchpad, to get out I have to click using the touchpad.

Rebooted, re-installed, etc. Still the same. Not going to buy unless it can work.
 posted in Building the Great Wall of China 2 on Jun 13, 16 5:07 PM
Frustrated, you cannot upgrade (nor were you told you may need to, so the cost of the game is not the final cost???!!!) ... So, I cannot upgrade and have to use 1 worker throughout 40 levels. Impossible!!! What is going on with this game?????
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Apr 24, 15 7:57 PM
This is maddening! You apparently Big Fish know about the problem on level 34 where they get stuck at the statue so you cannot complete the level, or the game.

It has apparently by the tech issues been going on for over 2 years. I have removed it from my computer and reinstalled it 3 different times. This is unfair to sell us this game with a known bug that we cannot complete the game.

I am pretty upset with this. I have Windows 7 64 Bit and this is not going to work apparently. I am truely upset.

When is this going to get fixed? What a rip!
 posted in Weather Lord: The Successor's Path on Apr 11, 15 2:09 PM
So many reviews with so many problems. **** (This Developer) has lots of games and employees, and it is hard to say what happened here. This game is not up to their normal standards. It is everything everyone is saying and more. And I have their other Weather Lord games. But the problems experienced in this one, make it one that needs to be passed on, reluctantly.

This game should be pulled until all the problems have been fixed and then re-released for us. I would be happy to wait until it gets all the problems worked out.
And, Big Fish, please let us know it is ready. It certainly is not worth the money at any price as it is. It is not ready for release. It should still be in beta.

I am always on the hunt for good TM games because there are not enough of them, but I will pass on this one until it is the "New and Improved" version.

Please Big Fish, see what you can do to fix this game for me and the many other customers of yours that are hoping for one as well.
 posted in Elven Legend on Mar 8, 15 10:36 AM
Buggy! Had to go to the developers site and download from there and BF.... it works from there!

Had trouble with adding a player... it would stick

Turn off cursor, because it is ridiculous and slows the game

When you could add a player, it did not ask what you would like to play at ... casual, normal, professional. I fixed that trashcanning from BF, downloading from the developer, then reinstalling from BF.

Professional level also played as casual... really now?!!! Still had to trash can and then use developer install, and reinstall from bf to fix small problems. Not sure why this works.

Some levels ... getting 3 stars is a real problem. Plus, there should be a walkthrough for this because the stuff available out there is not helpful by each level unless you come here.

BF... game is really buggy and should get fixed before release. Not a bad game, but the problematic screen freezes, inability to change players, etc., etc., need to be fixed. It is hardly worth the sale price if you cannot play it, and actually why should we have to go through frustration, hell, and stress to play a game. I think we need a fix.
 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Feb 26, 15 8:06 PM
Well, I am a 71 year old lady and I will admit I don't do walkthroughs for games which would of course make you more proficient, but frankly, I find this restart over and over very stressful. I don't mind a few times, because sometimes you need to see how it is laid out and what it might need or, really your best strategy to play it in a great time. But this one, is very restrictive. I am giving up at the moment, but I will come back until I get through it. I won't let it beat me, but I don't like it the way it has been designed. But that is just me, and it does appear I am not alone. However we are all intrigued and challenged by it.

 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Feb 26, 15 8:01 PM
I am not bored, it is just frustrating to be this tight, only one way to play the level. I love a challenge, but to me anyway, this is unpleasant. I am one of those who will go back and keep trying this punishing game. I really would not be interested in a sequel IF it remains this tight. It just is not fun. It is indeed a challenge. Unmerciful.
 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Feb 26, 15 7:49 PM
This game is sooooooooo tight on resources that you have absolutely no leeway for error. Very frustrating. This is pure agony to play. I have to repeat each level many times over because of 1 short in something. Mercy me, please lighten up on this. I am sure I will go back and try again .... and again, but it is very trying when you know going in you may not be able to play the level through. Even if you do relaxed, the requirements are the same, no difference. Nothing relaxing about it.

I am starting to feel sorry I bought it because I may never get to the end. It is ok, but just a bit much for me Too tight. Games should be pleasure, not stressful. I think I have patience for a bunch of redo's, but when you start to feel it is futile... well!!!

I have changed the satchel and the gloves religiously and still come short. You just can only play it "one way" and it takes multiple restarts to find out just what that "one way" is. In other TM's you can find out what works for you and there are many solutions depending on the way you play it. Well there is no way to do that, or at least it is what I see anyway.

I am about to give up on it. At least for now.
 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Feb 26, 15 8:52 AM
Well, I think this game is OK and I prefer TM all the time. But this one is cluttered beyond reality and everything is sooooooo tiny that you have problems seeing stuff. Games are not always or younger players.

