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 posted in Cardboard Castle on Nov 24, 11 7:37 AM
mkastor wrote:So, after not getting a TM game that's worth playing for over 3 months now, we get this and Pet Frenzy???? Wow...BF sure is trying to weed out those of us who like TM games. Looks like maybe this place is turning all HOG all the time.

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I'm thinking of cancelling my subscription until some more quality TM games come around.

This game is cute, but definitely not worth a credit.
 posted in Roads of Rome III on Sep 27, 11 4:14 PM
genkicoll wrote:If you look towards the top of the cliff (above the quarry) and slightly to the right, you'll see that there's a rope ladder. Click it to have access to the quarry

THANK YOU!! That was driving me crazy
 posted in Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries on Jun 19, 11 1:48 PM
You can tell if the food is hot by the color of the plate. If the plate is red, the food is hot. If it's gone back to silver, it's cold and the sailors won't take it.
 posted in Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries on Jun 19, 11 1:46 PM
The ice bucket is an add-on to the cart that will be unlocked during the game.
The mop is on different floors, depending on what level of the game you're on.
 posted in Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries on Jun 19, 11 12:06 PM
There wasn't any more of the game after the sand hotel, but the final comic does show the french fry competition.
 posted in Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries on Jun 19, 11 11:58 AM
What level are you on?
 posted in Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries on Jun 16, 11 1:24 PM
grimsleeper wrote:I am running Windows 7 and have an issue where I cannot drag keys to the rooms without having to do it multiple times on a few levels, most notably on level 3.1 where I had to give up as I am losing too many customers to complete the level on expert due to the fact it is taking six or seven attempts before I can place a customer in a room correctly especially the rooms on the higher floors. I am dragging perhaps half way and then the key disappears and I have to start dragging again.

Is this most likely a game error or an issue with my mouse?

I had the same problem. I thought it was my mouse, but if it's happening to other people maybe it was the game.

That said, I still beat every level on expert on the first try... hotel dash is really easy for me. Nothing compared to the first few Diner/Wedding Dashes.
 posted in Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries on Jun 16, 11 1:09 PM
Bigfoots take 3 meals, genies take 3 pillows. I would serve the bigfoots food first so they would finish quicker. Same with the genies, give them pillows before everyone else so they fall asleep quicker.
 posted in Garden Dash on Mar 20, 11 12:42 PM
I found the "upgrades" completely unnecessary. I beat all the regular levels with expert scores with no pot upgrades.
 posted in Garden Dash on Mar 17, 11 8:25 AM
It took me a little bit to get in the groove of this game (no money goal blew my mind for a bit) but now I'm liking it. I wouldn't say it's too easy, but it's not as challenging as the first few Diner or Wedding Dash games either.
I'm just glad there was a new TM game. I hate build-a-lot style games and it seems like that's all that goes under TM anymore.
 posted in Diner Dash 2 Restaurant Rescue on Dec 28, 10 5:48 PM
Try this
 posted in Soap Opera Dash on Dec 16, 10 10:19 AM
SparklingSue wrote:You can't let the hairdresser or the make-up artist help you. If you do you don't get the run bonus points.

I haven't even gotten them yet
 posted in Soap Opera Dash on Dec 16, 10 7:57 AM
Yup I'm having trouble with that level too. My game hasn't frozen up, but the mouse sure lags! This is the first trouble I've had with a Dash game.
 posted in Jane's Hotel Mania on Dec 4, 10 2:33 PM
lilclerk wrote:The tip from Rags in this thread helped me get expert on every level except Scotland 2 =)

Everyone having trouble should TRY this tip! It is a huge help!!

Rags1027 wrote:I FINALLY figured it out! This will sound crazy but here goes. I only had one room that had a star. I put the first guest in it. Everything you do for that guest gets you extra loyalty points. The next guest at the desk I clicked on and held in the air. Their timer goes away then. PLUS...anyone who comes in and waits in line doesn't have a timer. So keep the guest in the air, all the others waiting, until you finish with guest one. Then put the guest in the air into the star room.

I would have to put the guest down to click on tasks but then would pick him back up. If he got too angry, I would put him in another room - then start over with holding the next guest. It took a while but I got expert!
 posted in Life Quest ™ on Dec 2, 10 7:00 AM
copal wrote:I was not a very good wife at first. I had no idea I had to go on dates. I also didn't know how happy we had to be to have a second baby, so I tried and because my spouse was so unhappy that he refused. Because I was "crushed" over that decision my happiness plummeted. In desperation I took him out to dinner but didn't have enough to pay for it, so he had to pay. That made his Love-o-Meter fall to -200! It took a lot of charm and dating everyday to recover from that.

Apparently even Life Quest relationships take a lot of work.

That was hilarious
 posted in Jane's Hotel Mania on Nov 28, 10 5:18 PM
The tip from Rags in this thread helped me get expert on every level except Scotland 2 =)
 posted in Jane's Hotel Mania on Nov 26, 10 10:40 AM
agray000 wrote:like madison can hold the customer waiting with your cursor and they will not lose patience so you can put them in your best rooms. the rest of the guys in line do not lose anything. mostly i didn't do this until the last batch of customers came in, but it really made a big difference not having to put customers in rooms that were too low for them and making the money for the most expensive rooms.

good luck! i still hate that scotland day 2 though!

Yup that helped me a lot except on Scotland 2 haha!
 posted in Jane's Hotel Mania on Nov 25, 10 7:23 AM
530 is ridiculous. The most I've gotten is 361.
mkastor wrote:This was made by the same people who gave us the impossible Wedding Dash Forever..the impossible levels are no surprise. Those people are evil.
I found Wedding Dash 4-Ever to be incredibly easy. Wedding Dash 3 took me like two years to finally beat.
 posted in Wedding Dash 4-Ever on Aug 22, 10 6:42 PM
Pugforce1 wrote:AGREED! My thoughts were this "Where is the planning?!" I LOVED the planning was one of my favourite parts, choosing what they wanted based on the cute lil blurbs. I am so sad right now. I dont want to hunt objects! I want to play wedding dash! For me deal breaker. Im so glad I did the trial before I bought. I almost pushed buy since it was WD, saved a credit.

Totally agree! The planning puzzle is gone for MORE HOG MINI GAMES?! I hate how hidden object games are taking everything over. Enough already! More time management and REAL point & click adventure games please!
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