I find it challenging and confusing, but as others have stated, the real frustration is getting almost through the level to discover that the way I am going is not the way the Dev's intended and I have to start over. That element can be improved on. It seems they were chuckling while making it knowing full well it would be irritating and frustrating to some.

Recommend relaxed mode to get the hang of what is needed. I do think better game information/tutorials ... whatever would be a plus.

Game is on the right track, it just needs a bit of fine tuning. I would buy it when it is on sale because you might find it too frustrating. I like to enjoy my games, not get upset by them. And I always like to play them over again.

I turned music off, and am finding my way through this maze.

 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Feb 26, 15 6:59 AM
Well, I was the same, did not know or understand about the "Character Tab" on our Inventory. Should be part of the Tutorial so you are aware. However, I then had trouble putting the shoulder bag on because when the amulet was placed it was a drag and drop. The shoulder bag did not drag and drop. But I clicked on it, and then on the spot on the arm and it attached.

Before I came to the forum and found out about the bag, I thought there was a game problem. Re-downloaded and re-installed. Whew! what a chore. Difficulty is one thing, proper game explanation is another. It went well after I got the bag.

One thing, it appears this game has one "exacting" way to go to complete a level and leaves you no room to be creative. But I am only on level 10.

Really a challenging game.
 posted in Kingdom Tales 2 on Oct 16, 14 5:00 PM
Once I no longer needed the Temple, I demolished it and built a second garden. Did the trick.
 posted in Rescue Team 3 on Aug 24, 14 5:58 PM
Well I did enjoy the first 2 and bought this one because of the sale today. What I don't understand is the having the rescued workers to work for free? Most of the time you click on the plus sign and it does nothing. I don't really understand what the benefit is for them. I don't really see it.

If someone can shed light on it, I would appreciate.

If, this game is nasty later on, I will be very sorry I bought it later on.

As for story line, I really don't care as I don't get involved in it. To me the challenge is to complete in gold time. I never use the music as I find it annoying and it interferes with my concentration.

I really hope they did not mess this game up with nasty things, but I shall see as I go on.
 posted in Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown on Apr 14, 14 9:57 AM
Royal Envoy 3 is NOT the same as Royal Envoy Campaign for the Crown.

Royal Envoy 3 is awesome! It has over 80 levels on 11 islands plus if you get the Collectors Addtion you unlock an additional 32 more levels on 4 more islands. It is unbelievable. Totally worth the money on the developers website for the Collectors Edition. It will take quite awhile to get through this one. This is what they all should be, plenty of game for the money you pay. I am loving it.

BFG doesn't have it, yet if you search on it and say Royal Envoy 3 ... Campaign for the crown comes up and it is not the same game at all. Campaign for the Crown is just that, not Royal Envoy 3, but Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown. I think the players dubbed it Royal Envoy 3.

I highly recommend it. If BFG doesn't have it yet, then head out to the developer. It is where I got it.
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Dec 9, 13 8:23 PM
Well I have been playing this and I like the game and am playing in "Easy Mode."

A deal breaker for me is the stupid talk bubbles that are worthless. I am in a win gold mode and would like to shove my foot down that bubble's mouth to shut it up. I cannot stand that. It is all over my game play and is there too long (appropriate if you read it) and you cannot click on it to get rid of it. It should be an option to NOT GET THE DURN CHARACTER CHATTER! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! It drives me up the wall!

It leaves lots to be desired and the diamonds awarded are unfair to even think of getting 1000 to assist your power ups from the store. Totally the developers are not thinking of us who play. I understand they are all building it and think we are faster, but that is not true.

And the "bleeping cats" ... I want to stick those cats where the sun don't shine They blend in and you cannot see them, So, the power up I would use is the one to enhance those. But to get it, you might be through the game entirely to have enough diamonds to buy it from the stupid store. That is bunk. I bought the game... this is not a good thing. Rethink this ... Lower the diamond amount or don't make it so hard to get. Or enhance the little buggers so we can see them. And realize this, all your players are not 10. Some of us are senior citizens and we play because we enjoy it, but our eyes are just not up to our youth. Think about that when developing your game. I saw another player on here making comments in my age category so I now realize I am not the only one.

Those are two incredible drawbacks. Also, it appears to activate and get green when you have enough resourses for those red devil like creatures you need to make sure the Peri tent is activated. Did not know that. Nothing tells you that. And I am presuming that perhaps the sacred circle might do the same thing for the blue fairies???? Not sure about it, but I could not get them activated. I booted, uninstalled, reinstalled, on and on and should not have to go through hours of installing and reinstallling this game due to lack of information. Somehow we should get that information.

Some of those extras appear and reappear almost instantly. Grief, ... here we are frantically concentrating on getting gold and have to look for the dumb cats, bugs, butterflies, etc.

Developers help us out here.
 posted in The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 on Sep 6, 12 10:07 AM
Well I too have had screen freezes during the game 3 times. It completely freezes everything up and I have had to restart the game and the level. It goes through afterwards, but I am glad to see is not just me. Must be something within the game that we do that causes it. I am running Win 7 64 bit, Sony Vaio, all stuff latest updates. But it happens so fast, I cannot quite figure out what I did to cause it, but I believe it is when I am clicking on monies or stones in rapid succession .... possibly.

 posted in The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 on Sep 6, 12 9:59 AM
Well, I own the first one (and did not know about Caveman Prophecy as the real 1st one). I like these as they can be quite a challenge to get gold. I have to play each level more than once to get it however. A dry run through and then my what I think is strategy..Ha! But you can leave this game and come back a month or so down the road and can play it again with similar challenge. Sometimes you get through a level by the skin of your teeth for gold.

I am a little over half way through PR 2.... and I suspect as the previous one it gets harder as you go towards the end.

Thiese games are great and I thoroughly enjoy them. I felt there was excessive clicking in some areas. I absolutely adore the mummies, they can be distracting to see them giving a "Gibbs Slap behind the head" to the Egyptions and their head spins, I giggle every time and the noise they make when smacked is crazy. It adds a bit of a stress reliever to the game as some levels are very intense.

I was unable to find out what exactly the red and blue light thingy's do before you play the level. I had hoped someone would mention that. Guess I will have to push them to find out.

It is a good game and I took advantage on the labor day sale to purchase it.

This and Royal Envoy are my favorites. I play hidden object games while I wait for a new one of these to come out. But I prefer these more. I don't like build-a-lot and the restaurant and diner ones, the only challenge seems to be how fast you can go where here you have to use your brain to complete the game.

Love it. Keep em coming!
 posted in The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 on Sep 3, 12 7:00 PM
Well I got to level 15 and thought I would crack up with the goings on that was totally unexpected in this level. I almost was unable to play to watch these guys do their thing. Whomever thought this must have been ripped beyond belief while they thought this out, and I could envision them just having fun and laughing all the way Some sense of humor.

This version is different in many respects than the first one. Particularly the bonus elements. And I keep wanting to click on a pyramid for where to go next rather than the red button.

 posted in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising on Jan 2, 12 1:32 PM
Well, I found it challenging and harder than Royal Envoy 1 or 2. I got through 40 except level 39 which I believe from wll I could read elsewhere, it is not a fun level.

So if this is a real evaluation, I think you should remember all age levels play this an you should keep that in mind. This level i very hard to complete. I have come close, but always enough off to make it very stressful. I think it is overdone on that level. Ridiculous. But I love a challenge, will keep trying or, will give up.

 posted in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising on Jan 2, 12 12:17 PM
I managed to get level 40 (just barely) and went back to 39. I think that this level is ridiculous considering other folks have had their blood pressure et all increase and all the frustration. A game is to be enjoyable, not stressful. I thought 40 was bad enough, but 39 is ridiculous. I have tried for days to finish, so as a last resort came here for tips. So, I hope I get through it. But it will not be worth it to pursue if it is really stressful for folks. I walk away and come back and try again. This level to me is not fun. But I am tenacious and don't want it to beat me. I think the gaming folks need to rethink it and realize that all age levels play this game. Not everyone is a young kid. So lighten up.

Since folks have finished it, just barely, then, there is hope, but chances are most folks will give up. I really like these games, but this has been an impossible level. With a bit of luck and 200 trys I may finish this, but I have to say I think this level is a bit over the top.

40 took a few tries; but once I did the market thing, it whooped right in. (Not sure why I did not figure out using markets, duh!) You still have to be fast. And, by the way, I am going to be 69 in 5 days. I do fairly well with all of these games.


Well I did it. I went straight to the elephants and skipped camels, the gold came fast enough for that. I used Losuki's which was sort of my formula, but what I did was build the quarry right away which is wrong, so I waited this time until after the nomads were paid and I immediately tore down a temple and the hut as soon as the last nomad was paid and then built the quarry right away. Got my 4th one done and then built up the gold to 12k because I found I did not have enough gold by stopping at 8. So, I had 4 seconds to spare. 6:56 was my time. The biggest problem I had was worrying about the thieves while trying to be fast enough to get the money out of the temples which is where you have to concentrate as it comes fast and furious. To get to 50K you really need that. You don't even have time to check. I was just pleased when they did their happy dance and I still had time on the clock.

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